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Intelligent Design


(See Below Climategate - click here)





’2013 ranks as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever’– Many bad weather events at ‘historically low levels’

- 1000+ Int'l Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore


Author Darwall: Global Warming Morphs Into 'Climate Change'


MIT professor: global warming is a ‘religion’


Global warming is ‘no longer a planetary emergency’


Science in the Service of Ideology: The National Climate Assessment


20-year hiatus in rising temps puzzles climate scientists


A bridge in the climate debate – How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change


Ex-NASA Scientists Find No Imminent Climate Threat


Prof fired for debunking pollution myth


CEI's Ebell: Climate Data Proves Global Warming Alarmists Have Lost Debate; Fortunately For Them There's the Liberal Media


Global Warming Melts Away


Do you know why Earth Day is April 22?


British Parliament hear devastating testimony overturning global warming hoax


The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science


'I Feel Duped on Climate Change'


WSJ: 'No Need to Panic about Global Warming'


British Police Raid Climategate Blogger's Home

- Climategate Bombshell: Did U.S. Gov't Help Hide Climate Data?


J. Matt Barber: Coffin nailed on made global warming hoax


Scientists in Revolt against Global Warming


Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming


More Bad News for Global Warming True Believers


Micro to Macro: Neo-Darwinists Give Small Evidence for Big Claims


CERN scientists question AGW models


Has Progressivism Ruined Environmental Science?


69% Say It’s Likely Scientists Have Falsified Global Warming Research


Does Data Show Global Warming Lost in Space?


Polar Bear Researcher Suspended, Under Investigation for 'Integrity Issues'


Uproar as BBC muzzles climate change skeptics


Al Gore Pushes Population Control as Environmental Solution


Why I’m a Global Warming Skeptic


Researchers argue atmospheric CO2 is good for planet and populations


Flashback 2005: UN: 50 Millon Global Warming Refugees By 2010


UN document would give 'Mother Earth' same rights as humans


GDOP London Calls for Climate Change over British Isles


New Book Sounds the Alarm on Dangerous Environmental Extremism


Second thoughts on Green dogma -- from a surprising source


IPCC guru was a student when writing 'authoritative' reports


'Green' price tag: $700 trillion to drop Earth's temp 1 degree


Global Warming Alarmists Flip-Flop On Snowfall


The truth about global warming & U.S. manufacturing "decline"


Eight Botched Environmental Forecasts


WikiLeaks Cables Confirm Climate Skeptics' Fears


Sounding Alarm About Dangerous Environmental Extremism


IPCC Official: “Climate Policy Is Redistributing World Wealth


NASA Covers up Global Warming Hoax for Forty Years


Brazilian Geologist Declares Global Warming a Fraud


Hawaii Has Had No Warming For More Than 40 Yrs


AB32 Green jobs in California already dying


Phil Jones and the Chinese weather station corruption


Wind & solar power fantasy land


Global Warming Hoax (Video)


UK Discovering Globalwarming is a scam & No Green Jobs either


Carbon Trade Ends Quietly: Death of Chicago Climate Exchange-


Environmentalist 'Comedy' Promo: Go Green or Get Blown Up


Man Made Global Warming Scientifically Debunked


Global Warming R.I.P.


Climate Alarmist Scientists: Actual CO2 Emissions Unknown!


IPCC Obsession with Temp Distorts Climate Change Science


Sham of ‘Settled Science’ Insider Says.. No IPCC Consensus


Interview With a GW Skeptic


Sinking Climate Change


Harvard astrophysicist dismisses GW theory, challenges peers


Moon temp sensors report up


Trees of MWP Warmer Than Now


When doubt Scientific Consensus


Increased Arctic Ice confounds


CRU cleared of wrong doing? NOT: Parliamentary Trickery


NASA admits its Data is worse than Climategate Data


Pending American 'Temp-Gate'


100 Years later, Archaic network provides Global Warming data


Congressman calls GW a "Scam"


Dutch vindicate GW Denier


No Global Warming in 15 years


Climate Chief Knew of False Claims Prior to Copenhagen


WSJ: Global Warming Fraud


Climate History Erased in 5000 Wikipedia Articles





Intelligent Design


Christian public school teachers go to court, & scientists quietly advance intelligent design

- Five teachers talk about their passion for pointing students to the mind behind the universe and the risks they take to do it




A biblical and scientific Adam


Is Science Secular?


The Michael Medved Show: Featuring Stephen Meyer on Darwin's Doubt


Science & Culture Update: Featuring Casey Luskin & Zack Kopplin


Top Athetist Scientist Converts to Christianity


Hal Lindsey Report (5.24.13)


Stephen Hawking and Amateur Philosopher Syndrome (APS)


Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Casey Luskin


Non-Religious Skeptics of Darwinian Evolution


Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Steve Meyer & John Lennox

- The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring John West

- Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Steve Meyer

- Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Steve Meyer, Pt 2

- The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Steve Meyer


Why do more homeschoolers want evolution in their textbooks?


Scientism Strikes Back


"Anti-Science": Unpacking a Vague & Distorted Label

- "Anti-Science": Unpacking a Distorted Label, pt. 2


Online Apologetics Conference Confronts the Anti-Humanism of Earth Day

- The Hypocritcal Bias Against Faith in Science Rhetoric


Noted biblical apologist & expert on creationism is calling out several of his colleagues


Dr. Ben Carson on Rejecting Darwinian Evolution


Whether Lab or Cell, It's Design


Intelligent Design Supporter Expelled from Civil Liberties Organization

- Moving the Goalpost: How Darwin's Theory Survives


How We Know Intelligent Design Is Science

- The Intelligent Design of the Immune System


An Immunologist Explains Why the Immune System Isn't an Example of Darwinian Evolution


Study Bible from 'Father of Creationism'


Lord Monckton evicted from UN climate summit after challenging global warming


Creation Museum is major draw to the area


Theistic Evolution Is Nearly as Problematic as Atheistic Darwinism

- Echolocation Shakes the "Tree of Life"

- Young Earth Creationist Ministry's Biggest Critics: Christians

- Are Pastors Clear on What They Believe About Creation?


C.S. Lewis & Science: An Interview with The Magician's Twin Director Dr. John West

- New Film: CS Lewis 'Eerily Prophetic' About Dangers of Modern Science

- The Magician's Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism


Lee Strobel: Science Points Toward Existence of a Creator


Christian Apologist 'Eastwooding' After Richard Dawkins Refuses Debate


Beautifully Engineered Universe: Peer-Reviewed Paper Argues for Intelligent Design


Broun: Evolution, big bang theory are "lies straight from the pit of hell"


Does the 'God Particle' Prove God Does or Does Not Exist?


Does Nothing in Biology Make Sense Except in the Light of Evolution?


Missing Transitional Fossils in the Hominid Fossil Record


Newly Discovered Notes Reveal C.S. Lewis’s Early Doubts about Darwin


Mars Rover Curiosity's Search for Life No Help to Evolutionists, Say Creationists


Dr. Michael Denton on Evidence of Fine-Tuning in the Universe


Origin of Life Chemistry Shows Intelligent Design


Bat and Whale Echolocation Genes Point to Common Design


Evolution Rarely the Basis of Research: Nature's "Evolutionary Gems" Just Narrative Gloss


DNC Scientists Disprove Existence of Roberts' Taxon


Founding Father Thomas Jefferson on Intelligent Design


Dennis Prager on the Evolutionist's Argument for Coercion


OH Supr Crt Agrees to Hear Rutherford Case of Science Teacher Fired for Urging Students to Think Critically About Evolution


The Implications of Thinking Evolutionarily

- Limits to Biological Change: An Interview with Ray Bohlin


Museum visit reveals a lot of uncertainties within Darwinism


Dogmatic Materialism in New Science Curriculum


Richard Weikart on Dr. Ben Carson and the Implications of Evolutionary Ethics


3 trends suggest Americans rejecting Darwin's theory


Creation Museum Launches Nationwide 'Dinosaur' Billboard Campaign


An Atheist Discusses the Scientific Merits of Intelligent Design


Evangelizing Evolution: A Look at Nature's "Evolutionary Gems"


Pro-ID Paper Examines Irreducible Complexity of Birds in Flight ;


Creation Museum Unveils Historic Telescope by Famed Christian Inventor


Tennessee OKs creationism in classrooms

- Debate over evolution now allowed in Tenn. schools


Global Warming Dissenters: Same Attacks, Different Issue


The Importance of Academic Freedom: A Biology Teacher's Perspective


TN science bill protects teachers who allow debate over evolution


NASA specialist claims he was fired over intelligent design


A Real Bat Computer


David Berlinski & Michael Denton: Primary Objections to Neo-Darwinism

- Multiverse Theory: Avoiding the Evidence of Design in our Universe


Berlinski & Denton, pt. 3: Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Worldview


Berlinski & Denton, pt. 4: Envisioning a Post-Darwinian Science


Dr. Michael Denton on the Emergent Properties of Cells

- Dr. Denton on Predetermined Body Plans and Primal Patterns in Nature


Christian Apologist Ken Ham: Battle Over Genesis Is Heating Up


Evolution and Christianity Impossible to Reconcile, Says Evangelical Theologian


Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature Building a Compelling Case for ID

- Busy Mushrooms


Hypocritcal Bias Against Faith in Science Rhetoric


Peer-Reviewed Paper Argues for an Engineered Universe


Seeking God in Science: An Atheist Defends Intelligent Design


Know Your ID Terms: Irreducible Complexity Explained


Is Darwinian Evolution a Theory, Fact, or Hypothesis?


Biomimetics and the Design of the Eye


The Impact of Signature In The Cell on the ID debate in Britain


Dr. Stephen Meyer: Why Are We Still Debating Darwin?

- Darwin on Trial 20th Anniversary: Stephen Meyer on Phillip Johnson's Courage

- NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Goes to Trial in Anti-ID Discrimination Case


The Inconvenient Truth about Species Extinction


Creation: The Most Complex Structure


Darwin's Tree of Life Splinters


New butterfly documentary is vivid push for Intelligent Design


Beauty in grain: remarkable photos reveal hidden charms of ordinary SAND


Only 15% of scientists at see religion & science always in conflict


Battling NASA's anti-ID action


Creation Moments: Monkeying with Typewriters


New Evangelical 'Creationism' School Set to Open in England


Science center settles lawsuit over 'Darwin's Dilemma'


New butterfly documentary is vivid push for Intelligent Design


A Substantial Conundrum Confronting The Chemical Origin Of Life


Logic of 'life-without-oxygen' cells challenged


Birds of a Feather: Darwinian Evolution Stumped by Novel Features


Science stunner! 'Missing link' for 150 years and now it isn't?


Creation vs. Evolution on GOD TV


Biblical Response to Environmentalism among New Shows on NRB Network


Nancy Pearcey: How “Christianity is Science-starter, not Science-stopper”


Hitler's Ethic and the Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress in Nazi Policy


Darwinian Evolution, God, and Morality


Beneficial mutations that aren’t?


"Science Is an Established Church" Says Skeptic David Berlinski


Can Evolution Hurdle the 'Mutation Protection Paradox'?


An Insurmountable Problem for Darwinian Evolution


Site shows religion, not agriculture, prehistoric organizing force


Metamorphosis – the design of life evident in new Illustra film


Species Extinction Rates Grossly Overestimated


Obama Adviser Van Jones: 'Human' Rights for Mother Nature


Physicist Stephen Hawking Says There Is No Heaven


Intelligent Design Making Headway into Texas Public Schools


Christian Colleges Compromise Creationism, Bible's Authority


Oxford mathematician John Lennox on the chances of life developing without a supermind to guide it


Darwin, Theologian: Darwin's Use of Theology in the Origin of Species


Hitler's Ethic and the Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress in Nazi Policy


So-Called "Junk"-DNA Betrays Darwinian Predictions


World's Largest Atom Smasher May Have Detected 'God Particle'


A Testable Case for Intelligent Design


Nasa posts thousands of incredible space images on the internet


Science Article Acknowledges Convergent Similarity Is "Contrary to Expectations" of Neo-Darwinism


Scientists Publish Letter Blasting Global Warming 'Alarmists'


Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God


Science, Philosophy, and the Arts: An Interview With Nancy Pearcey (24 min.)


Documentary: Public schools replace God with humanism


A Beautiful Mind? 12-Year-Old Boy Genius Sets Out to Disprove Big Bang


Ken Ham confronts 'liberal theology,' gets the boot


Moral Relativism Challenged by Acclaimed Natural Law Scholar


Why Natural Law Arguments Make Evangelicals Uncomfortable


Does New Scientific Evidence about Origin of Life end Darwinian Evolution?


Arlington lawmaker's bill would protect questioners of evolution


Texas considers protecting those who question Darwin


Creationist: Old earth-young earth debate active


Darwin v. Design Conference Coming to Okla to Address Science and God


What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean for Intelligent Design?


NASA employee says he was Fired due to his belief in intelligent design


The top Five News Stories in the Debate Between Evolution and Intelligent Design for 2010 (pod)


Top Ten Darwin / Design Science News Stories for 2010 (pdf)


Michael Behe: Challenging Darwin, One Peer-Review Paper at a Time


Peer-Reviewed Paper on Plant Biology Challenges Evolution


The video that proves Intelligent Design


Dr. Donald L. Ewert on Why He Doubts Darwin


Christian astronomer sues univ. that said his appointment would be 'huge public relations mistake'


"Star Gazing" Video Produced for Contemporary Ministries


Poll: 4 in 10 Americans Believe in Creationism


Nat'l Center for Selling Evolution Science Education's Policy Director: It's Hard to Distinguish Unborn Children From Cancer


Scientific Journal Confirms Creationist Findings


Icons of Evolution 10th Anniversary: Michael Behe


An Immunologist Explains Why the Immune System Isn't an Example of Darwinian Evolution


Breakthrough! Scientists Create and Capture Antimatter


"Intelligent Design" in Hebrew?


Darwin's gradual evolution not supported geologically


Smithsonian Institution Pressured California Science Center


Hyperskepticism: Wrong Side Of Continuum - Uncommon Descent


Towering Giants Of Teleological Beauty - Uncommon Descent


Brain Disappoints Evolutionary Thoughts


Richard Dawkins and Ray Comfort


Atheist Discusses the Scientific Merits of Intelligent Design


Jesuit takes to YouTube to Blast Hawking's 'Curious Metaphysics'


Is Intelligent Design "Creationism in a Cheap Lab Coat"?


