Oregon county erects 'In God We Trust' plaque after debate


Christian Lives Matter


Court hears ex-Marine’s religious freedom case


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Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America

- Billy Graham: Now is time for 'fresh awakening'

- Billy Graham Makes Case for Existence of Christ for Those Who Doubt


World News

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US News


Planned Parenthood’s definitely not happy Ted Cruz picked a pro-life woman as running mate


Tennessee appeals federal judge’s order for recount of 2014 voter-backed pro-life amendment


Oklahomans Vote Whether to Return 10 Commandments to Capitol


Trump reiterates support for transgender bathroom agenda, but says it’s a state issue


WATCH: Congressman says probe showed Planned Parenthood ran ‘Amazon.com of baby body parts’


Appeals court rules that teenagers have a right to use opposite sex’s showers, locker rooms


Kansas Supreme Court to decide if abortion is a fundamental ‘right’

- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Both Abortion Extremists


Planned Parenthood CEO says women voting for Cruz ‘is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders’

- Obama admin warns states that defunding Planned Parenthood violates federal law

- Gvmt agency will investigate how US taxpayers are supporting Planned Parenthood’s abortion business


Utah Gov. to Sign Legislation Declaring Porn a 'Public Health Hazard'


Obama admin admits it doesn’t need to force Little Sisters to provide contraceptives

- New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Sympathetic Toward Little Sisters of the Poor Fight against Government Health Mandate


Donald Trump's Daughter: My Father Supported My Jewish Conversion


NC Gov. Amends ‘Bathroom Bill’ to Allow Private Establishments to Set Own Rules


Trump Cites Favorite Bible Verse: 'an Eye for an Eye'


South Carolina Gov says state doesn’t need bathroom privacy or religious liberty protections


Planned Parenthood Says Ted Cruz is 'Biggest Threat' to Abortion Industry


Israel Hosts Joint Workshop with U.S. on Preventing Nuclear Terror


CA AG Facing Criticism in Confiscation of Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos


Ted Cruz takes stand against abortion after rape: Go after the rapist, don’t kill the baby


Ted Cruz’s Faith: What Does He Really Believe?


'We Are In World War III,' Frank Wolf Says of Spreading Islamic Terrorism


Why Mississippi's Passage of Religious Freedom Bill is So Important to America


These Federal Agencies Are Stepping Up Protection of Religious Freedoms


Evangelical Trump-Supporters Falwell, Huckabee, Jeffress Leading 'Crack Up' of Christian Right, Michael Cromartie Says


House Speaker Paul Ryan to Israel's Knesset: "We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With You"


Sen. Cruz handily defeats Trump in Wisconsin primary


Arizona gov. signs ban on sale of aborted babies’ organs


Obama Publishes Faith-Based Org. Rules Aimed at Protecting Religious Freedom


TN Senate Committee Votes to Make Bible State's Official Book


Evangelicals Least Engaged in Presidential Election, Study Finds




Florida defunds Planned Parenthood, bans sale of aborted babies’ organs


New Kansas Law Allows Faith College Groups to Restrict Members to 'Like-Minded' Believers


U.S. Gov't Admits Released Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Have Killed Americans


Sen. Tom Cotton Says U.S. Has 'Moral Imperative' to Help Christians and Other Minorities Targeted by ISIS


North Carolina gov. signs bill overturning Charlotte ‘gender identity’ ordinance


Supreme Court to Hear Cases of Religious Groups Who Object to Obamacare Contraception Mandate

- Little Sisters Waging Big Fight at Supreme Court

- SCOTUS to Obama admin: Why are you ‘hijacking’ nuns’ health plan to offer contraceptives?


Utah Senate: Pornography is an Official Public Health Crisis


Bernie Sanders Criticizes Israel for Violence against Palestinians


Senate Resurrects Late-Term Abortion Debate


Kansas Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Religious Freedom of College Faith Groups


Jeb Bush endorses Cruz in Republican race


Idaho Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Bible in Public Schools


ND Democrat gubernatorial candidate: I’m pro-life but I regret voting for North Dakota’s heartbeat bill


Left Wing Job Offers: Rent-A-Mob


John Kerry, Barack Obama at Odds on ISIS 'Genocide' Declaration?


Obama Supreme Court Nominee Rejected Evangelical Religious Freedom Defense in 2001

- Obama’s SCOTUS nominee sided against Priests for Life in ObamaCare religious liberty case


South Dakota governor signs bill forcing abortionists to tell moms chemical abortion is reversible

- South Dakota's Gov. Signs Fourth Pro-Life Measure, Mandating Full Disclosure of Facts to Women Seeking Abortions


Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Vote for 'Candidates Who Uphold Biblical Principles'


Obama admin declares ISIS attacks on Christians a ‘genocide’


Election Campaign Makes Some Evangelicals Reject Name


Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign After Trump Wins Florida


Clintons presided over population control plan to keep black Haitians from ‘breeding’: Left-wing website


Nancy Reagan Remembered for Devotion to ‘Ronnie’


Do Evangelicals Have a Home in the GOP in the Age of Trump?


House: ISIS committing genocide against Christians, other minorities


Tennessee House Passes Measure Opposing Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Decision


Trump Rally Comes Dangerously Close to Trump Riot – Anger breeds more anger


Joel Osteen - in his continuing mischaracterization of Scripture - encourages People to 'Overlook Things Done Wrong' in Presidential Campaigns


Is Donald Trump Like Cyrus From the Bible?


Georgia House passes bill to give pro-life women’s centers up to $2 million a year


Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump for President


Ex-official claims Clinton allies scrubbed Benghazi documents in secret session


Saeed Abedini Shares Letter from President Obama, Thanking Him for 'Unyielding Faith'


Exit Poll Religion Questions Confuse and Mislead, Critics Say


Carly Fiorina endorses ‘true conservative’ Ted Cruz


White House Again Refuses to Call ISIS' Slaughter of Christians 'Genocide': 'Determination Has Not Been Reached'


BREAKING: South Dakota passes four major pro-life bills


Netanyahu Cancels Visit to D.C., Straining U.S.-Israeli Relations


FL Senate Passes Bill Allowing Churches to Refuse to Marry Same-Sex Couples


Ben Carson Leaves Campaign Trail to Mobilize Christians to Vote


Super Saturday: Ted Cruz Wins Two States: Declares He's Best to Stop Trump


You Blew It, Kasich, Move Aside


US Congress scolds UN rights chief for exploiting Zika to push abortion


United Cry DC16 Calls on 30,000 Christian Leaders to Pray for America's Future Together in Washington


South Dakota governor vetoes bill keeping boys out of girls’ bathrooms


Trump Wins Big among Nominal Evangelicals, Less so among Most Devout


All conservatives agree: Stop harassing Christian bakers, florists, and wedding planners


CPAC allows LGBTQ group as sponsor for first time, risks pro-family backlash


Carson steps back from campaign


Trump praises Planned Parenthood again, slams ‘so-called conservatives’ who disagree


Asian Religious Leaders Chastise Obama for Cozying up to Foreign Leaders with a Long History of Human Rights Abuses


Prominent Evangelical Leaders Won't Drop Cruz for Rubio, Tony Perkins Says


Donald Trump Is a Scam. Evangelical Voters Should Back Away (CP Editorial)


Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry Acquitted of Felony Charges


10-YEAR SILENCE IS BROKEN After a decade of no questions, Justice Thomas speaks on gun case


Donald Trump Declares He Is Not Pro-Israel

- Donald Trump Supporters: You're Being Duped!


GOP officially sides with pro-family advocates against bathroom bills


Trump’s rise signals the death of the ‘Moral Majority’


Kasich Tells Christian Bakers Who Refuse Gay Wedding to 'Move On,' 'Make Them a Cupcake'


Nevada Caucuses 2016 Results Update: Trump Wins GOP Race, Rubio Leads Cruz for 2nd


What's Ahead After Losing Justice Scalia? 5 Questions


Ben Carson Says Obama Was 'Raised White,' Can't Identify With Black Experience


Hillary Clinton Recites Hymn at Black Gospel Award Show


Trump's Church Slams His Immigration Policies


Cruz Campaign Apologizes for Claiming Marco Rubio Renounced Christianity


Marco Rubio Stops to Pray for Elderly Man Who Collapses at Campaign Rally (Video)


Congress Issues Subpoenas in Fetal Tissue Industry Investigation


Donald Trump Appeals to Prosperity Preachers Because They Love the World, Says Expert


In Life and Death, Scalia Changed the Supreme Court

- Socialism Is 'Death to Christian Virtue,' Scalia Said


Judge Orders California Pregnancy Centers to Give Abortion Info




Trump wins SC GOP, Clinton wins Dem Nevada


Kasich promises to leave gay ‘marriage’ in place, fight ‘discrimination’ as president


Kentucky governor sues Planned Parenthood, alleging 23 illegal abortions


NY’s Gov. Cuomo prepares to ban therapy for youth with unwanted same-sex attraction


Obama Proposes Cutting Funding for Abstinence Education

- Obama Will Not be Attending Scalia's Funeral


Chicago Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter Rejects White House Invite


West Virginia Senate Passes Bill That Would Ban Dismemberment Abortions

- WI Gov. Scott Walker Signs Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood


'Hookers for Hillary,' Legal Prostitutes Campaign for Clinton in Nevada


How Scalia’s Death Affects Key Cases before the Supreme Court This Year


Ted Cruz Vows to Filibuster an Obama Supreme Court Appointee to Replace Justice Scalia


Donald Trump: Victim of a Most Serious Deception?


Georgia passes bill to protect pastors from forced participation in gay ‘marriages’


Justice Antonin Scalia's Death: Is America Under God's Judgment?


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at 79


Cruz and Rubio Say They Do Not Support Women Being Drafted for Combat


Clinton and Sanders commit to fund abortion worldwide by gutting the Helms amendment


Kentucky Senate Committee Passes Bill to Protect Religious Freedom of County Clerks


Congress subpoenas StemExpress, notorious late-term abortion facility in body parts investigation


Chelsea Clinton: I left the Baptist church at age 6 because it was pro-life


Sanders: It’s ‘hypocrisy’ for Republicans to oppose abortion (video)


Presidential Candidates: What Will You Do About Worldwide Persecution of Christians?


Evangelicals Favored Donald Trump, Ted Cruz in New Hampshire Primary


Purdue University: We won’t fire staff member who said he’d rape pro-lifer


Christie, Fiorina suspend 2016 campaigns


Ted Cruz's Father Calls on Americans to Vote for Judeo-Christian Principles in New Book


The unravelling of Chris Christie


Obama Ordered Agents to Delete Records of Muslims With Terror Ties, Whistleblower Claims


Ted Cruz Says Christie, Bush, Rubio's Support for Drafting Women 'Immoral'


Eric Teetsel to Evangelicals: Rubio Supports Your Issues, More Electable Than Cruz


Aborting Rape-Conceived Babies Called 'Sweet Spot,' 'Act of Self Defense' by Jeb Bush, Chris Christie at GOP Debate


Donald Trump Helps Women Break Marital Vows; Why Trust Him to Keep Campaign Promises?