Authors make biblical & scientific arguments for a young earth


Filmmaker Seeks 'Answers' to Darwin's Effect on Christian Youth


NPR: Is Believing In God Evolutionarily Advantageous?


The Cambrian Explosion Just Got More Explosive


Grand Canyon rocks challenge Christian college's on evolution


Darwinism, Metaphysics and a Godless World


3rd Member of Nat'l Academy of Sciences to Criticize Darwinism


'Gross Misrepresentation' of Creation Museum


Wise defense of intelligent design


Disappointment of the double helix


What if it's True?


Michael Behe Talk Recommended


Preserved mammalian hair from the Early Cretaceous


Research Scientist: Threat to Science by Cheating/Censorship


The Positive Case For Design


Is Synthetic Cell Really Life?


Darwin Meets Orwell


Teach Evidence "That Supports...


Marvin Olasky on theistic atheism


Textbooks Misuse Embryology


Believing Life's 'Signature in Cell'


No Genetic Code for Human Soul


How to demolish neo-Darwinism


Vision Reveals God's Hand


Does Our Blood Prove Evolution?


An Ancient Sweet Solution to a Sticky Modern Problem


Scientists Find a Surprise!


The Truth About Neanderthal DNA


Survival of the Most Cooperative


Were Dinosaurs Warm Blooded?


Is “Ardi” All Washed Up?


How Fast Do Stalactites Grow? Genesis 7:11a


Biochemist: First  'Synthetic Cell' Strengthens Case For ID


Biology´s ‘Skeleton In The Closet’


Does Science Prove God Exists? Cosmological Singularity Principle







Links to Additional Information:

Christian Worldview


Christian Doctrine & Theology


Christian Apologetics


Christian Patriotism


Christian History & Study Tools


Devotions & Prayer


Creation vs. Evolution






Christian Legal Group Demands Colorado School Protect Girls From Boy Using Womens’ Restroom


Newark Mayor Orders Removal of Christian for Objecting to State’s First-Ever Homosexual ‘Marriage’

- ‘Judicial oligarchy’ ushers in NJ same-sex ‘marriages’


Study: Growing up in gay families hamstrings kids in school


Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal of Woman Fired by Univ. for Criticizing Gay Rights Mov't


SPLC Sues Mississippi Town for Stopping the Opening of a Gay Bar

- Prop 8 Attorneys Take on Virginia's Same-Sex Marriage Amendment


EXCLUSIVE -- Broadcaster Fired for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage Blasts Fox Sports for Religious Discrimination

- Media Almost Totally Ignore Book Claiming Matthew Shepard Murder Wasn't a Hate Crime


Bill Seeks to Protect Religious Freedom for Those That Affirm Traditional Marriage


‘Gays’ Forced to Serve Westboro Baptist Haters?


San Antonio adopts disputed gay rights ordinance

- New Poll Shows Co-Ed Bathroom Law Headed to Defeat Once Voters Have a Say

- Texas Guard refuses to process same-sex benefits


Gresham bakery that denied same-sex wedding cake closes


Mennonite Couple Refuses to Host Same-Sex Wedding; Files Lawsuit Against Iowa Civil Rights Commission


Christians Forced Out of B&B Told It’s Their Own Fault


Conservatives Promote House Bill to Protect Opponents of Gay Marriage


Former Commander: Now It's Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell for Christians

- Christian Hotel Owners Get Death Threats, Will Close After Battle over Denying Room to a Gay Couple


Christian bashers abuse 'like' button to stalk pro-marriage group


Discrimination charges erupt against 'gays'


Former 'Satanic Drag Queen' Finds Love in Jesus, Hatred From Gay Community


Famous sportscaster fired for anti-'gay' comments


Conversion Therapy Law Threatens Christians

- Freedom: Another Casualty of the Gay Agenda


Co-Ed Bathrooms? Chaplain Debates Transgender on ENDA Bill that 1) Violates Children and 2) Bankrupts Christian Bakers, Florists, Photographers -- You


Proposed non-discrimination policy has made San Antonio, TX, ‘ground zero’ for gay activists



- Same-Sex Marriage Causes Pro-Life Rift in Ohio


Court Rules Christian Photographers Must “Compromise Religious Values” for Gay Wedding

- Judges order Christians to work for 'gays'


Fear of Violent Attacks Stalls Ex-Gay Pride Event; Previously to Be Held at Family Research Council


Queen Elizabeth II Approves Legalization of Gay Marriage in Britain - Church of England Barred from Performing Such Ceremonies

- Churches Fear Lawsuits for Refusing Gay Weddings

- 85% Think Christian Photographer Has Right to Turn Down Same-Sex Wedding Job


Gay Marriage Fight Shifts to the States


Senate panel hands gays, transgenders another victory


Airman Punished for Objecting to Gay Marriage in Military Chapel

- Court: Religious rights as important as 'gay' rights


Pew: Every TV News Outlet Had Coverage Supportive of Same-Sex Marriage

- Media bias on same sex marriage: by the numbers


- Legal team: Marriage rulings mean years of litigation


- Scalia Dissent: Gay Marriage Decision 'Jaw-Dropping'

- Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Defense of Marriage Act as "unconstitutional"

- What the Supreme Court decision means

- Scalia: ‘Moral issues such as gay marriage …have no business being decided by the court’


- 'Supreme Court Has No Authority to Redefine Marriage' - Statement Signed by Christian Leaders From All Denominations


Same-sex marriage is war on religion


DOD holds 1st LGBT pride event in Kandahar, Afghanistan


'Gay' threats of violence turn into attack

- Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten at Gay Pride Festival


More pro-LGBT curriculum – coming to a school near you

- Pennsylvania's Attorney General Refuses to Defend State's Gay Marriage Ban


Calif. lawmakers pass bill to allow transgender students to pick restrooms they use

- Study Shows Shift in Support for LGBTQ Rights Within Religious Groups


College Employee Fired for Opposing Comparison of Gay Rights With Black Civil Rights Movement?

- DOMA ruling’s ripple effects


Marriage one man and one woman for nurturing children: Pope Francis’ first encyclical

- Catholic Bishop: Supreme Court 'Giving Legal Protection to an Intrinsic Evil'


Exodus International flees the promised land

- Former Exodus Leaders: Change is Still Possible

- The exodus of Exodus International


GLAAD Pushes Boy Scouts to Now Lift Ban on Openly Gay Leaders, Volunteers

- Boy Scout resolution adopted by SBC

- Church-Based Scouting Alternatives Attract Interest

- Some Churches Say They'll Cut Ties to Boy Scouts Following Its Lifting Ban on Gay Scouts





'Franklin Graham: God 'Created and Defined Marriage'


- And God Gave Them Over'

- Conservative Christians 'Stunned,' 'Disappointed' by DOMA, Prop 8 Decisions

- AFA Says Definition of Marriage Belongs in Hands of State Voters

- Finding the Rhetoric to Express the Reality of Marriage

- Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom at Odds

- ERLC fact sheet addresses gay marriage rulings

- How Should Christians Talk About Same-Sex Issues?

- How should same-sex marriage change the church’s witness?

- Why Exodus Didn't Work


Pentagon celebrates gay troops


Pro-Family/Christian Leaders to Raise Objections to 'Gay Pride Month' -- & Blast Human Rights Campaign for Participating in IRS-Gate


Pro-‘gay’ provision submerged in massive education bill


Former Lesbian Professor Says Leaving LGBT Community Had 'Horrible, Mangling Impact'


Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights

- Why Is the Pro-Life Message Winning and Traditional Marriage Losing?


Gallup Poll: Majority Now Say Gay Sex, Unwed Births, Are Morally OK


Homosexuals and the rest of us sinners are who we are, and that is the problem




- A ‘sad day’ for Scouting

- A warning: Canadian scouts fled after open-door policy

- Will the Boy Scouts of America survive a double-barreled attack from atheists and homosexual activists?


What is Really Threatened by Gay Marriage?


A states-rights DOMA ruling should have implications beyond same-sex marriage


FBI video: Domestic terrorist says he targeted conservative group for being ‘anti-gay’


Washington Florist Faces Second Lawsuit for Refusing Service for Gay Wedding


Boy Scouts Will Consider Measure to Lift Ban on Gay Youths, but Not Leaders


Hispanics of Faith Ask Obama to Separate LGBT Issues From Immigration Reform

- Hundreds of Major Corporations Sign Supreme Court Briefs in Support of Homosexual ‘Marriage’


Take Action: Nearly 200,000 Rally for Marriage in Puerto Rico


Dozens of big U.S. companies to back gay marriage

- Traditional marriage still a winner in politics, says NOM


Lesbian Activist’s Surprisingly Candid Speech: Gay Marriage Fight Is a ‘Lie’ to Destroy Marriage

- Limbaugh Right, O'Reilly Wrong: Homosexuals Molest Kids


Fired lesbian teacher fights to get job at Catholic high school back


Judge: Firing teacher who called homosexuality a sin reflects ‘modern British values of tolerance’


Texas Student's Suspension for Anti-Gay Remark Reversed


Paris riots after gay marriage vote

- Upwards of One Million March for Natural Marriage in Paris

- France's Hollande Escalates Row With Catholics Over Gay Marriage


Too often the church has failed to be profound in the profound debate over gay marriage


Sex as Spiritual Warfare


Gay and Godless on the Public-School Stage

- California Schools to Now Include LGBT-Themed Books

- Transgendered 'woman' lies about therapy 'torture'


News anchor: 'Gay marriage' critics are racist

- Judge bans ads featuring ex-gays


Purposes of marriage: companionship, sex, and children - gay “marriage” strikes out

- Young Opponents of Gay Marriage Undaunted by Battle Ahead


A plea to Scouts: Don’t let the ‘bad guys’ win

- To the Boy Scouts: Social Justice Demands Protection of Children

- Outrage over idea of Scouts accepting homosexuals

- Why Scouts are rethinking 'gay' policy

- Boy Scouts looking to drop ban on 'gays'


Talking About 'Love' and 'Equality'

- How an ‘orientation’ is born


Disney Channel Ad Campaign Features 'Two Moms'

- The truth about children with 'gay' parents


Gay marriage could signal return to ‘centuries of persecution’, - say 1,000 Catholic priests

- Gallaudet University Reinstates Administrator Who Signed Petition to Put Marriage on Maryland Ballot


Happy, clappy, and out of the closet: Evangelicals who say being gay is OK


Showdown over 'gay-conversion therapy' ban

- Judge blocks 'gay-conversion therapy' ban

- Gay Conversion Therapy Groups Appeal Ban

- 'Gay' activist: Sexual orientation changeable

- ‘Ex-Gay’ Men Fight Back Against View That Homosexuality Can’t Be Changed


Should Christians try to help homosexuals who want to change their sexual orientation? Why is that even a question?


DOE Investigating School Over Bible and Homosexuality Comments


My 2 dads: Childhood not so 'happy and gay'

- ACLU Sues to Force Elementary Libraries to Display Lesbian Advocacy Book


Messianic village in spotlight after gay rights legal battle


Opposed to same-sex marriage, company ends wedding business


UK: Equal Marriage is "fundamentally flawed" says new in-depth study


Pope seeks interfaith team to fight 'gay' marriage


Pro-‘gay marriage’ tactics display intolerance


It's marriage traditionalists vs. big corporate bucks


Rev. Stephen Boissoin vindicated: court upholds right to express views on homosexuality


Restoring hope for homosexuals


Four states are engaged in heated ballot battles over the definition of marriage

- Why Homosexual Marriage Signals the End of Heterosexual Rights


Poll: Fight over “gay marriage” ban is tight

- Catholic Bishop: Vote for Gay Marriage Jeopardizes Your Soul


Ban on Gay 'Conversion' Therapy to be Challenged

- Two groups to challenge constitutionality of new Calif law banning minors from receiving reparative therapy


Affirmed: Study that 'gay' family children more troubled

- New Survey Finds Counseling to Reduce Homosexuality Can be Effective, Beneficial


Gallup Poll: Only 3.4 Percent of US Adults Identify as LGBT

- Why Is Homosexuality Wrong?


Courts continue their attack against biblical marriage

- Pastor Greg Laurie: I Hate the Word 'Homophobic'

- Families Ask Obama Admin to Take Down Gov't Links to Anti-Ex-Gay Websites


When 'gay' rights trump everybody else's


NY Voters Poll: Let Chick-fil-A Do Business


Arizona Chick-fil-A worker berated on viral video wants to meet with bully

- California Board Blocks Chick-fil-A Opening

- Chick-fil-A Coverage Exposes Media's Anti-Christian Bias, Double Standards

- DPD Sgt. Left Holding Bag Over Chick-Fil-A Sandwich

- Chick-fil-A Day: Thousands Pack Restaurants to Show Support

- Chick-Fil-A Worker Verbally Assaulted by Guy Who Hates Hate

- Colo. Bakery Refusing Gay Couple's Wedding Cake Sees Business Double

- Americans Turn Out in Droves to Support Chick-Fil-A

- Big names in Christianity defend Chick-fil-A

- Mainstream Media Invents Gay Marriage Chick-fil-A Controversy

- Muppets bash Chick-fil-A over owner's faith

- 'Guilty as charged,' Cathy says of Chick-fil-A's stand on biblical & family values


Nat'l battle over homosexual rights playing out in cities and towns in America's heartland


Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Don't Want Supreme Court to Decide Issue Now


Two consenting adults and a cow ...


Tables Turn on Radical Gay Agenda in Florida

- The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage


Hawaii Federal Court Affirms Natural Marriage


Fla. Pastor at GLBT Forum: 'Love Doesn't Mean We Don't Disagree'


Open Letter from Parents of Homosexuals & Former Homosexuals to State Senator Lieu


Romney, Obama Both Disagree With Boy Scouts' Gay Leader Ban


DOMA's day of reckoning


Black Pastors Oppose Gay 'Marriage,' Warn Obama: We ‘Will Not Stand With You’


Eagle Scouts Study Denied Publication by American Psychological Review Due to BSA’s Stances on Homosexuality and God

- Boy Scouts: Ban On Gays Stays

- Sociologist Faces Backlash for Unfavorable Study on Kids With Gay Parents


Why No Denomination Will Survive the Homosexuality Crisis


Maryland Marriage Referendum Effort Breaks Records

- Marriage Institute: APA Statement Deeply Flawed


US Defense Department Censoring Opposition to Military's Gay Policy?