Nancy Pelosi Invokes Prophet Muhammad at National Prayer Breakfast, Compares Islam and Christianity


HHS Cannot Account for Thousands of Migrant Children


Joni Eareckson Tada Endorses Marco Rubio for President


Jeb Bush’s campaign attacks Cruz, Rubio as too pro-life (VIDEO)

- Rubio responds to Bush Super PAC’s plan to attack him as too pro-life


RUNNER-UP DRAMA: Trump blasts Iowa 'fraud'; Sanders mulls challenge


Obama makes 1st official visit to US mosque, calls for tolerance

- Obama Visits Mosque to Send Pointed Message to Non-Muslims


Sources: Santorum to suspend 2016 presidential campaign


Rand Paul suspends his presidential campaign


House Fails to Override Obama's Veto of Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill


Cruz wins Iowa GOP caucuses; Clinton, Sanders race too close to call


Record turnout recorded at Iowa Republican caucuses


Huckabee, O'Malley suspend presidential bids following Iowa caucuses


26 Iowa Pastors, National Evangelical Leaders Endorse Marco Rubio Days Before Iowa Caucus


Ben Carson Responds to Atheist Question: 'Everybody, Including Atheists Live According to Their Faith'


Trump Represents Everything Opposite to Christianity


Donald Trump Puts Money in Communion Plate, Says He 'Thought It Was for Offering'


Obama Admin Gave Immigrant Children to Human Traffickers, Senate Report Finds


Hillary Clinton Email Scandal 'Very Serious,' Says Bernie Sanders


Cruz’s Evangelical Pastor Father Helping Him Gain Votes among Conservative Christians


Chris Christie is ‘misleading Iowans’ on support for religious liberty: critic


Only 4 Percent of Pastors Favor Trump for President, LifeWay Survey Finds


Exclusive: Carly Fiorina’s campaign reacts to calls to indict her for talking about Planned Parenthood videos


Trump Uses Bible Reference out of Context While Explaining Boycott of Debate


12 Christian Post Questions to Candidates:

- Jeb Bush Answers 12 Christian Post Questions for Every Presidential Candidate

- Ben Carson Answers 12 Christian Post Questions for Every Presidential Candidate

- Marco Rubio Answers 12 Christian Post Questions for Every Presidential Candidate


‘Outrageous’: Fiorina rips Fox moderators for questioning Santorum’s pro-life record (video)


1 killed during arrest of Ammon Bundy, leader of Oregon standoff


'Duck Dynasty's' Willie and Phil Robertson Explain Split on Trump, Cruz Support


Trump Claims Well-Respected Iowa Evangelical Leader is 'Phony,' 'Bad Guy' for Endorsing Cruz


Liberty U Pres. Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Trump; Alumni 'Embarrassed,' 'Dissappointed'


Ben Carson Stands up for Christianity, Calls on Pastors to Endorse Him


Conservative Evangelical Author Matt Lewis on Trump, Evangelicals and Stupid Republicans


Supreme Court Takes Landmark Church-State Case


Trump's Liberty U Performance Was Insulting to Christians Everywhere


Blizzard delays House vote to override Obama’s veto of Planned Parenthood defunding


Abortionists think a baby ‘is only as good as the parts that can be sold from it’: Carly Fiorina to March for Life


FRC's Tony Perkins: 'Two Corinthians' Gaffe Proves Trump 'Isn't Familiar With the Bible'

- Trump Saying 'Two Corinthians' Doesn't Matter; His Heresy Does


Charisma News Founder Endorses Ted Cruz for President


Palin takes heat from veterans for using son's arrest, PTSD to criticize Obama


Oregon militia leader Bundy holds first talks with FBI


John McCain loses major GOP endorsement for saying he would vote to fund Planned Parenthood


Is Donald Trump Really Pro-Life?


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Celebrate Pastor Saeed's Release While Blasting Obama for Prisoner Swap that Brought Him Home


Liberty U Pres. Jerry Falwell Jr. Says Jesus-Follower Trump Like MLK and His Dad


Abortion and ‘New York values’ surface at GOP debate


‘He fits the bill’: Watch the Duck Dynasty patriarch’s hilarious endorsement for Ted Cruz


NY Daily Tells Ted Cruz 'Drop Dead' for Insulting City's Values


Embracing homosexuality is America’s future, Obama says in State of the Union

- Nikki Haley promises next GOP president will ‘respect’ gay ‘marriage’ in State of the Union response


Ben Carson: I’d take on Supreme Court over Roe v. Wade just like Lincoln did on Dred Scott


Hillary Clinton calls for taxpayer-funded abortions


The State of Our Union: America Needs a Great Spiritual Awakening

- Obama Breaks with Tradition in Final State of the Union Address, Targets Trump and Cruz


Nikki Haley promises next GOP president will ‘respect’ gay ‘marriage’ in State of the Union response


Pro-life congressman leaves empty seat at Obama’s SOTU in honor of ‘more than 55 million aborted babies’


House Speaker invites nuns at center of battle against Obama’s HHS mandate to State of the Union


Ranchers Occupy Oregon Wildlife Reserve to Defend Land-Use Rights


Atheist Goes to Court in Attempt to Have ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from Currency


California Case Could End Unregulated Surrogacy in U.S.


SCOTUS brief against HHS mandate defends Catholic education


Hillary Clinton tells Planned Parenthood: ‘I will always have your back’


EXCLUSIVE: Rick Warren Won't Endorse Marco Rubio Despite Joining His Advisory Board


Iran Violates Deal, Obama Fails to Act


Obama and Gun Control: Is There a Christian Perspective?


Marco Rubio Forms Religious Freedom Advisory Board With Rick Warren, Samuel Rodriguez


President Obama vetoes bill to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood


Justice Scalia: Claiming that the US Constitution imposes secularism is ‘absurd’


Ben Carson Clarifies Views on Hell, Rapture; Says Washington Post Story 'Total Garbage'




Ted Cruz to Supporters: 'Strap on the Full Armor of God'

- Ted Cruz’s dad rips political correctness: you’re either ‘pro-life or pro-murder’


Missouri Planned Parenthood CEO faces contempt charges, jail over aborted baby parts investigation

- Appeals Court rules Utah must continue funding Planned Parenthood

- Judge delays two Arkansas pro-life laws


Rancher family reports to prison, does not endorse Oregon siege


Ted Cruz: A Founding Father Returned?


Obama refuses to investigate Planned Parenthood


Does It Matter If the U.S. Calls ISIS Violence Against Christians 'Genocide'?


Ben Carson Rips Republicans for Funding Planned Parenthood, Supporting Refugees in Spending Bill


Judge: Catholic schools must hire people in gay ‘marriages’ for non-teaching positions


Franklin Graham: 2016 'Most Important Election in U.S. History'


House GOP says White House misled Congress with Bergdahl deal


State Dept. cannot find emails of Clinton IT staffer


Protesters block busy Chicago street, demand mayor resign as he apologizes for police shooting


ObamaCare to reduce workforce by 2 million jobs' worth of hours, CBO says


Defense Secretary Orders All Combat Positions Open to Women


Judge rejects Texas effort to block refugee resettlement


Franklin Graham and Donald Trump Both Call for Banning Muslims

- Trump says vow to bar Muslims 'is about security...not religion'

- Trump Receives Criticism From All Quarters for Proposal to Ban Muslims

- Trump under Fire for Saying Israel Needs to 'Sacrifice Certain Things'


U.S. Senate Passes Legislation to Repeal Obamacare and Defund Planned Parenthood


On Senate floor, Democrats tie Colorado Springs shooting to Planned Parenthood investigation


VIDEO: Lindsey Graham attacks Ted Cruz’s pro-life stance… and babies conceived in rape


Salt Lake City gives Planned Parenthood human rights award


Marco Rubio Gaining Support from Evangelical Pastors in Iowa


Ben Carson Launches 'Evangelical Rollout' after Poll Numbers Fall


Black Pastors Divided over Support of Trump


Marco Rubio Responds to Question about Seeking God's Guidance: 'God's Ways are Not Our Ways'


EU Pro-lifers Debunk Texas Study Claiming Increase in At-home Abortions


Trump Claims Black Pastors Were Pressured Not to Endorse Him


Rubio says SCOTUS didn’t ‘settle’ marriage issue: ‘God’s rules always win(Video)


'Politically incorrect' Georgia welcome sign stirs up major controversy


U.S. State Department Issues Travel Alert Due to Terrorism Threat


High Court to Consider State Abortion Law Case


House Passes Bill to Suspend Welcome of Refugees in U.S.


John Kasich Proposes Creation of New Agency to Promote Judeo-Christian Values


Princeton University to consider removing Woodrow Wilson mural after protesters' sit-in


Trump causes firestorm with Muslim registry remarks – but what did he really say?


DARREL SMITH: Founders built power limits into government


Pro-life Bill Could Reach Pro-abortion President


Carson Asks for Prayer for Rival, Trump






- If Benghazi’s No Scandal, Why a Cover-Up?

- Steve King: Obama's Benghazi Cover-up Is Worse Than Watergate

- BENGHAZI – THE BIGGEST COVER-UP SCANDAL IN U.S. HISTORY? – was Benghazi a CIA Gun-running operation for Muslim Brotherhood & other insurgents fighting in Syria? - Twelve years after 9/11, the enemy is the same in New York, Boston, Benghazi, or Damascus

- An American teacher killed in Benghazi strived to ‘treasure Christ above all things’

- U.S. Military: We Could Have Saved Ambassador Stevens

- Pat Smith has Mother's Day message for Hillary

- US Hired al-Qaida-Linked Group to Defend Benghazi Mission

- The Bipartisan Folly of Our Islam Delusion

- How Washington is pushing Islamic propaganda into local communities

- Obama Pushes Funds for Islamists —- Trashes Their Christian Victims



~ EMP ~



- Report: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage





~ EPA & BLM~


' - EPA Caught!'

- Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle


- Charles Hurt: EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

- Armed EPA raid in Alaska sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions





- Agent: I was ordered to let guns into Mexico

- Obama Blames Drugs For Violence In Mexico & America for upplying Guns & Using Drugs

- Border Patrol Agent: Napolitano Has No Idea What We Go Through

- 'Fast and Furious' called false flag against gun dealers





- Vote fraud as 'payback time'

- Report: Study reveals thousands of possible double voters in North Carolina

- Fraud: Local NBC Investigation Discovers Dozens of Illegal Voters in Florida

- Kansas, Arizona prevail in voter citizenship suit

- True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht: "Stunning Assault on Our Elections"

- 53,000 dead voters found in Florida

- Election Fraud: A new report from Fox

- Report: Florida voter fraud is real





- WATCH: George Will Demolishes Arguments for Common Core in Under Two Minutes

- Rebranding Common Core


- Mandatory Common Core tests in New York just happen to be full of corporate brand names

- The Troubles with Common Core

- Common Core's Dirtiest Trick: Dividing Parents and Children

- Teacher Slams Core in Resignation Letter

- Students, teachers, parents lash out at Common Core standardized test

- Thousands of parents pull kids from NY tests

- Sixth Graders' Common Core Homework: Remove Two Rights from Bill of Rights

- Pushing Back Against ARCC/Achieve Inc. Common Core Lobbyists

- Common Core: Anatomy of a Failure

- A quiet coup ratchets up propaganda quotient in education with Advanced Placement exams

- Common Core Marketing Overlords

- Bradlee Dean exposes education schemes harming America's youth

- Study: Common Core Standards Will Have Little to No Impact on Student Achievement

- Common Core: Big Business Steps Up Fight Against Activist Moms

- Chamber Targets Conservatives With Pro-Common Core Campaign

- Put the Sex Back in Sex Ed


- Common Core’s Little Green Soldiers




- At the heart of Common Core: Parents don't decide child's education

- Video: North Carolina Lt. Gov.'s Epic Takedown of Common Core


- Biggest Teachers Union Slams Common Core

- Common Core: How The Left Will Grow Its Power in America's Schools

- High cost of Common Core has states rethinking national education standards

- Panelist at Podesta Think Tank on Common Core: 'The Children Belong to All of Us'

- Core Killing Nation's Great Literature


- Obama minions could school your kids

- Common Core Sexualizes School Children

- Common Core education standards get legislative scrutiny

- Test Scores Plummet After New York Adopts Common Core Standards

- HSLDA Releases Common Core Documentary

- Indiana withdrawing from Common Core

- Why Parents 'Paranoid' About Common Core

- Teachers' Union Leader Slams 'Completely Botched' Common Core

- Public Schools Interested in Ken Ham/Bill Nye Debate on Creationism vs. Evolution

- Some states rebrand controversial Common Core education standards

- School Choice & Common Core: Mortal Enemies





- The Coming Two-Tier Health System

- House Report: Just 2.5 Million Have Paid Obamacare Premium


- Valerie Jarrett to Hollywood: Shill for ObamaCare in Your Scripts

- How Matt Drudge (and Other Obamacare Victims) Can Escape the “Liberty Tax”

Fed'l court says Obamacare built on quicksand



- Did Justice Kagan embarrass herself during the Hobby Lobby oral arguments?


- Coffey: Justices Won't Dodge Religious Rights in Contraceptive Case

- Healthcare Mandate vs. Christian Alternative That's Exploding as Deadline Nears

- Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green stands on faith against Obamacare mandate

- CURL: We overhauled U.S. health care — to insure 4.2 million people?

- Defiant Americans: A Third of Uninsured Refuse to Buy Obamacare

- Devastating: 90% of Uninsured Haven't Signed Up For Obamacare, Most Cite High Costs






- Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying Machine

- Intel Chief Clapper: NSA Poked Into Americans' Email, Calls

- US police departments conduct warrantless spying on citizens

- How the NSA Can Use Metadata to Predict Your Personality (And a Lot More)

- How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware


- NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

- NSA revelations: A timeline of what's come out since Snowden leaks began

- NSA Phone-Records Spying Said to Violate Rules for Years

- NSA uses supercomputers to crack Web encryption, files show

- Move over NSA, you got nothin' on the DEA

- God, the NSA and Us: Thoughts on Domestic Spying

- Phone Sex, Banks & Google for Emails: The NSA Spying Is Bigger Than Verizon

- NSA admits listening to U.S. phone calls without warrants


- NSA taps in to internet giants' systems to mine user data, secret files reveal (How helpful would this information be if it were leaked to a campaign?)

- CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

- Rand Paul: The Orwellian Future Is Now

- Yes, NSA has content of phone calls, emails

- Power Scandals: Abuse of Information Systems for Political Gain

- License plate locations tracked, details stored

- Government could use metadata to map your every move

- The implications of selling databases based on phone numbers


- Noonan: Privacy Isn't All We're Losing

- 5 blunt thoughts on growing surveillance state

- Report: Mosques exempt from gov’t surveillance

- U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms



Lois Lerner Told Republican in 1996: “Promise me You Will Never Run Again, and We’ll Drop This (FEC) Case”

- Lois Lerner to 1996 U.S. Senate Candidate Al Salvi: "We'll get you!"