Christian group goes to court over cancelled marriage conference


20,000 Sign Boycott of General Mills Over Gay Marriage


Marriage amendment switcheroo in Minn.


Black Pastors Lay Down Gauntlet to Obama Over Same-Sex Marriage

- State tries sneak attack on traditional marriage

- Baby has more than 2 mommies?


The truth about being 'born gay'


Pentagon honors what used to be a military crime

- Pentagon celebrates homosexual behavior


Ga. Student Counselor Fired for Religious Views on Homosexuality Loses Case


Christian group backs away from ex-gay therapy


Pastors: Christianity Rejected, Deemed 'Evil' for Opposing Homosexuality


Gay marriage rights: Illinois prosecutors refuse to defend ban


We're here! We're un-queer! Get used to it!


Study: Children fare better in traditional mom-dad families

- World Congress of Families Condemns Participation by U.S. Ambassador to Latvia in Baltic Gay Pride Parade


YouTube pulls plug on homosexuality exposé


Panetta salutes 'gays' in military

- White House 'Strongly Objects' to Legislation Protecting Military Chaplains from Doing Same-Sex Weddings or Being Forced to Act Against Conscience


Church threatened after posting anti-gay-marriage sign


California Moves To Pass First State Ban of Gay Conversion Therapy

- Calif. gov't 'invading' counseling rooms

- Pro-marriage advocate Brian Brown finds hope as gay marriage debate moves toward USSC

- Gay Marriage Blocked in Washington State


Validity of same-sex marriage vote challenged


Pastor Young: Traditional Marriage Mirrors God's Connection to Creation


Canadian law requires Catholic schools to allow 'gay'-straight alliances


Federal appeals court finds Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional


UK Catholic Schools Warned of Breaking Law in Opposing Gay Marriage


Stand Up to Dan Savage's Bullying


Black clergy challenge Obama on 'gay marriage'

- Black church coalition denounces NAACP & Obama support for gay marriage

- Black Conservative: African-Americans Pressured to Support Gay Marriage


Rainbow flag in Hillcrest


Target's promise to 'gay' community


Underground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college


What the Bible Really Still Says About Homosexuality


Dobson says family 'will cease to exist' if 'gay' matrimony prevails


Obama's wicked marriage proposal

- Law Professor: Same-Sex Marriage Wins in Court May Lead to Public 'Backlash'


Gambia's Pres'nt Refuses to 'Offend God for Foreign Aid' Amid Homosexual Push


Evangelical Pastor Ken Hutcherson: 'I Am the Gayest Man I Know'

- Ban urged on therapy to convert gays


Does Gay Agenda Supersede Human Agenda?

- Problem with Gays & Voters: Whom can we trust?

- GOP Kills Colo. Civil Unions Bill in Special Session


Court victory for ex-'gay' leaves unmet costs


UK Conservatives Divided Over 'Gay Marriage'

- Over 400,000 Sign Coalition's Petition to Save Marriage in the U.K


F. Graham: Obama Has ‘Shaken His Fist’ at God

- Obama gay marriage endorsement mobilizes Christian conservatives

- Evans: Gay Marriage Is Not a Civil Rights Issue


Utd Methodist Church: Same-sex relationships "incompatible with Christian teaching."


NoHealthrth Carolina Voters Approve Amendment Banning Gay Marriage


Calif. Legislature Considers First-Ever Regulation of 'Conversion Therapy'


Grahams understand 'threat' to marriage in NC


The Gay Marriage Landscape


EEOC pushing Obama's pro-LGBT policy


Vandals hit church with conservative views on homosexuality


Chaplains already feel 'gay' pressure


Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Clergy on Table at Methodist General Conference


Sending different message on 'Day of Silence'

- PFOX Celebrates Day of Silence - Urges Students to Distribute Ex-Gay Flyers Apr 20

- The Day of Silencing


- Why not legalize gay 'marriage'? (part 1)

- Why not legalize gay 'marriage'? (part 2)


Ex-'gays' seek parity with homosexual promoters


NOM Launches Starbucks Boycott Over Same-Sex Marriage Stance


Chaplains Detail Hostilities Since DADT Repeal


Navy sued over manipulation of 'gay' data


Disagreement vs. 'Gay-Bashing'


Gay ‘marriage’ not a right, prohibiting gay adoption not ‘discrimination’: European Court


'Gay hate list': Farah, Perkins, Colson, more


Testimony of Blogger Rescued From Gay Lifestyle Inspires Others


Americans reject same-sex marriage, but...


Ben & Jerry’s renames flavor to "Apple-y Ever After" in support of same-sex marriage


Judge deals a pro-LGBT ruling


Pope Attacked for Defending Marriage


Bruising Gay-marriage Showdowns Likely in 5 States


Ex-Gays Call on School Board to Reprimand Superintendent for Sexual Discrimination

- Are ex-gays 'really, really disgusting'?


Colorado Megachurch Mulls Split from PC(USA) Over Gay Marriage


Homeschoolers can't be told 'gay' sex sinful


9th Circuit calls Prop 8 unconstitutional


God's Plan for Marriage


Pastor Blasts Starbucks for Promoting Gay Marriage, Urges Boycott


School: Opposition to ‘gay’ adoption ‘bullying


Gay Rights and Freedom of Religion


Obama admin. promises more homosexual housing rights


Pastors Confront SPLC for Smearing Pro-Family Orgs Opposed to Homosexual Agenda as 'Hate Groups'


Religious liberty takes hit in gay marriage cases


'Gay' rights ... or business-owner rights?


Quiet Pro-Traditional Marriage Shift Coming?


Mountain State paving way for 'gay' indoctrination


Michigan bans domestic-partner benefits


Rabbonim OK Therapeutic Approach to Homosexuality


Rabbis get biblical on same-sex lovin'


Pro-Gay Religious Groups Pit Scriptures in Fight for Marriage


DOJ goes to bat against DOMA


Ex-lesbian: Obama destroying traditional families


Court Rules in US Case on Student's View of Gays


Lawsuit: Mich. Teen Kicked Out of Class for Religious Views on Homosexuality


Consumers contributing to sex-change operations?


LGBT-friendly policy turning customers off

- FFA still taking on pro-'gay' advertisers


Campaign aims at Macy's open-door dressing room policy

- 'Gay' indoctrination in bull's-eye of new campaign


Illinois Bed and Breakfast Answers Gay Discrimination Claims


World Reacts to Clinton's Pro-Gay Rights Speech

- Hillary Clinton salutes Human Rights Day with a new global agenda


FRC Praises Court Decision Allowing Defense of Calif Marriage Amdnt


Homosexual agenda can't make 'fearless one' tremble


Prop. 8 sponsors can defend initiative in court


U.S. Congress Agrees: Defense of Marriage Act is Constitutional


Christian town clerk wins


Nike, Microsoft, Google support striking down Defense of Marriage Act


'Gay' rights activists confused about free speech


IL Senate looks to exempt faith-based foster care orgs from civil unions law


Any hope for DOMA?


Study: Gays can change sexual orientation

- 'Gay marriage,' religion issues in NY clerk race


Penna Dexter: There is no gay 'marriage' groundswell


Same-sex ‘marriage’ could force churches to stop performing legal marriages altogether: archbishop


Coming LGBT law requires positive portrayal of 'gays' as role models


'Gay' hate vandalizes church, threatens even more violence


South Carolina Episcopal diocese sees crisis over gay rights


District vindicates student who objected to homosexuality


Inconvenient Truths About Homosexuality

- Crunching the Same-Sex Numbers


2,000 chaplains nix idea of same-sex ceremonies

- Disobeying DOMA

- Congressman says no same-sex marriage for military


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ordains 1st Homosexual minister


Major study: changing sexual orientation is possible


Court Hears Appeal of Grad Student Expelled for Religious Beliefs on Homosexuality


Gay couples, allies set eyes on ultimate prize: Marriage


Pentagon ruling on same-sex unions contradicts DOMA; pressures chaplains

- Fed'l government inflated census figures for same-sex married couples

- After demise of ‘don’t ask,’ activists call for end to military ban on transgenders


Homosexual critics of biblical view of family trigger PayPal 'investigation'


British MP: 'Force Churches to Perform Same-Sex Unions or Close Them'


Baptist Leader: 'Gay Revolution' Shaking Christianity


Fox News' parent company investing in 'gay marriage'


Over 540,000 Sign Home Depot Boycott Over Gay Activism


Conservative Questions Validity of Term 'Same-Sex Marriage'


House attorneys: Marriage law constitutional


Willow Creek clarifies stance on gays

- AFTAH Protests Willow Creek's Lack of Biblical Leadership in Breaking with Ex-Gay Ministry

- Willow Creek, Homosexuality, and the Future of Evangelical Response


Poll: Majority of Brazilians Oppose Same-Sex Marriage


Slippery slope predicted by opponents of same-sex marriage is beginning


GLAAD proud of ABC Family


10,000 march for true marriage in New York – more events planned

- 'Backroom tactics' shut New Yorkers out


I am a Man: Ex-Gay Grateful for Counseling


Games the Left Plays with Polls about Same-Sex 'Marriage'


Supporters of traditional marriage need more than rational arguments to win


‘We Can't Afford to Devalue’ Traditional Marriage, Congressman Tells Panel


Obama Ends Ban on Openly Gay US Military Service


Teachers' union chief: Let's ignore 'science' of homosexuality


Same-sex marriage in NY threatens the rights of those who oppose it


Michele Bachman and Ex-Gays


Can Christians Escape the 'Hate' Label in Gay Marriage Debate?


Clerks 'protected' from 'gay' marriage license demands


Same-sex Marriage: No Gay Required


White House proudly supports repeal of DOMA


Chaplains challenged in new era of gays in the military


Lesbians sue Vermont resort over reception refusal


The Bible and the 'Gay Marriage' Question (Part 3)


'Gays,' atheists oppose rights for Christians


The Intellectual Facade of the Case to Redefine Marriage


Judge bashes 'Bash Back' with promise of $10,000 fine


Jerry Brown signs bill requiring schools to teach gay history


Gay Marriage Bill Passes 33-29 in NY


LGBT support: more reason to hate U.S.


New Yorker Quits Town Clerk Job; Says Bible Prohibits Gay Marriage


House votes to slow allowing 'gays' in military


What's Really Behind the Same-Sex 'Marriage' Movement?


President rewards lesbian West Point grad


Mass. city to pay wedded gay workers to offset tax


What happens when openly gay mayor meets 1,000's of evangelical Christians?


California Lawmakers Order Gay History Included in Textbooks


Homosexual pastors now welcome in PCUSA pulpits


Cisco Vendor Fired for Writing Book Against Same-Sex Marriage


Demise of DOMA threatens defense budget


Battles Over Gay Marriage Loom Nationwide


Gay Marriage Supporters Plan Referendum in Maine


HHS Official Tells Youth Summit: We're Recruiting LGBTs to Adopt Kids


Protecting clergy not enough in New York same-sex marriage law


French Nat'l Assembly rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ in historic vote


So. Baptists Hit by Gay Marriage Hoax


Running Scared on Same-Sex Marriage


Same-sex 'marriage': The problem is....


NY Victory Doesn't Mean Gay Marriage Is Winning, Says Wash. Pastor


All gay all the time


Feds find fix was in on 'study' of homosexuality in ranks


What Is at Stake in the Battle to Redefine Marriage?


Same-sex marriage, cancer, and fig leaves


Gay Marriage Bill Passes 33-29 in NY


Pro-homosexual declaration harmful internationally


No White Flags Here: Defending Traditional Marriage


Poll: 57 Percent of New York Voters Reject Same-Sex Marriage


What if some other behavior cost 25 million lives?


Catholics Rally Against Same-Sex Marriage Vote


NY Senate: More religious snags in gay marriage bill


Married to Marriage: 62% of Americans Say One Man, One Woman, Nothing Else


IL Catholic Charities takes aggressive approach to continue adoption and foster care under new civil union law


U.N. passes "historic" gay rights resolution


Pro-marriage New York senator faces death threats, hate calls


Scottish Church Risks Losing Entire Congregations If Gay Clergy Approved


Catholic Dioceses Sue over Illinois’ Civil Union Law


Traditional Marriage Supporters Bullied


Gay marriage polls skewed by interview process


'Gay Days at Disney' Warning Was Brilliant, Says Family Group


Pro-Homosexual Advocate Destroys Traditional Marriage Banner in NY (video)


Americans' Estimate of Gay Population Larger Than It Is


Born Homosexual?


Gay softball league limit on straight players OK'd


No opt-out for opponents of gays in military: Gates


Ill. diocese ends adoptions over 'gay rights' law


Evangelical: We're Losing Fight Against Gay Marriage


Parents defenseless against gender 'diversity training'


Officials of Declining Churches Oppose Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)


Sports anchor fired after backing true marriage


Is Congress listening? Protect-marriage campaign surges


Protecting marriage in Pennsylvania


Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Unions by Chaplains


Minn. marriage debate heating up


The state of Virginia drops the law firm that dropped House's DOMA case


Law firm drops case defending DOMA, but partner resigns to continue as counsel


Tell Congress to leave 5,000-year-old definition of marriage alone


Wait! 'Don't Ask' repeal faces fresh fire


Millions of kids, young teens 'witness this irresponsible affirmation'


Why Did 'Anti-Defamation' Group GLAAD Award Hateful Homosexual Blogger Who Demonizes and Mocks Christians?


'Chick-fil-A' faces sustained campaign from activists and campus groups over pro-marriage statements


Grace in Trenches: Chaplains on Front Lines of Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell


'Incredible' victory for marriage, family


Federal Appeals Court Protects Marriage and Natural Family


Gay adoptive dads lose birth-certificate appeal


Pro-homosexuality foundation pours millions into Catholic and mainline Protestant dissident groups


"Gay' Prop 8 judge called 'direct beneficiary' of ruling


CA Senate bill mandates gay history in schools


Day of Silence Supports Ex-Gay Rights


High court: Adults' rights outweigh children's best interest


Jail to house transgender men with women inmates


Homosexual influence = 'tyranny of the minority'


Don't Say It: Free Speech Squashed by Gay Lobby


US has 4M 'gay' adults; 1.7% of pop.