- IRS agents’ testimony: NO progressive groups were targeted by IRS

- IRS target: Scandal pointing to Obama

- Tax Freedom Day® 2014 is April 21, Three Days Later Than Last Year

- Americans Say 75% of Politicians Are Corrupted, 70% Use Political Power to Hurt Enemies


- IRS Targeting: This Woman's Congressional Testimony is Going Viral

- IRS audits 10% of Tea Party donors




- MRC: Big Three guilty of media blackout on IRS scandal




- Collapse: WH Issues Blanket Waiver to Individual Mandate Tax Through 2016

- Study finds IRS suppression of Tea Party swung 2012 election

- The long line of conservatives targeted by IRS

- IRS Agent Telling Non-Profit To Keep Faith To Themselves

- IRS Could Revoke Non-Profit Status for Religious Institutions over Same-Sex Marriage



- IRS Official: We are "Close" to Auditing Churches Again

- Dozens of Tea Party Groups File Massive Lawsuit Against IRS

- ACLJ Flooded With New IRS Discrimination Cases

- House committee looks into IRS seizure of 60 million medical records

- IRS Agent Telling Non-Profit To Keep Faith To Themselves

- IRS-Gate: Join the Call for Special Counsel


- IRS Also Targeted Religious, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Groups

- The IRS also went after religious, pro-life, and pro-marriage groups

- IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly

- Tea Party Groups Hit IRS with Federal Lawsuit

- Lawsuit: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI Probed Tea Party Group

- Pro-Israel groups felt wrath of Obama IRS, WFB investigation reveals

- Gibson Guitar and the Politics of Persecution

- New class opf people identified as IRS enemies

- What can gov't snoops get by with?

- IRS to America: Your Emails are Ours

- Agent: IRS's anti-conservatism about right

- Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?

- The Liberal Union Behind the IRS

- True Scandal: True the Vote

- IRS asked pro-life group about 'the content of their prayers'

- IRS stalled conservative groups, but gave speedy approval to Obama foundation

- Congress Receives Irrefutable Evidence of IRS Harassment of Pro-Life Organizations

- IRS Official in Targeting Scandal Now Overseeing Obamacare Unit

- IRS Harassed Pro-Life Leaders from Pharmacists For Life Int'l

- The IRS scandal puts the spotlight back on a political movement many had written off

- IRS Victims Include Pro-Life Advocates, As Congress Investigates

- Family Talk founder James Dobson says IRS targeted 'tea party,' 'Constitution' & 'Christian'

- Franklin Graham: IRS targeted us, too

- IRS tells pro-life ministry to promote abortion

- The IRS admits to ‘targeting’ conservative groups, but were they also ‘leaking’?

- Trad'l marriage group says IRS leaked its confidential files too





- Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent,' Sheriff Joe Arpaio says

- Obama probe finds 'nat'l security threat'

- Oblivious to the Obvious: Proof the Birth Certificate is fake is easy for you to see


The Vetting: Immigration records missing for week of Obama's birth

- Investigation finds Probable Cause: Why Obama's Birth Certificate Matters

- The Vetting: Meet Obama's Catholic Mentor, Father Michael Pfleger

- What Mailman Knows re Ayers & Obama

- Explain Obama bow to Saudi King Abdullah

- Ayers: I wrote 'Dreams from my Father'

- The Vetting: Bill Ayers' Semi-Fiction






Popular Game Is on a Mission to Teach ‘Constitutional Literacy’


Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast...link to share


Franklin Graham Says 'Sin-Sickened' America Must Repent

"Averting a Spiritual Cliff' by Franklin Graham

- Senate chaplain's prayer: Save the country from itself


Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith


A Political Glossary Part IV - Addressing laws such as ICWA


Rare Footage of Pres. Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

- Reagan's 'Sign Of The Cross Speech'


Should Christians be in politics?

 - Our Citizenship: Social Activism

- The Mount Vernon Statement

- SIGN the Manhattan Declaration



World News


UK city asks parents to let four-year-olds pick their own gender


UK honors Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday


Al-Qaeda Kills 16 at Beach Resort in Ivory Coast


ISIS Burns Hundreds of Christian Books in Mosul


Christians in Indonesia Suffering Persecution from Muslims


Persecuted Christians in India Call on the Government for Fair Treatment


British Evangelicals Fear Government Restrictions of Religion


Supreme Court Ruling in Pakistan Gives Christians Hope


Palestinian Rioters Set Fire to Joseph's Tomb in West Bank


Christian Broadcasting Studio Raided in Egypt


Three Christians Arrested in India and Accused of Converting Locals


Christians in Syria Struggle to Survive amid Terrors


Court Ruling in Argentina Spurs Prosecution of Aggression against Church


Court in Sudan Rules Government Interfered with Church


Europe’s Refugee Crisis Stirs Consciences, but Responses Vary


Church Leaders in China Detained after They Re-erect Crosses on Churches


Islamic State Issues 11 Mandates for Captured Syrian Town


Belarus Cracks Down on Evangelical Churches with Recent Raids


Religious Freedom a ‘Reality’ in Recovering Central African Republic;


Boko Haram Has Killed up to 8,000 Nigerian Christians, Pastor Says


45 Suspected Human Trafficking Victims Rescued in Indonesia


Nepali Constitution Could Render Christianity Illegal


Communists Close Blessed-Historic 'Gay Month'


Sex trafficking and forced marriages flourish under China’s one-child policy




Where Are the China Hawks?


Getting a Handle on Boko Haram


What about Ireland's churches?




China’s Anti-Corruption Agency Warns Dangers of Christianity, Religion to Communist Party Elite


Despite Crackdown, Christians Now Outnumber Communists in China




Catholic Church Faces Murky Future After Same-Sex Marriage Vote in Ireland







Turkey’s Erdogan slams nations recognizing Armenian genocide





- Taliban Not Okay w/Girls Learning to Read, Okay w/Blowing Them Up









Christian Persecution


(Below Ministry & Missions - click here)


Ministry & Missions


The Entire Bible will be Read Aloud May 1-5 on Steps of U.S. Capitol in the 27th Annual U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon


U2 Singer Bono to Release Film about The Psalms with Bible Translator Eugene Peterson


NFL Great Rosey Grier is on Mission to Bring God's Love and Forgiveness to Middle East


Abby Johnson to Georgetown: Pray for Cecile Richards because no one is beyond conversion


Christian Support Groups and Churches Influential in Overcoming Addiction


Singer Bono and Author Eugene Peterson Teaming Up to Make Film about the Psalms


Hundreds of Formerly Antagonistic Hindus Turning to Christ


Thousands Gather for Revival in the Heart of Egypt, Despite Threats


Faith-Based Groups Rush to Help Quake-Stricken Ecuador


Following Ecuador's Massive Quake, Compassion International Going Door-to-Door, Checking on Sponsored Children, Helping Others


Todd Starnes on the "Jesus Lunch" Controversy: "Don't Mess With a Bunch of Moms Armed With Homemade Brownies"


AS 70 years ago - German Pastor Persecuted for Boldly Preaching the Gospel


3 Ways You Can Honor Your Aging Parents


50 New Scripture Translations Completed Last Year

- 'Gospel Preached to All Nations' is Getting Closer! 50 New Scripture Translations Were Completed Last Year


Franklin Graham-Endorsed BibleSticks Will Help Troops Stay Spiritually Strong, Says Purple Heart Vet


Christians Plan Massive Rally in Washington in July


Standing on the Battle Line in Prayer, on the Eve of Two Gatherings that Could Activate Revival in America


Azusa Now: More than 100,000 Expected at LA Coliseum


Will Azusa Now Fan the Flames of Revival in America? Catholic, Protestant, & Ethnic Communities Join Together Worldwide This Weekend


Christian Couple Prepares to Open First U.S. Home for Sex-Trafficked Boys


"God's Not Dead" Actor Kevin Sorbo: Hollywood is Finally "Waking Up" to the Faith-Based Film Industry


Wycliffe Associates Plans Secret Session to Help Christians Risking Their Lives to Translate the Bible


'I did not check their religion': Priest earns praise, threats for saving thousands from violence in Africa


Christianity Thrives in Iran Despite Severe Persecution


Wycliffe Associates Continues Bible Translation Work in Middle East Despite Risks


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Sends Chaplains, Aid Workers to Brussels


19 Jews Smuggled out of Yemen Due to Increasing Anti-Semitism


This powerful new pro-life movie has already saved babies’ lives


Drought in Africa Adds Pressure to Religious Groups, Relief Organizations


This Chinese Village of Mostly Christians Dared to Take the Bible Seriously and Care for Orphans; Now They're a Role Model for the Church


Innovative Bible Website Launched to Honor God, and the People and Land of Israel


Four Wycliffe Bible Translators Murdered by Militants in Middle East


Catholic Priest Nominated to Receive Special Award for Sheltering 1,500 Muslims


Relay race across US offers healing for post-abortive mothers

- The Bahamas’ only pro-life pregnancy center is saving lives, stemming the tide of abortion

- Peru’s March for Life drew over 750,000 people, organizers say


Missionary’s Conviction Highlights Need for Better Volunteer Vetting


Harvest America Deemed Largest 1-Day Evangelistic Event Ever in US; More than 25,000 Make Commitments to Christ


'International Day for the Unreached' to Focus on Billions Who Have Never Heard Gospel


Germany is Denying Aid to Christian Refugees, Says Christian Persecution Charity


Thousands of Pastors to Gather in D.C. to Join UnitedCry Prayer Rally

- American Christians Unite in Prayer for Refugees at 5th Anniversary of Syrian Conflict


Franklin Graham, Christian Leaders to Hold Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians


Christian Missionary Says Biggest Threat to Sharing the Gospel in Africa Is Terrorism


100,000 Fill Up AT&T Stadium for Harvest America 2016; Thousands Accept Christ After Greg Laurie's Message


Wycliffe Associates Departing from Wycliffe Global Alliance


Five Orthodox bishops to bless pro-life ZOE House


When girls get raped at 14 by tribal custom, there is an urgency for the Gospel in these remote Peruvian villages


Christian Group Seeking to Eradicate Drug Use in Myanmar is Attacked with Machetes


450,000 Join Iranian House Church Movt., 'Great Number of Muslims Turning to Christ'


Muslim Who Converted To Christianity Plants 50 Churches


Southern Baptist Convention Lays Off Over 1,000 Missionaries and Staff


Christian Parents Must Accept Their Adult Child's Choices, Even If They Don't Approve, Billy Graham Says


5,000 Students Join Walking Wisely Weekend Retreat to Grow Stronger in Their Faith


7 Reasons Your Church Should Have a Ministry to Widows


4 Warning Signs Your Youth Ministry May Be Headed for Trouble


Rick Warren Asks Pastors 4 Big Questions Ahead of Easter Sunday


Hillsong to Open 16th Global Campus Sunday in Arizona


Prayers for a Price? Online Christian Prayer Center Gets Criticized for Business Model


Former Saddleback Pastor Carries on Legacy of Late Young Daughter by Bringing Joy to Cancer Patients


Lakewood Church Hosts Medical Missions Conference to Mobilize Believers in Answering God's Call to Serve