Support for 'gay' rights rising among Catholics


Judge Eyes Lawsuit Against Gay Rights Group


LaBarbera: Apple's action (pulling app) stems from 'homo-facism'


Video: Pro-Homosexuals at Brown Univ. Get Violent with Trad'l Marriage Group


Chaplains Offered Exit Plan as Gay Training Starts


Democrats advance 'lesbians-as-role models' plan


'Ulterior motive' behind traditional-marriage fight


Court won't allow gay marriages in Calif. while appeal of Prop. 8 proceeds


AR Supreme Court Showdown on Law Protecting Adopted & Foster kids


A new take on 'gay marriage'


Schuller Says He Wouldn't Have OK'd Cathedral's Gay Covenant


IRD Commends Maryland Churches for Defending Traditional Marriage


DOMA and Constitution: Lesson Obama Ignored in Law School


It's Time for Gays to Get Married


U.K. Court: Anti-Gay Couple Can't Be Foster Parents


Judge rules promoting homosexuality mandatory for foster parents


Defense of Marriage Act Decision Puts Kids 2nd, Special Interests 1st


If Obama Won't Fight Gay Marriage, Conservatives Will


Church group blasts Obama for abandoning DOMA


MD Senate Legalizes Gay Marriage


Hawaii recognizes gay couples


"Don't ask, don't tell' repeal wins


Christian therapist who helps gay men go straight faces firing


Lutheran church latest to split over ordination of gays


Payout for preacher over arrest is Landmark free speech ruling


Ecumenical Defense of Marriage: The Times We Live In


LaBarbera Applauds Senate Vote to Block Repeal of Military Gay Ban


University: Dump Christian beliefs on homosexuality, or else


A closer look at Pentagon report on repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’


Arguments set on courts' 'hostile takeover of marriage'


Military Chaplains Voice 'Intense' Views on Gay Ban


No opting out of pro-gay propaganda


3 top commanders warn Senate: Don't accept open homosexuality


The Real Pentagon Poll: 91% Reject Homosexual Leaders --


'Hate group' designation angers same-sex marriage opponents

 - SPLC: The wolf who cried 'hate'


Will 'Right' bring 'gay' agenda into tent?


Michigan Teacher Ejects Student for Anti-Gay Remarks


San Diego Firefighters fight to Abstain From Gay Pride Parade


Judge Halts 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'


Expert calls flood of 'gays' attempt to 'brainwash' public on lifestyle


Utah and 9 states file brief opposing gay marriage - AP


Open letter to conservatives who back same-sex marriage


Obama 'throwing case' re 'gays' DADT


Fed'l judge: ‘DADT’ unconstitutional


TX court reverses judge's decision to grant a divorce to 2 men


Half of Dems Favor Punishing Soldiers Opposing Homosexuality


ABA Calls for Homosexual Marriage Nationwide


Training How to Respond to Gay Activist Misinformation


Obama ordered lobby for 'gay' rights


Presbyterians split on gay measures


Hawaii Gov. Vetoes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill


Ending military ban would have devastating effect on a ministry


Presbyterians Redefining Marriage?


Judge rules evangelist can hand out Bibles at Pride Festival


America's pro-homosexual giants


Obama inches toward 'gay' agenda


Chaplain endorser opposes repeal of "don't ask, don't tell"


Judge poses weighty questions as Proposition 8 trial closes


Gay Is Okay: Polls Show Positive Media Portrayal Worked


Anglicans Suspend Episcopalians Over Gay Bishop


From lesbian atheist to mother of 6


'Gay Marriage' - Nays Still Have It


Why we're losing the 'gay' debate


Mullen: Congress Should've Waited on Gay Ban Vote


Baptist Church on Gay Deacons


Preacher Arrested For Gay Debate


Tarcisio Bertone: Homosexuality is the cause of sex abuse


Houston Clergy upset re: Mayor's orders


MD: Impeachment over Gay-Marriage?


Church charges California ministry over Gay Weddings


American Arrested in Britain for declaring Gay sex a sin


Army: Gay Ban still on


Neutralizing "Don't Ask, Don't tell"


Okla won't grant divorce for Marriage it doesn't recognize


UK court says registrar's beliefs are not as important as rights of gays


Safe School Czar dodges question on promoting homosexuality


Shows with Gays: lose Fla tax credit


ELCA to review policy allowing non-celibate Gay clergy


Virginia Judge refuses to issue arrest warrant for Lisa Miller

- Vermont Judge issues warrant

- Child Traumatized by forced visits


For same sex advocates, religous liberty takes a back seat


Study: Gay Marriage does NOT include Monogamy



More on Abortion



Sale of Cancer-Causing Birth Control Compares to Tobacco Industry Greed


59% of Canadians want restrictions on abortion as March for Life revs up: poll


World Congress of Families Calls Hungary's Pro-Life/Pro-Marriage Constitution -- A Triumph


Study: Abortion pill less safe than surgery


Kan. Lawmakers End Work with Anti-abortion Push


Texas Medical Board Investigations of 14 Abortionists are Progressing


Obama admin suing pro-life groups


"Jane Doe" Has Role in Abortion Film


Texas lawmakers pass sonogram abortion requirement


House passes historic ban on taxpayer funding for abortion


Black Leaders say Congr'l Black Caucus WRONG to Demand Tax funded Abortions


Florida Legislature Nears Passage of Batch of Abortion Bills


Thomas More Society's Legal Defense Wins Justice for Pro-Life Activists at Notre Dame


Settlement Reached over Chaffey College Civil Rights Violations Against Pro-Lifers


Baby Joseph is home: Defies Critics by Breathing on His Own


Pro-Life Medical Students to Hold National Conference Soon


Pro-Life Advocates Respond to Court's Stem Cell Decision


Mitch Daniels to Sign Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood


Florida Joins States Calling for Parental Rights Amendment


Florida House passes anti-abortion bill


Martin Sheen Sheds Light on Reasons for His Pro-Life Views


Florida Joins States Calling for Parental Rights Amendment


Ohio Case Roe v. Planned Parenthood is Resolved -- What is There to Hide?


Youngest Surviving Premature Baby in Europe Heads Home


Carhart Investigation Gives Urgency to Iowa Fetal Pain Bill


Jon Kyl famously misspeaks, but so does Planned Parenthood


Hungary Joins Global Movement to Affirm Personhood Rights of Preborn


States push for recognition of 'personhood'


Planned Parenthood Ignores Fetal Pain; Goes After Personhood Amendts


Recordings from 800+ Abortion Clinics Reveal Massive Cover-up


Great Prayer Project: End Abortion


Fallin Bans Late-Term Abortions


40 Days for Life Campaign Ends, 483 Babies Saved From Abortion


Pro-lifer: Another abortuary would put area 'at risk'


DC Pastors Challenge Mayor Gray's Abortion Advocacy, Send Open Letter


The Stem-Cell War


ID gov signs abortion ban past 20 wks


Festival reintroduces pro-life culture to Hollywood


IRS Questions Org Over Involvement with '40 Days for Life' and 'Life Chain'


Nat'l Prolife Strategy Challenged by Controversial Book on Personhood


Kansas governor signs bills limiting abortion


Bad News for Planned Parenthood, Good News for Parents




Video Documents Two Abortion Injuries Inflicted by NAF Member


Parental Notice Law Gets Nearly Doubled Support from State's Attorneys


Nat'l Black Prolife Coalition Tells Congrss'l Black Caucus: Stop Trampling on Truth


Pro-life pharmacists win a significant victory in Illinois


'Free-speech zone' not really free, says pro-life preacher


MN High School: no status for pro-life club, but diversity, enviro clubs ok


Planned Parenthood's millions still missing


California Spinal Cord Injury Bill Promotes Embryonic Research


AZ nips 'telemed' abortions in the bud


Grassroots Opposition to Plnnd Prnthd Swells to Record Levels Nationwide


Boxer Pushes False Claim Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

- Related - Tapes show Plnd Pnthd mammogram claims false


Abortion: Vengeance on the prairie


Presidential Hopefuls Demand Full Defunding of Planned Parenthood


Out-Of-Work Electrician Offered Major Job Building a Plannd Parnthd -Turns It Down


Undercover Phone Calls Expose Abortion Provider Lies About 'Health Care Services'


Helping with abortions required by university


Abortion: So Much for Truth in Advertising


Rep. Trent Franks: 'Predna' would 'blow a fatal hole in Roe v. Wade'


Pro-Abortion Groups Target Pro-Life Bill Banning Abortion Funding


Join Pro-Life Mvmt: Call Congr'l Offices to Defund Planned Parenthood


Orgs Sue NYC in Fed'l Court Challenging Constitutionality of Law Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Over 100,000 People Protest Abortion in Spain


Milwaukee Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor Vindicated: False Charges Dropped


Abortion Investigation Prompts Complaints Against Texas 'Dirty Dozen'


Nat'l Pro-Life Leaders & Black Community rebuke Student Persecution at Princeton


Washington bill to restrict pro-life pregnancy centers fails


Bomb Thrown at Pro-Life Vigil: Thom More Scty Files Anti-Terrorism Cmplnt


Groundbreaking law in S. Dak. deterring access to Abortion


Personhood Tour Kicks Off in Mississippi


Surprising fruits of 40 Days for Life: one woman's story of life and love


Dr. Nathanson, In the Hand of God


Texas considers bill to ban abortion


Citizens volunteer to defend state's abortion rule


Controversial pro-life sign banned from being a billboard


72 Hour Wait and Counseling Before Abortion Passes in S. Dak.


Abortion Centers Closing, Cutting Back as 40 Days for Life Begins in 247 Cities


Tribute to Father of Pro-Life Activism: Joe Scheidler


The Generation That Will End Abortion


'Beginning of end of abortion' is group's aim


Exclusive: 'Her passion was for pro-life': daughter-in-law tells Jane Russell abortion story


NYC pregnancy centers going to court


'Women Speak Out' Bus Tour Attacks Planned Parenthood Funding, Rallies Pro-Life Support for Local Reps


Undercover Investigation into TX Abortion Clinics Reveal Shocking Violations of Health and Privacy Laws

- Related: Abortion Centers in Texas Evade Laws, Dump Records, Waste


Over Half of Ohio House joins H.B. 125 to Protect Babies with Beating Hearts


Planned Parenthood Admits it Doesn't Need Federal Money


Obama admin strikes elements of conscience protections for pro-life medical providers


Blk ProLife Leaders to Congress: Thanks


Victory: Operation Rescue Thwarts Abortion's Return to Wichita


Kansas Committee Passes Landmark Abortion-Fetal Pain Bill


Abortion money on college campuses


Dark Abortion-Related Realities in the Black Community Revealed


Another Abortionist Bites the Dust


Heartbeat Bill to Protect Ohio Babies with Beating Hearts


Woman rushed to hospital from Planned Parenthood facility


Case With 107 Charges Against Planned Parenthood Moves Ahead


Planned Parenthood Advises Man Who Might Have STDs to Donate Blood


Watch videos from Vigil against Planned Parenthood


Adult stem cell healing powers abound


A vast pro-life vigil for trafficked victims


NJ Governor Christie vetoes bill funding Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Tried to Force Raped Teen to Have Abortion


'Pattern emerges' of abortionists covering child sex-traffickers


Pro-life Group Calls for Apology to Catholic Scientists


Unborn twins interact with each other as early as 14 weeks


Staggering: U.S. passed 53 million abortion mark in 2010


"The ultrasound that changed my life" - a pro-life conversion


Anti-abortion Tebow ad wins Nat'l Religious Broadcasters award


Canada: Campaign Promoting "Heroic" Choice of Adoption


Iowa shuts down challenge to Skype-type abortions


Abortion proponents are defending against a reinvigorated pro-life mov't


Personhood USA Releases new Video for Anniversary of Reagan's Personhood Proclamation


Abortion -- Most Favored Status


Philly Abortionist, 9 Others Jailed for Murder in Overnight Raid


Walk for Life West Coast Expects More than 35,000


Abortion Caused 300,000 Breast Cancer Deaths Since 1973


Scalia: Abortion not in Constitution


Thomas More Society Wins Round on Appeal in Pro-Life 'Truth Tour' Litigation


Pence Introduces Bill to Deny Funding to Planned Parenthd


ACLU Tries to Silence Religious, Ignores Threats to Women's Health


Alveda King: Uncle Martin, The Social Conservative


Planned Parenthd Withdraws Suit Against OR over Public Records


IA Medical Board Closes Investigation of Pln PrthdTelemed Abortionist


Former Planned Parenthood Director to Expose Abortion Biz


Unsafe, Legal, and Not So Rare


Pro-Life Author/Activist: Personal Struggles/ Roe v. Wade


Black Children Endangered


US Abortion Rate Stalls After Yrs of Decline



Personhood USA: Petitions in all 50 States, almost one Million Sigs


Black pastors to celebrate civil rights of unborn on M.L. King Day


Comprehensive Listing of Events at


Pro-life Efforts to Watch in 2011


Court rejects lawsuit from pro-life nurse forced to assist an abortion


Iowa aims to block notorious abortionist


Chief rabbis: Fight abortion


Christian health worker won't stop handing out anti-abortion book


Prolifers Crash 2 Abortion Parties; Videos Yanked from YouTube


SBA List Claims Pro-Life Victory in Passage of Defense Bill


SBA List Mobilizes 500K Activists to Lobby for Pro-Life RNC Chair


Univ. of Wis aborts abortion plans


Pro-Abortion Vandalism Prompts Act of Generosity


Carhart Deceives MD Board About Late-Term Abortion Involvement


Planned Prthd's Revealing Report


Pro-Lifers Beware: Lead Does Not Turn into Gold -- Another Stem Cell Deception


Investigation Into IA AG's Conduct in Telemed Abortion Scandal


Support for Inter'l Pro-Family and Pro-Life Movement in Moscow


Top Companies Stop Backing Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


NCSE: Human Dependency Obviates the Right to Life


Senate Ignores Election Day Rebuke, Advances Pro-Abort Defense Bill


Abortionist Released from Jail Against Recommendations


Survey Shows 31 Abortion Centers Closed Over Last 12 Mos


Pro-life Pioneer's Home Damaged in Cowardly Pro-Abortion Attack


Restricting pro-life clinics out of business


ND Prosecutors Ignore Law: No Charges for Unlicensed Abortionist

 - 'Hush Hush' Back-Room Deal


US Sees 53 Mil Abortions Since Roe


The Ethics of Fetal Pain


Pro-life Archbishop wins upset election as head of U.S. bishops


Dutch pro-life journalist threatened with torture, death


DC: House Most Pro-Life Ever


Showing "Bella" Movie Saved 200 Babies from Abortion Since Oct.


Planned Prhtd: $349 Mil in Tax money


Settlement Reached in Pro-Life Activists' Suit Against Birmingham


NRLC: Voters Rebuked 'Pro-life' Supporters of Obama Health Care


Fathers of Unborn Children have No Say Whether Children Live


Dem Ad: Catholic Church More worried about Abortion Than Poor


Teen pro-life orator Lia Mills: Are the Unborn Human? (video)


Spokane Pld Prnthd fined by state


New Video Offers Run-Down of Abortion in Obamacare


Planned Parenthood/ACLU Lawsuit Dealt Major Blow


Abortion Director Pleads Guilty for Fake Bomb Scare at Own Clinic


Senator: lets talk about fetal pain


Pro-Life Victory: KS Supreme Court


U.S. Pro-Life Students Defend Arrested Canadian Pro-Life Heroes


Biologist: Nat'l Cancer Institute's Cover-Up of Abortion- Cancer Link


9th Circuit Panel Openly Skeptical of Oakland's Abortion-Friendly Law

Judge tosses abortion-info mandate


Couple pressures surrogate to abort child with Down Syndrome


Women's Deaths Linked to RU-486


New Film 'Blood Money' Reveals the Business Behind Abortion


Birth Control: 'Silent' Killer


Investigative Report Reveals Illegal Late-Term Abortion Ring


Amnesty Int'l Demands Decriminalization of Abortion



Teen Critical After Bad Abortion


Black Leaders Call for Pro-Life Economic Recovery


Whistleblower Documents Botched Abortion Epidemic


$25k Reward for Abortion Crime Info


Lawsuit Threatens Planned Parenthood Funds


Catholic College Keeps Abortion Links Despite 15k Complaints


Romanian Christian Leaders Promulgate Pro-Life Declaration


Pro-Abortion Attack on King Heir: Alveda King Calls for Boycott


Grassroots Activists' Record-Setting 40 Days for Life Campaign


CA Planned Parenthood attacks Alaskan notification measure


Pro-life Activists Blast Insurance Clause at University of N. Carolina


Catholic Adoption Charity Loses Gay Exemption Bid...May Close


US Women: Abortions Too Easy


TMS Files Motion for Immediate Transfer of Parental Challenge


Hindering crisis pregnancy centers


Pro-Life Outreach is Verifiably Saving Babies from Abortion


FDA approves ella as 5-day-after emergency contraceptive


Sen. Isakson Won't Say When Jesus Got the Right to Life


Important Questions for Pro-Life Mov't


Study: Nigerian doctors unwilling to commit abortions


Pro-lifers exhibit truth re: abortion


62% of Catholics want to keep Calif. liberal abortion laws


200+ Military Doctors Protest Use of Military Facilities for Abortions


From Being Found In A Garbage Can To Exhorting Everyone's Purpose


ACLU: Faith-Based Hospitals Must Provide Emergcy Abortions


YouTube Video Shows Tragedy of China's 1-Child Policy


Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Fraud Suit Against Plan. Parenthd


Abortionist who Forced Abortion Admits he “Lies” to Patients


Nicaragua again rejects foreign pressure to legalize abortion


Biden in Kenya: 'money will flow' if pro-abort constitution passes


Abortionists Get Millions - Tax $'s


Louisiana: No Federally Funded Abortion in National Health Care


PP's 5-Yr Plan to Expand Abortion


Unbelievable! Wrong number saves baby from abortion


Coupon saves Baby's Life!


Women forced to abort under China's one-child policy


Forced abortions - the sad truth


Frozen human embryos 'not life'?


Horror in China: Aborted but Still Living Baby Sent for Cremation


P.P. Patient Taken to Hospital After Botched Abortion?


Fed. Funds Subsidize Abortions in Penn. 'High-Risk Pool' Program


170+ Leaders, 21 Countries, Sign Kenya Pro-Life Petition


Pro-Life Activist Joe Scheidler tells Catholic Hospitals to Recommit


Did DHS Pressure Teen to Abort?






Most Powerful Pro-Life Speech Ever Given at UN

- 40 Days for Life Report: 311 Babies' Lives Saved so far

- Colorado Illegally Uses $14 Million in Taxpayer Funds for Abortions

- Vote to elevate abortion to 'human right'


Pro-lifers to Obama: 'We will not comply'


Thomas More Society Argues in the ND Supreme Court for Catholic Conference: No State Constitutional Right to Abortion


Good News: Arkansas is Reporting the Lowest Number of Abortions Since the 70s

- Sign in Indiana School Promotes Population Control


University accused of letting abortion fans regulate speech

- The first big abortion case in six years involves the risky RU-486 drug

- Nebraska Court Upholds Life


Graphic Abortion JumboTron Comes to USF Oct. 14


Abortion Protestors Form Four-Mile 'Life Chain'

- Campaign Launches to Pass 20-Wk Abortion Ban in America's Late-Term Abortion Capital

- Mississippi Pro-Life Advocates Defended Against Police Threats and Arrests

- Abortion Vote Exposes Rift at a Catholic University


Study Shows Big Drop in Teen Pregnancy Rates as Planned Parenthood Clinics Close


National Life Chain Sunday 2013 -- October 6

- Robert Stearns: Will You Be Part of the "Over 100 Million Praying" on Sunday?


Pro-Life Advocate: Roe V. Wade Started As a 'Mistake'


Planned Parenthood: Abortion-No Matter What[Video]

- Dallas pastor questions why uproar over gassed children in Syria, silence for unborn

- Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Fight for Religious Freedom in Michigan


European Personhood Petition Surpasses 1,000,000 Signature Minimum Requirement


Former KANSAS Lead Singer, John Elefante, Shares Inspiring Video of How His Adopted Daughter was Saved from being Aborted


National Day of Remembrance Memorializes 55 Million Aborted Children


Finland Leader Making International Waves with Pro-Life Proclamations


We were all set to announce the list of cities taking part in the upcoming 40 Days for Life campaign … when something happened.

- Students for Life Launches Historic Tour to Expose Planned Parenthood

- Paul and Susan Lim’s embryo adoption tells the story of God’s ultimate love and mercy


Paul and Susan Lim give life to an abandoned embryo, even though the pregnancy could cost Susan her eyesight


5 Inspirational Mothers Who Chose Life for Children With Down Syndrome


Post-Abortive Mom: Abortion will “bring about devastation you had no idea could exist”

- Pro-Lifers Will Gather to Celebrate Historic Texas Abortion Center Closure


Elgin Escalates Assault on Mobile Pregnancy Services

- U.S. Supreme Court Orders Okla. Supreme Court to Answer Two Certified Questions about State Regs on Medicated Abortion


Black Students Go on Historic Prayer Tour to End Abortion

- Black Students to Visit Historically Black Colleges to Pray to End Abortion

- Biola University becomes ground zero in the pro-life debate over graphic abortion

- Video: "As Men, We Should Stand for Life"


A Reminder: Majority Support a Ban on Late-Term Abortions


‘Historic effort’ to protect life

- TX Gov Rick Perry Signs Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions

- RI gov. balks on ‘Choose Life’ plate

- Virginia's 'Busiest' Abortion Clinic Closing Down

- Statistics debunk abortion safety myths


Democrat Kirsten Powers: I'm Tiring of the Wendy's of the World



- Pro-abortion Pelosi asked 'simple' question about the unborn: 'What's the difference?'


Is America Becoming a Pro-Life Nation?

- Thousands Rally For Life in Texas


Pro-Life Group Fights University’s Free-Speech Violation

- Ohio Terminates Planned Parenthood Funding With Pro-Life Budget


HuffPo Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Late-Term Abortion Ban

- Most Hispanics in Texas say 'no se puede' to abortion after 20 weeks

- YMCA Kicks Out Pro-Life Students


The Science Behind Late-Term Abortion Bans


Fed'l Bill to Punish Adoption Agencies That Give Priority to Married, Heterosexual Couples


Ariel Castro's Murder of Unborn Highlights Abortion Debate


Planned Parenthood abortionist cited for multiple violations


Limbaugh: Democrats Push Amnesty to Replace 52 Million Aborted Since 1973


Polling: Majority of Texans and Americans Want Bans on Late-term Abortion

- Ohio Governor Approves Strict Abortion Provisions as Texas Battle Wages On

- Ramesh Ponnuru: Wendy Davis, Democrats Misunderstand Politics of Abortion

- Alabama's Abortion Provider Hospital Law Blocked by Judge


TX Sen. Cruz Blasts Pro-Abortion Protesters & Gang of Eight's Immigration Reform Bill


New video: Abortion doctor compares death injection to 'flu shot'


Former Professional Volleyball Player Shares Gut-Wrenching Tale of Her Abortion

- An Ivy League professor gets it wrong on abortion

- Rep. Blackburn: 'Science on our Side' When it Comes to Abortion Bill


What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions?


News outlets reject pro-life ad for being “too controversial”

- Top Media in 1st Week of Trials: Gosnell, 5 Stories; Zimmerman, 203 Stories


- Almost Every Obamacare Insurance Plan in Rhode Island Will Fund Abortions

- GOP Rep. Fights Back Tears Defending Unborn Babies on House Floor



Mom With Kidney Failure Refuses Abortion, Gives Birth to Miracle Baby


Dr. Manny: FDA loss of control on Plan B not surprising

- Compliance With Morning After Pill Ruling 'Sick'




Dogged Determination’ Helps Close 30th Abortion Clinic in 2013 After Botched Abortions, Patient Death


Former Planned Parenthood employees offer riveting testimony about deplorable conditions

- Lila Rose talks "Inhuman" investigation with Bill O'Reilly

- Number of born-alive abortion babies goes underreported


Doctor Who Did 1,200 Abortions Tells Congress to Ban Them



- Congress Faces Reality of Pain of Aborted Babies

- Expert Tells Congress Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain Starting at 8 Weeks

- Congress Forced to Face Up to the Pain Experienced by Unborn Children


Holder Doesn’t Know If Anyone Prosecuted Under Born Alive Infant Protection Act


U.S. Democrats target crisis pregnancy centers with new bill


2 House bills highlight the deep divide in Washington over protecting unborn children


6 Abortion Clinics Close in North California, “Not Enough Patients”


Pro-life leaders say Gosnell’s guilty verdict should energize abortion conversation


9 of 12 Jurors Convicting Gosnell of Murder Were “Pro-Choice”

- What Media (Really) Fears About Gosnell Trial


Gallup: 58 Percent of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions


Undercover in America’s Abortion Industry: Phoenix


Obama's Blessing of Planned Parenthood 'Outrageous,' ACLJ Asserts


Obama Praises Planned Parenthood, Attacks State Abortion Restrictions


School claims right to censor pro-life 6th-grader


Media continues pro-abortion bias, ignores ‘March for Life’


Nat'l Pro-life Leaders to Hold Prayer Vigil & News Conference Outside of Philadelphia Courthouse

- Dr. Alveda King on Site at Gosnell Trial


'This is so hard. Oh, God, it’s so hard!’: aborted babies born alive


Members of Congress to Expose Gosnell in Special Session


3 murder charges against abortion doctor Gosnell tossed

- Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Could Get Death Penalty

- NYT Reports Kermit Gosnell Guilty of Killing “Fetuses”;

- Even abortion industry insiders 'freaked out' by Gosnell

- The Gosnell Trial and Destroying the Image of God

- CBS Ends Blackout on Gosnell Trial, Spotlights How 'Firestorm' Went 'Viral'; ABC, NBC Still Out to Lunch

- Politico and’s turn to explain Gosnell blackout

- Wikipedia Considers Deleting Entry Regarding Kermit Gosnell

- Abortion blindness in the New York Times

- WPost reporter explains her personal Gosnell blackout



- Abby Johnson: If Gosnell deserves death and hell, tell me, what do I deserve? (And I)

- House of Horrors 2: graphic photos show TX abortionist killed living babies, say nurses

- The thriving practice of embryo adoption is saving little lives from destruction

- Gosnell nightmare: What if there are more?

- Mental Illness gripped Gosnell Employees who "snipped" Babies Necks

- Media won't cover Philadelphia abortion clinic horror

- Does Plan B Cause Abortion?

- - Big Three Networks Ignore Abortion Doc Who Snipped Babies’ Necks



Revealed: Another Abortion House of Horrors


Freight train' of pro-life bills overwhelms abortionists


SD Governor Signs Bill for Longest Abortion Waiting Period

- Arkansas enacts 12 week abortion ban over governor’s veto

- Judge strikes down Idaho's fetal pain abortion law


Video: Elective Third-Trimester Abortions With Infamous 'Doctor' Leroy Carhart


Pro-Life Students Face Increasing Harassment on Campus


This Week’s Pro-life Victories in Mexico


Undercover Videos Expose Illegal Abortion Practices in NY, DC

- Babies drowned alive in toxic liquid

- Shocking Poll: 55% of Americans Don’t Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions


1,270 Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions in the U.S


New Planned Parenthood Statement Defends Pro-Infanticide Remarks


Stunning new 3D ultrasounds offer clearest-yet picture inside the womb

- Anti-Abortion Display Destroyed at OSU

- Kansas Senate Passes New Abortion Restrictions

- Pro-life Groups Condemn Judge’s Ruling on Morning-After Pill

- Mount Sinai Doctor: Morning-After Pill Ruling Is Dangerous:


Pro-life teen forfeits eligibility for school sports to run on behalf of the unborn


Rapper's new song reveals that his mother planned to abort him, changed mind at last second


Another Bloody One-Child Case in China: Seven-Months Pregnant Mother in Anhui Forcibly Aborted by Lethal Injection (Warning: Graphic Photo)


Death Threats Against North Dakota Governor and North Dakota Legislators

- N. D. Gov. Signs Strictest Abortion Law in US


40 Days for Life Concludes With 554 Babies Saved From Abortion


Abortionist Joked: 'This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to Bus Stop'

- Pro-Life Advocate Now Says: 'Keep Your Religious Views About Abortion Out of Politics'

- Dr. Kermit Gosnell trial: Abortion clinic worker describes cutting baby’s spines

- North Dakota Lawmakers Considering Outlawing All Abortions

- ND lawmakers define life as starting at conception, in bid to outlaw abortions

- Kansas House of Reps. passes bill saying life begins at fertilization

- Women Hurt by Abortion After 12 Weeks Applaud Arkansas Abortion Statute


North Dakota passes most restrictive abortion bills in nation

- North Dakota Senate Approves 'Heartbeat' Abortion Ban


Pro-Lifers Try to Stop Tiller’s Abortion Biz From Re-Opening


AL Supreme Court: ‘unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected'


Despite few breakthroughs, embryonic stem cell research gets high court boost


Stop Borrowing Money from China to Pay for Abortions in America

- Pro-life article merely a pro-abortion tactic?


Abortions Down in Pennsylvania With Nation's First-of-Its-Kind Alternative Program

- The element of force in the abortion world

- Woman Dies following Late-Term Abortion

- NAACP Threat to Sue Pro-Life Leaders


Planned Parenthood's Vox starting to 'gross people out'

- Sundance Film Festival 'HERO' Leroy Carhart Kills Young Woman During 3rd Trimester Abortion in Germantown, MD


A Nation Rises - March for Life (VIDEO)

- Most Powerful Pro-Life Female Voices

- 6 Amazing Videos Showing Babies Inside the Womb


What TV news won't tell you about March for Life

- Americans fund 'Hitler-kind of killing machine'

- Thousands attend abortion rallies in San Francisco

- LifeUnited Provides Pro-Life Resources and Opportunities

- Americans defend life by hundreds of thousands

- Making the Case For Life

- Top 10 pro-life, pro-death states unveiled


Pro-lifers surge under Obama's abortion agenda

- If They Were Baby Seals Instead of Just Babies...

- Nation’s posterity is its future ... unless they’ve been aborted

- Court rules unborn is 'child'

- On Roe v. Wade


40 Years After Roe v. Wade, How Do Americans Really Feel About Abortion?

- Abortion Foes Debate Best PR Approach

- Film exposes abortionist's 'House of Horrors'

- Pro-lifers cleared of politician's damage claim


Roe v. Wade: Forty years in the Wilderness

- Abortion Death by Webcam

- By needle or forceps, abortionists continue to kill unborn babies more than 20 weeks old


4 doctors do 3rd-trimester abortions in U.S

- The issue of abortion in cases of rape doesn’t have to be a PR nightmare for pro-lifers


Roe v. Wade at 40: Most Oppose Overturning Abortion Decision

- 'Paint a Dead Baby Day'

- Abandoned Reveals Untold Story of the Abortion Wars

- Overcoming Pro-Abortion Media Bias


1st National TV Ad Campaign Highlighting Adoption as Alternative to Abortion a Success

- Why Adoption Became Russell Moore's Personal Cause


Sunday, Jan 20: A Day to Pray and Repent

- Local pro-life march hopes to send strong message

- Six Reasons Why Men Can Speak on Abortion

- Roe, legalizing abortion in 1973, caused Baptists to embrace life

- A Nation Mourns the Deaths of 55 Million Children

- Group Faces Death Threats for Exposing Illegal Abortion Clinic

- Subsidizing the Slaughter of Innocents

- Pew Study Finds 'No Gender Gap' on Abortion Debate Positions


National Prayer Service on Roe-Wade Anniversary

- Planned Parenthood Performed 333,964 Abortions in 2011

- Planned Parenthood Received $1,622 in Gov't Funds for Each Abortion

- Planned Parenthood: More Dead Children and Largest Budget Ever


92% of Pregnant Women at Planned Parenthood Get Abortions


While In Womb, Babies Begin Learning Language from Mothers

- Time Magazine: After 40 Years, Abortion Activists Losing


Roe v. Wade continues its grim business, but pro-life activity is saving lives, too

- The top 10 pro-life stories of 2012


As 40-Year Memorial of Roe v. Wade nears, Failure of U.S. Mega Churches to Publicly Confront Abortion is Troubling

- Safety of abortion pill questioned


Abortion fights heating up as Roe v. Wade turns 40


Fetal and political pain

- Poll Finds More than 8 in 10 Americans Favor Significant Abortion Restrictions


New Video Exposes Abortion Bias by Irish Times


Democrats Press to Lift Abortion Ban in Military Healthcare


Okla. court says abortion lawsunconstitutional


Amazing Pro-Life Conversions of Ex-Abortion Doctors Shocks Reporter


Women Who Have Abortions More Likely to Suffer From Substance Abuse: Study


Legal abortion has taken 400 women's lives


French move toward full funding of abortion


Christian Bale Honors Chen Guangcheng, Denounces Forced Abortion in China


British Teens Have as Many as 7 Abortions


Post-abortive actress finds healing on set of reality television show


Pediatricians push ‘morning-after’ pills for minors

- Five abortion workers leaving one clinic in Atlanta: three from another in Houston


10,000 pro-lifers rally in Dublin amidst heated abortion debate


Planned Parenthood mandates abortions; affiliates flee

- State accused of illegally billing taxpayers for abortions

- The pro-family referenda winning-streak ended on Election Day


Pregnant in Auschwitz: Toronto Holocaust survivor recalls split-second decision that saved her and unborn son


Tweets Reveal Soul of Assault on Pro-Life AG


Canadian MP to mainstream media: abortion is ‘butchery’ and ‘savagery’


Victims of Rape, Victims of Abortion - Neither Gets to Choose

- Woman Conceived in Rape Accuses Donnelly of Exploiting Her Life for Political Gain


Abortion is 27% of Deaths in England, Wales: 189,000 Babies Terminated in 2010 in UK


'Jane Roe' of Roe v Wade Releases TV Ad


Jake Was Not a 'Clump of Cells'


Voice of John: Nurse Tells Story of Baby Born After Failed Abortion


LIFE wristband dropped in Walmart parking lot, saves baby from abortion


Women's Mortality Rates Higher for Abortion Than Childbirth


Indiana taxpayers must pay for abortions


Students Pledge to Lose Their Voices for the Unborn


30 abortion workers have left, and now abortionist wants out: Abby Johnson


Victory Against Planned Parenthood that Failed to Report Incest and Rape of Minor


‘Which one was conceived in Rape?’: the viral image that deflated pro-abortion rhetoric


Woman Conceived in Rape: Some Rape Claims Are False, including Roe


It’s a Girl – The Three Deadliest Words in the World


Texas to End Health Program If Planned Parenthood Participates


Pro-Life 'Conversion' Conference to Share Testimonies of Former Abortion Workers


Abortion “absolutely never medically necessary”: maternal expert symposium


“How Will You Answer?” Pro-Life Video Denouncing Pres. Obama Goes Viral


Barack Obama Calls Newborn Baby a "Fetus Outside of the Womb"

- Tactically Tackling Abortion

- 5th Circuit: Texas can deny abortion provider state funds


Five Trends Beautifully Illustrate the Humanity of Unborn Babies


Silence follows abortionist's racist remarks


0.006% of abortions to save mom's life


All Charges Dropped Against Planned Parenthood on Eve of Release of New Evidence of Prosecutorial Corruption


Abortion Biz Closes in Knoxville, Tenn; Can’t Comply With Law

- Planned Parenthood to Promote Obama, Abortion in Bus Tour


Canadian Medical Association: babies not human until after birth


Komen leaders step down months after flap


The 2012 election: Why abortion trumps other issues


HHS Mandate Takes Effect; Pope Joined by Cardinal & President of Canadian Bishops in Calling for Defense of Religious Liberty


Pro-Family Groups Combine Resources for Non-Partisan Voter Registration Drive


Bishop Cordileone: We Could Be Moving Toward 'Despotism'


Contraception Mandate Goes Into Effect


‘It’s good business’: Nat'l food company boasts huge pro-life billboards on semi-trailers


The Fourth Reich: Abortion holocaust


Georgia's 'Personhood Amendment' Passes with a Super Majority


Planned Parenthood Waited Five Hours Before Sending Abortion Victim to ER

- Demand for public hearing on Planned Parenthood after woman's death

- Woman dies after abortion at Planned Parenthood clinic


Pro-Life Baptist Leader Richard Land Announces Retirement


Pregnancy Center Founder Comments on Appeals Court Decision


FBI Questions Pro-Life Advocate

- Judges dismiss two contraceptive lawsuits


Illegal Dumping Uncovered at Carhart's Maryland Late-term Abortion Clinic


ADL Calls Planned Anti-Abortion 'Wailing Wall' Memorial an Affront to Jews


Pro-Abortionist: Stop Using the Terms Baby and Unborn Child Because They're Just Cells


Judge OKs abortion law...but clinic remains open


Centro Tepeyac: Pro-Lifers' First Amendment Martyr?


2012 Saw Second-Most Pro-Life Laws Passed, Following 2011

- Attacks against pro-lifers on the rise

- Planned Parenthood above the rules?


Pro-Lifers Silenced by Police at Rally File Free Speech Lawsuit


Undercover Sting Exposes Illicit Late-Term Abortion Clinic in Maryland

- Billions against births

- Planned Parenthood hit with $5.5 billion fraud suit


U.S. House Judiciary Committee Schedules Tuesday Vote on Bill to Curb D.C. Policy of Legal Abortion, For Any Reason, Until Birth


Abortion, the Economy, and the 2012 Election


The Forgotten Solution to the Abortion Debate


Obama Admin Sends $395K to TN Planned Parenthood


Violent attacks strike pro-lifer's house


Why pro-lifers oppose the health care law


Christian TV Networks Boycott Anti-Abortion Film


Black Prolife Leaders Announce Juneteenth Book Release: 'Life at All Costs'


Defending human life around the world briefing

- Pro-lifers freed from loitering charges


Scores of Pro-Life Youth Activists to Descend Upon L.A. Chinese Consulate


Pro-choice, pro-'gendercide'

- Chick-fil-A Called 'Anti-Gay' for Contributions to Pro-Marriage Groups


Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies’ Brains in Lab Tests

- Agency Rules PepsiCo Cannibalizing Aborted Fetus is 'Ordinary Business'

- Aborted Fetal Cells ARE Used in Develp't of Flavor Enhancers for Food Products


Christian Pregnancy Center Freed From Posting Abortion Stand


Pro-Life School Bus Firebomed in Rockford, Illinois

- Settlement: Mo. Students Can Post Pro-Life Displays in School


Personhood Campaign Continues in OK Primary with Sweeping Victories for Pro-Personhood Representatives


Churches Showing Viral Pro-Life Video That Saves Lives


‘Illuminating hope’: One ordinary couple saving lives one ultrasound at a time


One Abortion Clinic Closes, Five Others Stop Surgical Abortions Due to Pennsylvania Law


Huge Abortion Rate Decline Shows Pro-Life Progress

- Abstinence program gains HHS approval

- Your Boycott Could Cost Abortion Industry Hundreds, Maybe Thousands


Ex-Planned Parenthood Director Turned Pro-Life Activist to Help Other Abortion Industry Workers


Kansas revokes doctor's license in abortion case


CBR Crushes Northland Abortion Clinics in Federal Court

- PP sets up clinic on high school campus


Audio: Left-wing Conference Cheers Abortion


Planned Parenthood Does One Abortion Every 97 Seconds

- Pro-Life Advocates Release More Undercover Video Alleging Gendercide in US

- Genetic screening of unborn babies 'may be inaccurate'


Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood OKing Sex-Selection Abortion

- Exposed: Planned Parenthood Sells Tax-Funded Sex-Selection Abortions


Bill banning ‘sex-selective abortions’ fails in the House

- Sex-Selection Abortions Bill Voted Down

- Rep. Trent Franks on Why Race-Based Abortion Ban Was Removed From Bill


Personhood USA Population Speech Coincides with Turkish PM's Pro-Life Statement


Anti-Abortion Protests to Take Place in Front of UN's in NY & Russian Embassies

- Video of worker at TX Plnnd Pthd coaching woman on a sex-selection abortion


LCMS, Anglicans Common Beliefs; Mull Fighting Homosexuality, Abortion Together


An abortionist’s records could lead to new investigation in KS of abortion industry

- 59% of Americans: Prohibit Abortion in Most or All Circumstances


"Pro-Choice" Americans at Record-Low 41%


- Catholic Groups File Against Obama Contraception Mandate

- Catholic Official: Obama Contraception Mandate 'Unprecedented, Preposterous'


Mississippi antiabortion Activist's zeal born on church doorstep


Vatican Paper Compares Pro-Abortion and Euthanasia Arguments to Nazi Eugenics


Birmingham Abortion Clinic Surrenders License, Closes Down

- Pro-Abortion Extremist Pleads Guilty to Making Death Threats Against Pro-Life Activists


House hearing recounts Chen's heroic stand for the unborn


Pro-aborts recognize dwindling support


More truth + more technology = more pro-lifers


Catholic Bishops Investigate Girl Scouts re Abortion, Birth Control Claims


Alveda King & Dr. Gardner Marvel at Anti-Life Tactics as Fr. Pavone Stalker Confesses

- Anti-abortion movement rolling out new tactics


Film awarded for 'subtle' pro-life message


Okla Court: Personhood Unconstitutional


Georgia Sees Back-to-Back Wins in Pro-Life Culture Wars


Governor Deal Signs Fetal Pain Law


Fed'l court reinstates TX ban on abortion funding


Lawsuit by Pro-Life Group Against ObamaCare

- Majority sees abortion as morally wrong


Obama Underestimates Pro-Life Youth in Upcoming Campaign


Adult Stem Cell Researchers Ask Federal Appeals Court to Reverse Ruling


Abortion Survivor Meets Nurse Who Saved Her Life


This baby alive because of a video?

- NBA player JaVale McGee was nearly aborted…but God intervened


‘God bless all three of you’: The day ‘me and my baby’ were saved from abortion


Court protects graphic abortion images


My commitment to life - by Chilean President Sebastián Piñera


Brewer Signs Law Banning Most Late-term Abortions


Photo of baby aborted in China at 9 mos in forced abortion circulates on Internet


New Law Targets Lone Abortion Clinic in Miss.


'Heart-rending’: Young Slovakian sculptor captures post-abortion pain, mercy and forgiveness


Notre Dame Caught Funding Pro-Abortion Student Internships


Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic Opens Just in Time, Meets Needs Very First Day


Mississippi bill may force state's only abortion clinic to close


Anti-abortion Grandpa Facing DC Clinic Lawsuit

- Pro-Life Women to Complete 250 Mile Prayer Walk on Good Friday


She went in for an abortion, but ultrasound showed quadruplets


Movie makers defy 'Don't touch this story' warnings


Homeland Security Unites with Abortion Industry to Silence Gospel

- Protecting pain-capable unborn


New Study Shows Abstinence Ed Effective


Obama's DOJ folds in abortion protest fight


Canadians Stand Up to Abortion Backers at 40 Days for Life


Subtly advancing the pro-life message


Victory for abstinence ed. in Wisc.

- Aborted Baby Parts a Booming Business

- List Identifies Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood


Utah governor signs law mandating 72-hour wait for abortion


'Save the Storks:' Pro-Life Activism Without the Picketing

- Obama admin widens abortifacient mandate to college students

- Conception to birth ... visualized

- Study Showed Birth Control Usage Increased Abortion Rates

- HHS Contradicts FDA on Plan B’s Abortifacient Nature


Mississippi Passes Bill Prohibiting Killing Baby after Heartbeat is Detected


No evidence, yet Holder still pursues pro-lifer

- Separate premiums to fund abortion

- College reverses course on pro-life group


Police Take 'Constitution 101' Class After Wrongful Pro-Lifer Arrests

- Pick-and-Choose Censorship by Facebook Shuts Down Pro-Life Message, Allows DIY Abortion Instructions


Planned Parenthood accused of $6M fraud

- Mid-West State cleaning up abortuaries

- Governor signs ultrasound bill into law


Young Women to Walk 21-Day, 250 Mile Trek Calling America 'Back to Life'

- Pro-Life Youth Arrested for Peaceful Free Speech Activity on Public Sidewalk


Girl Scouts: Plnnd Prnthd's 'Tactical Arm'

- Damning statistical analysis of Planned Parenthood's business

- Ethicists Propose Infants Aren't People

- Governor signs ultrasound bill into law


New Report Reveals Major Pro-Life Gains Undermining Roe v. Wade


Illinois Supreme Court Considering Parental Notification Law

- Democrats Have Lost on Abortion

- Victory in Court for Personhood Colorado; Petition Set to Move Forward

- Jacksonville, NC Stops Restricting Pro-Life Activists' Free Speech


As More Planned Parenthood Centers Close, Abortions Decline

- Nat'l Pro-Life Leaders Travel to Celebrate Closure of 2 PP Telemed Centers

- PP Policy Document: Restructure Family; Encourage Homosexuality


Nine Pro-Life Books on Abortion Issues You Should Read


Marco Rubio Gives Amazingly Powerful Pro-Life Speech


Europe's Top Courts Are on Pro-Life Roll

- Russia defunds ‘social abortions’

' - Life down under' - Prolife youth in Australia


Catholic Church Continues to Warn of Admin's Faux Compromise on Mandate

- Evangelicals want reversal of BC rule

- Five schools are now suing over the Obama administration’s contraception mandate

- Surprise! Planned Parenthood CEO Top Advisor on Contraception Mandate


Pastor Rick Warren: I’d Rather Go to Jail Than Obey Mandate


'The View’ takes on the sonogram law: as told by an unborn baby


State Supreme Court says 'Roe' should be 'overruled'

- Pro-lifers arrested for praying


FRC Releases Letter Signed by 2,500 Religious Leaders Opposing Mandate Surpasses 1,000 Doc Uploads Detailing Abortion Abuse


Thirteen State Attorneys General challenge contraceptive mandate


WH: Women ‘Deserve’ to Have Churches Buy Contraceptives, Abortifacients


Virginia House vote states life starts at conception

- U.S. fertility rate is the best in the West


Lawsuit Against ObamaCare & HHS Mandate Filed on Behalf of All Employers

- Birth-control mandate a step to abortion coverage?

- Health Care Overreach: Federalism and Federal Mandates

- Unhealthy decision?


Religious Academics 'See Through' Obama's Contraceptive Compromise

- Obama chief of staff: No more compromise on contraceptive rule

- 'Accounting gimmick' - Obama compromise still threatens lierty, leaders say

- Obama, Contraceptive Firestorm: What's Really at Stake


Va. House GOP Pushes Through 'Personhood' Abortion Curbs


S. Baptist leader: If Obama mandate isn’t changed, Christians will go to jail

- Bishops Were Prepared for Battle Over Birth Control Coverage

- Catholics fire shot at Obama contraceptives

- Cardinal Dolan: Obama Needs To Stop ‘Intruding Into Internal Life Of A Church’


Activist: Planned Parenthood NOT in healthcare business

- House Judiciary Committee Works on Prenatal Nondiscrimination Bill


Pro-Life Group: Obama Mandate Trumps Roe V. Wade

- The Political Reality Behind the HHS Mandate

- Catholic Bishops Oppose Compromise on Birth-Control Insurance


Planned Parenthood Executive Supports Gender Based Abortions


Poll: 79 Percent of Americans Support Restrictions on Abortion


Arkansas DHS Proposes Rule to Ban Religious Activities in Even Christian Preschools


GOP candidates stunned by abortion survivors

- Abortion with Campaigns in 251 Cities


Columnist: Planned Parenthood, Contraception Mandate Illustrate Anti-Choice Liberalism

- Pro-Life Groups Accuse Planned Parenthood of Waste, Fraud

- Orthodox bishops challenge HHS on mandate


Former Komen exec Karen Handel describes Planned Parenthd’s vicious shakedown

- Komen Disgraces Its Own Cause


Evangelicals Concerns over Obama Admin's Contraceptive Mandate

- Roman Catholic leaders criticise Barack Obama over healthcare

- Catholic League To Go To War With Obama re Mandatory Birth Control Payments

- Archbishop to U.S. Troops: Obamacare Reg ‘Is a Blow to a Freedom...for Which You Have Seen Your Buddies Fall in Battle’


First, They Came for the Catholics

- Anti-Catholic President v. Catholic Bishops

- Contraception Mandate Outrages Religious Groups

- Obamacare Forcing Catholics to Pay for Pill

- Catholic Leaders Urge Parishioners to Denounce Contraception Mandate


Bozell: Komen Caved to Liberal-media Pressure

- Komen reversing decision on funding

- Komen Reversal a Messy Reminder


Abortion a 'weapon'


Occupiers Dump Condoms on Catholic School Girls


Abortion promotion reveals 'hurt and pain'

- Watch the Number of Abortion Clinics Drop on


Courageous Moms Share Gratitude with U.S. Lawmakers: "Pregnancy Centers are Good for America"


Teen Loses Cancer Fight After Delivering Son

- ‘I had you aborted,’ mom told famed gospel singer


Major media outlets ignore the throngs who stood up for life

- Abortion Film Debuts on JUMBO Screen at DC March for Life

- VIEW FiLM! 'Created Equal' Film - WARNING; GRAPHIC


Post-Abortive Women, Cancer Victims Cheer Susan G. Komen for Cure Fndn's Decision to Defund Planned Parenthd


2nd judge jerks reins on fed attacks on sidewalk counselors

- Abortion Rate Decline Stalls, Unsafe Abortions Rise

- Wretched abortion


Aborting Reason

- Abortion and Keeping the Right to dream Alive

- Reveals Little Known Abortion Death in Nevada, Other Injuries


Marching for Life in Washington, D.C.

- March for Life 2012 inundated Washington D.C. with pro-lifers

- Abortion Hits Record Low in Illinois

- Pro-life incrementalism, says Charmaine Yoest, is successful strategy across country

- Roe v. Wade


Pro-life advocate keeping promise to old flame


445 babies saved from abortion thanks to free ‘Bella’ movie, popcorn


Civil Rights Attorneys Ask City of Austin to Repeal Law Violating the Civil Rights of Pregnancy Resource Centers


Hostile Abortion Advocates Disrupt Prayer Services


Ave Maria School of Law Spearheads 'Law of Life Summit'


Adoption Film Competes with Major Motion Pictures for $101,000 Award


Revitalized by young activists and growing support, the pro-life mov't faces tensions


The gov't "should not intrude on private family matters?"


Priests for Life Announces 4-Prong Attack on Abortion in 2012


Where states stand on life

- States shatter record for abortion restrictions


Roe v. Wade opponents target Dallas for decision’s anniversary


Why do abortion supporters (and the law) care more for baby animals than baby humans?


NH House Votes to Strip Abortion Providers of Taxpayer Funds


An Ohio debate highlights the three-way split in the pro-life movement about how to move forward


TX Women Harmed by Abortion Applaud Appeals Decision on Informed Consent


Planned Parenthood official: medical science ‘irrelevant’ to when fetus is human


For Women Who Are Considering An Abortion - Pro-Life Video

- Focus on the Family Launches Pro-Life Campaign


Thousands Expected at 8th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in Heart of San Francisco


Judge scolds White House for persecuting pro-lifer


Netherlands Pro-Life March for Life Doubles in Size


Planned Parenthood: Seeing a Baby Before Abortion is Abhorrent


Abortion: Gaudy salaries for an ungodly job


Planned Parenthood's abortions finally take a fall


Arkansas AG shows true pro-abortion colors


Pro-life momentum in 2012

- Pro-life group fights forced abortion

- Planned Parenthood Report: $487.4M in Tax Money; 329,445 Abortions


Abortion: A Dying Practice

- 2 Abortion Doctors Face Murder Charges In Cecil County

- Increase in Doctors refusing to be involved in Abortions

- Christian Pro-Life Activists List Top 10 Wins Over Abortion in 2011


New Mexico Abortionist Quits for the Sake of His 'Sanity'


Woman Battered by Abortion Clinic Manager Supported by Pro-Life Legal Org


Judge: Nurses Can't be Forced to Help with Abortions

- Nurses victorious in fight over abortion services


Brazil govt seeks end to Catholic TV network in conflict over abortion


Spanish PM Promises Repeal of Abortion Law, Anti-Family Policies


No Place for Pro-Life on Pro-Life Violence as We Fight Abortion


Pro-life but pro-abortion? The debate over mercury levels


Late-Term Abortions Used by Minors, Involve Taxpayer Funds


Pa. Clinics Brace for New Standards for Abortions


Ohio Bans Abortion Funding in Insurance Exchanges


NV Judge Rules Personhood Amend't Meets Single Subject Rule, Rewrites Description Using Detractor's Claims


Obscuring the meaning of ‘pro-life’


Justice Dept to Face Off with Thomas More Society Over Charges Against Denver Pro-Life Activist


Abortion clinic crackdown goes to Corbett

- Kline-Sebelius - 'He said, she shred'


Wife of Gruesome Abortion Doc Pleads Guilty to Assisting Late Term Abortions

- Planned Parenthood: We Need More Funding to Create Jobs


Abortion = age discrimination


City of Oakland's Ordinance Discriminates Against Pro-Life Pastor


Left 'speechless' as Sebelius overrules FDA on morning-after pill


They’re Pro-Choice on Abortion, Unless You Won’t Perform One


Dolly scientist: abandon embryonic stem cell research


Planned Parenthood's only win in South Dakota fight returns to 8th Circuit


Former Planned Parenthood Employees Support Congressional Review of Group’s Abuses


WRWF's Reggie Littlejohn to Testify at Congress Regarding Blind Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng


The unheralded gains of the pro-life movement


Down syndrome adult speaks for herself

- Beautiful Toddler With Down Syndrome Takes the World by Storm


Steve Jobs: ‘I’m glad I didn’t end up as an abortion’


Planned Parenthood Abortion Director Fired, Becomes Pro-Life


Hospital Kills “Wrong” Twin in Abortion, Both Babies Now Dead


What!? Look at plans for compulsory sterilization, abortion

- Over $83,000 in Fines Assessed in TX for Illegal Dumping of Aborted Babies


'Religious Liberty' and Abortion


Andrea Bocelli: ‘I am in favour of life’


'Most difficult year in our history,’ laments Planned Parenthood President

- Parental Notice of Abortion Act Heading to Illinois Supreme Court


IL Abortion Clinic Plagued by Health Code Violations Will Remain Closed

- Planned Parenthood: Agent of Destruction


Activists expose Girl Scouts link to Planned Parenthood


Thomas More Society Gets Preliminary Injunction for Prayer at Abortion Clinic


Armenian Study: Induced Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk

- Wis. Bill Seeks to Ban Webcam Abortions

- Abortion Clinics Permanently Closed by Michigan Atty General


Bad news for abortuaries


New Poll Reveals Real Reason Behind Mississippi Personhood Loss


United Way Sent $1.9 Million to Planned Parenthood in 2008


13th Texas Planned Parenthood May Close After De-Funding

- 317 Texas Women Harmed by Abortion File Brief Supporting Enforcement of Texas' Informed Consent Law

- Lone Abortion Business in Santa Fe, New Mexico Closing Down


ADL is Wrong -- Abortion and WWII Holocaust Have Much in Common


Probe: Obama admin broke law to push abortion in Kenya


Rape Victim's Child Speaks Up for Right to Life


Abortion advocates attacking ind'l rights


Calling off controversial stem-cell research


Unanswered Questions Persist in Kan. Abortion Case


Pro-aborts, homosexual activists have same goal


Austin Suspends Ordinance Targeting Pregnancy Resource Centers


For 2nd time, key evidence in Kansas criminal case against Plnd Prnthd destroyed


508 Babies Saved From Abortion as 40 Days for Life Closes


Personhood initiative fails in MS, but pro-life group vows to continue fight


Wasserman Schultz: Saying Life Begins at Conception Is ‘Extreme and Radical’


Militant ‘atheocracy’ the worst threat to pro-life movement: Denver bishop


Doctors, Uninformed Women Harmed by Abortion and Pregnancy Centers Move on NC 'Women's Right to Know Act'


Campaign for 'personhood' amendment 'exposes opposition deceit'


Controversial Movie Sent to Sway Mississippian Voters


TX pregnancy center a target of nat'l campaign to undermine pro-life counseling services

- Personhood movement aims for landmark win in Miss. election

- Wis. Senate Approves Bill Favoring Abstinence, Marriage in Sex Ed


Gov. Barbour Votes 'Yes!' on MS Personhood Amend't; Plannd Parentd Continues Deceptive Ads

- Ohio to resubmit personhood language

- Personhood: An Inconvenient Truth


The 'nays' have their say on personhood

- 600 Pro-Life Bills Proposed in 2011, Says Pro-Choice Group


Guttmacher Institute's Distortions Exposed in New Video by National Black Prolife Coalition


'Birth control' claim exposed

- Ordinance against pro-life centers


Judge Striking Down NC Ultrasound Law Was Obama Appointee


ALERT: Open Records Sought over Destruction of Plannd Prnthd Evidence


Kline’s 6-yr investigation of Plannd Prnthd planted seeds now bearing fruit


TX Medical Board takes on10 abortion cases


Two abortion clinic employees plead guilty to murder


Outrage: Christians are being driven from the Middle East by persecution


Planned Parenthood brings ‘webcam’ abortions to Minnesota


J. Cole's 'Lost Ones' Video About Abortion Lauded for 'Truthfulness'


Mothers of Rape Conceived to be Honored as Heroes at Nat'l Gala


Largest-Ever Pro-Life Campaign Under Way Worldwide


Toddler's Abortion Survival Photo, Inspired by '180 Movie,' Goes Viral

- Pro-life documentary ‘180’ gaining national attention


Ministry Hands Out Pro-Life '180' DVDs to 200,000 College Students

- Pro-Life Evangelists Push '180 Movie' to 1 Million Views

- FL Church Displays 4,000 Crosses, Promotes '180 Movie'

'180': What could make 'pro-choicers' do U-turn in seconds?

- 180 Film Turns Opinions Around Regarding Abortion

- The 180 Film


Experts warn RFID risks outweigh benefits


Must-See Video of Pro-Lifer Jon Scharfenberger in Action


Sebelius-directed Kansas agency destroyed key records in criminal case against Planned Parenthood


Internat'l court makes pro-life ruling


Oklahoma judge prevents abortion law from going into effect


Hatch: Obamacare Would Force Employers to Provide Abortifacients


Pro-Family Leaders Question Double-Standard on Hate Crimes


Phill Kline: Punished for Truth and Life

- Kansas ethics panel wants Plnnd Prnthd prosecutor Kline to lose law license


Sebelius' Health Dept Destroyed Evidence in 2005 Re Planned Parenthd


VIDEO: Planned Parenthood security assaults cop


Where public stands on abortion protocol


Convincing images, sounds of life on Capital


Queen’s cousin: there is no such thing as a ‘right’ to abortion

- Catholic Charities withdraws from state funding

- Lord already answering pro-life prayers


MEXICO: Court upholds provision saying life begins at conception


‘The day I died’: dramatic ‘death’ and recovery of pro-life activist Melanie Pritchard


Conference to Explore Spiritual and Emotional Healing after Abortion


Adoption Option: curriculum educates students about abortion alternative


I went to get my hair done - and saved a baby from abortion instead!


Wisconsin Abortions Decline 9 Percent, Pro-Lifers Applaud


Video facts and logic becoming abortionists' nightmare

- Milwaukee Conference Draws Intern'l Speakers to Explore Spiritual, Emotional Healing after Abortion


1st Amend't Action Against Austin for Violating Rights of Pregnancy Centers

- Women Grateful for REAL Choice Tell Congress: 'Pregnancy Centers are Good'


Video Interview with Julia Holcomb -- Mother of Aborted Child of Aerosmith Singer Steve Tyler


UN Officials Wrong. No Right to Abortion. New Expert Document Issued at UN


Attorneys Oppose Gov't Mandate for Insurance Coverage of Abortion Drugs


New Hampshire protests funding of Planned Parenthood


Niece of MLK: Pro-Abortion Genocide & Destruction of Parent Rights


Father launches website to warn of dangers associated with ‘abortion pill’


Ohio Abortion Numbers Decline for 10th Year, Hit Record Low


The Deadly Logic of Abortion in Court


Putting abortion in past, focusing on life


California Disciplines Two Abortionists: Revokes One, Suspends Another


Obama directs dollars to abortion business


VA board OKs stiff rules for abortions


Pro-life group proves its point


Kansas 'Rodeo Exception' Claimed Unborn's Life

- Abortion battle returns to Wichita


Father Pavone: No One Needs Permission to Do Pro-Life Work


Dedicated anti-abortion priest reassigned


Young pro-life nurse took on a pro-abortion university…and won


CNN Poll: 62% Want All or Most Abortions Made Illegal


History Making on Capitol Hill - 'Live' Ultrasounds on Pregnant Moms taking place in U.S. Capitol Bldg


Boycott List Identifies Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood


Shock: 56% of Abortions in New York City are Repeat Abortions


‘Miraculous’ circumstances surround Mexico’s Sanctuary of the Unborn


Major Study Links Suicide and Mental Health Problems to Abortion


On 23rd anniversary of her abortion, she warns others of side effects, regrets


Personal Prison Prepared for Forced Abortion Opponent Chen


Mississippi Personhood Amend't Wins Supreme Court Battle


Personhood Ohio Seeks to Stop All Abortions Statewide


'Heartbeat bill' making way in Sunflower State


Britain Considering Pre-Abortion Counseling, Could Cut Abortions


Florida County Yanks $500K for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz


Obama cracks down on peaceful protests of abortion clinics...


Report Proves Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks, Hispanics


Judge Strikes Down Texas Ultrasound Requirement


Study: Birth Control Not Stopping Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions


Draft regulations for Va. abortion clinics could lead some to close, operators say


Komen Gave $569K to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in 2010

- Who Is Funding Planned Parenthood?


UNFPA Accused of Ignoring Sex-Selection Abortions


Pro-Life Mov't Winning; 5 Reasons Why


Abortion death reported at NM clinic; state officials resist investigation


Culture of Death grows: war declared on crisis pregnancy centers


Ethics lesson: ‘Reducing’ twins


Florida Gov. Scott signs ultrasound mandate, 3 more pro-life bills


8 New Abortion Tapes Reveal Causalities, Callousness, Cover-up


Youth from Around World to Gather in LA for Inter'l Pro-life Youth Conference


Planned Parenthood to End Abortions in 3 AZ Cities


This Isn't Meddling – It's Murder


Abortion Abatement


Pro-abortion 'Baptist' caught in untruths


Abortionist admits babies at times born alive, left ‘wiggling around in toilet’


Invisible Infants: Moral, Pragmatic Cost of Abortion and 65 mil Missing People?


Santorum: Why Do We Protect Rapist from Execution, But Not Unborn Child?


Pro-life views on the upswing in U.S.


Abortion drug as dangerous to mom as to baby


Christian Group Exposes Scandal at TX Abortion Clinics


Famous Pro-Eugenic Researcher Manipulated His Research


Tele-med Abortions No Route to Making Abortion Either Safe or Rare


The high cost of being an anti-abortion attorney


Britain’s youngest premie dodges abortion, now healthy, going home


Abortion drugs among ObamaCare's free contraceptives

- Related: HSS: Insurers Must Give Free Birth Control

- Religious Groups Fear Health Law's Birth Control Loophole Too Narrow


Four More Texas Abortionists Face Discipline for Violations Uncovered by Operation Rescue


Aborted babies provide majority of fetal tissue in American medical research


States implement record number of abortion restriction laws in 2011


Pro-lifers fight for free speech in OH


Pro-Life Activities Extend as Late-Term Abortionist Carhart Doors stay Closed

- Related: Amid Ongoing Investigations, Carhart Closes Clinic for the Week as Summer of Mercy 2.0 Intensifies


Defunding Plnd Prnthd Constitutional


Judge blocks Kan. law defunding Planned Parenthood


Bishops Steer Parishes Away From Komen Over Abortion


Houston’s Cardinal DiNardo opposes mandatory birth control coverage


Gallup: majority of Americans support new pro-life laws


Number One Killer of Blacks Exposed


Former abortion clinic worker breaks silence, speaks out for life


A secret weapon against abortion


HLI Condemns 'Blatant Persecution' of Austrian Pro-Lifers


Kansas Pro-life Group Releases Report Analyzing Pro-life Strategy


WH threatens state over Planned Parenthood funding


New video reveals secret funding of abortions


Good News of Support for Blind Champion of Life; Chen Guangcheng


Guess who headlined a pro-life fundraiser in Ohio: The Beach Boys


UK eugenic abortion stats released – thousands killed for Downs, cleft lip, club foot, etc.


Video: Black abortions said to be epidemic


Poll: Bipartisan Support for Informed, Parental Consent Abortion Laws


Company Using Aborted Fetal Cells in Flavors Shields Partners


Moscow Demographic Summit Demands Gov'ts Adopt 'Pro-Family Dmgrph Policy'


Obama admin takes elderly pro-life sidewalk counselor to court


With intern'l adoptions harder to process, outcome can be heartbreak, or worse


20 yrs of Planned Parenthood abusing women detailed in new report


Chuck Colson: Missing Women - How Abortion Fuels the Sex Trade


Setting the record straight: Violence from Pro-Abortion advocates


Prayerful petition of new abortion capital


Marketing Tactics Used to Increase Abortion Pressure


FDA confirms RU-486 abortion drug kills


Map: Record Number of State Abortion Laws in 2011


Fed'l judge: NY law regulating pregnancy care centers ‘offensive to free speech’


Health of China's Blind 'Forced Abortion' Foe in Jeopardy ( Guangcheng Video)


Americans United for Life has case against Planned Parenthood


Failed abortion births 'proud survivor'


Planned Parenthood merger to expand 'telemed' abortion


Historic Polish bill to ban all abortion clears first vote 254-151


Researchers Ask Fed'l Court to Ban Fed'l Funding of Human Embryos Research


Web Site Documents 'Pro-Choice' Violence


New report from Americans United for Life reveals truth about Planned Parenthood


Chris Christie vetoes state funding for Planned Parenthood – again


SD Officials Weigh Options After Judge Blocks Abortion Law


Abortion Supporter Bloodies Peaceful Pro-Life Activist in Violent Beating


Disturbing 911 Call Dramatically Confirms Abortion Dangers


NBPLC Releases New EPIDEMIC Video at


The Beginning of Life


Gov Christie Line Item Vetoes $7.5M for Plnd Prnthd Family Planning Clinics


Unlicensed, Unregulated, Uninspected - and Very Dangerous


Pregnancy Resource Center opens Across Street from dangerous Abortion Clinic


YouTube re-posts pro-life videos


Pro-lifers' streak of state wins continues


Citizen-led Campaign Advances No Exceptions Abortion Ban in Poland


Abortion warning labels


Six States Proceed With Abortion Ban


TX votes to defund Planned Parenthood


Taxpayer Defunding of Planned Parenthood Nears $60.4 Mil


Fed'l Judge: Life Begins at Conception: Plnd Prthd's Request Denied


Tough Pro-Life Law Forcing Ind. Abortion Clinics to Close


Kansas Abortion Clinic Denied License


NC Gov Vetoes Bill on Abortion Restrictions


Wisc on its way to defunding abortions


Vatican invests $1 million in adult stem cell research


1000's At Ottawa Anti-Abortion Rally


New Law Could Make Kansas 1st Abortion-Free State; Inspections Begin


Forced Abortion in China -- Activist's Wife Cries for Help


TX Authorities Say Abortion Clinic Broke Law, Verified Op Rescue Findings


Pro-life billboards forced down in L.A.


Billboard Campaign Exposes Planned Parenthood


Chicago Trib Investigation Exposes Corruption in IL State Abortion Records


Russians Adopt U.S. Tactics in Opposing Abortion


'Bringing America Back to Life' Annual Nat'l Right to Life Returns to Florida


IL Appellate Court Reverses Trial Crt Decision Upholding Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995


NC votes to defund Planned Parenthood


The New Pro-Life Surge


Christian sacked after abortion leaflet row


Notre Dame Trustee Quits After Criticism of Pro-Abortion Donations


Man Faces Lawsuit for Billboard on Girlfriend’s Abortion


Baby born after being saved from coerced abortion through texting


New Video from Personhood USA Asks 'Pro-life? What is it?'


Baby born after being saved from coerced abortion through texting


ARTL Supporting LA Personhood Bill


Detailed study shows Millennials share parents’ complicated view on abortion


Care Net Joins Baltimore Pregnancy Center as Battle Heats Up in SF


Alabama Senate Votes to Protect Pain-Capable Unborn Children


Sweeping Pro-Life Provisions Go Into Effect in Indiana

- Indiana Planned Parenthood Defunding Is Rejected by Judge

- Indiana Will Defy Obama Admin Order to Not De-Fund Planned Parenthood

- Gov't, Planned Parenthood vs. Indiana

- Judge allows Indiana to cut Planned Parenthood funding

- Indiana Ready to Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funds


Threats become reality for WY pro-lifers


'Personhood' amendment fights for survival in court


Nat'l Right to Life Annual Convention to be Held in Jacksonville, Florida


Mississippi Personhood Amend't 26 Kicks Off 'Conceived in Rape' Tour


'Jane Roe' tells her story


Pro-Life Groups: Boycott Pepsi for Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines


Pepsi Ignores Criticism on Use of Aborted Cells in Research


You Are Funding Forced Abortions in China through UNFPA


Planned Parenthood sues South Dakota over abortion law


Pro-Life Groups Call for Pepsi Boycott Over Aborted Fetal Cell Lines


Historic Abortion Ban Passes Alabama Senate


Defunding abortuaries not OK with feds


'Sweet home' a little safer for unborn


NARAL Video Reveals Nat'l Strategy to Shut Down Urban Pregnancy Centers


MTV Pulls Pro-Life Commercials Off Air, keeps Planned Parenthood Partnership


RU486/ Patterson: the death of my daughter Holly shed light on the dangers of medical abortion


Gallup: 61 Percent Say All or Most Abortions Should Be Illegal


Perry signs abortion sonogram bill into law


Brent Bozell: ABC'S Partial-Birth Hero


Video Parody of Scarlett Johansson Supporting Planned Parenthood in KKK Robe is Released Via Social Network


National Right to Life Responds to Latest Guttmacher Report


Personhood USA and Filipino Family Values Call for More Signatures in Opposition to 'Reproductive Health Law'


Schools arrange secret abortions




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