Thousands of Chinese Students Accepting Christ in America


Al-Qaeda Terror Group Releases 80-Y-O Christian Missionary, but Still Holding Husband Captive


Lawsuit Alleges Gospel for Asia Fraudulently Solicited Hundreds of Millions in Donations, Enriched Leader


PCUSA on Track to Lose Over 400K Members by 2020


Most 'Churchless' US City Inspires Holistic Gospel Mov't Using Church Network


10 Bible Translation Projects to Be Launched in Countries With 'Severe' Christian Persecution


When tribes beg for missionaries to come


Gospel for Asia Aids 4,000 on World Leprosy Day as Social Stigma, Fear Lingers for Sufferers


Group promotes post-abortion healing in the Year of Mercy using powerful sculpture


Upcoming Sony film RISEN promotes belief in the resurrection of Christ


INTERVIEW: Ave Maria Radio’s Al Kresta urges courage, clarity on Church leaders


John Piper, Paul David Tripp on Facing the Spiritual Battle With Weight Loss


Cincinnati bishop leads vigil outside Planned Parenthood


Greg Laurie's Harvest Festival Carries Tradition on Texas Revivals, Historian Says


The God Who Washes Feet


Charleston Church Where Fatal Shooting Took Place Ordains New Pastor


The One Common Factor of Effective Church Leaders


Pastor John Piper Rebukes 'Gospel-Weak' White and Black Churches


Burkina Faso Dead Include 7 Mission Workers


'Uprising’ Events Planned For Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Ahead of Harvest America with Greg Laurie


$20B United Methodist Church Pension Fund Blacklists Israel's 5 Largest Banks


Is God sowing seeds for revival in Japan?


LifeSiteNews releases new Catholic magazine Faithful Insight


2016 Washington March for Life events schedule (Jan. 21-23)


John Piper at Passion 2016: Jesus Is More Precious Than Life

- Passion 2016: Apologist Ravi Zacharias Says American Song Led Him to the Bible in India

- Passion 2016 to Attract 40,000 Young Adults From 1,500 Universities


Over 15,000 Attend International House of Prayer Youth Conference in Kansas City


Bible Society Seeking to reach Middle East's deaf community before ISIS


Angel Tree to Ask Volunteers to Sign a Statement of Faith


Operation Christmas Child Sets New Record, Delivering over 11 Million Packages


Samaritan's Purse Sends out Disaster Relief Units to Aid Tornado and Flood Victims


Chick-fil-A Restaurants Operate on Sunday to Provide Meals for Flood Victims


Indonesian Churches Celebrate Christmas Without Building - or Even Tent


A Museum of the Bible forms in very secular Washington


The Real Reason Churches Die and People Leave


NJ Megachurch, Tim Tebow Foundation to Host Special Needs Prom


Megachurch's 'Star Wars' Event Has 'Darth Santa,' Han Solo Pastor Delivering Sermon


Billy Graham Defends Pride: It's Not Always Wrong


9-Year-Old Girl Packs 5,000 Shoeboxes Filled with Gifts for Those in Need


#MyTreedom Campaign Raises Awareness of Persecution and Right to Celebrate Christmas


Bible App Releases List of World's Most Popular Bible Verses


Gospel for Asia Apologizes for Scandal of Misappropriated Funds

- Gospel for Asia’s Cash Reserves under Scrutiny


JOHN PIPER: One of the Most Important Principles in Reading the Bible


Franklin Graham to Speak at Japanese Revival Meeting This Weekend


Wycliffe Associates Partners with unfoldingWord to Put New Open Source Bible into Public Domain


JOHN PIPER: When Is it Dangerous to Look at Jesus?


Bible Ministries Unite to Coordinate 'International Day of the Bible'


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Sends Chaplains to Paris Following Terrorist Attacks


Church to Host Outreach Event Exploring Similarities between Christianity and 'Star Wars'


Christian Charity Says It’s Time to Hold Porn Industry Accountable


Families of Christians Killed by ISIS Encouraged by Outpouring of Support and Love


Prison Chaplain Claims He was Punished for Sharing Bible Verses about Homosexuality with Inmates


New online encyclopedia compiles the latest and best pro-family evidence


Nigeria's Slain, Indigenous Missionaries Leave Legacy of Faith


South Carolina Floods: Churches Show Christ's Love in Their Community


Family Uses Cancelled Wedding as Opportunity to Serve the Homeless


Derick and Jill Dillard Offer Refunds to Fans Who Donated to Mission Work


'Unwavering love': American missionary's murder in Haiti brings heartbreak, mystery

- US missionary Roberta Edwards killed in Haiti ambush; kid under her care abducted


Meet the Nobel-nominated Priest Who Rescues African Refugees from Mediterranean


New ‘Jesus-Centered Bible’ Highlights Old Testament Passages That Refer to Christ


After Successful Launch of Revolutionary New Translation Method, Wycliffe Associates Seeks to Expand to 500 Languages Next Year


South Carolina Churches Providing Aid to Flood Victims


He used to be an abortionist; now, he fights to save the lives of the preborn


Despite Rising Violence, Christians Lead Global Prayer Initiative Near Temple Mount


Dyslexia-friendly Bible Released


Tim Tebow Surprises Young Cancer-fighting Football Fan in Hospital


Charity Seeking to Aid Thousands of Christians Suffering Brutal ISIS Violence


Christian Missionaries Told to Leave Nepal


Argentinian Pastor’s Fight for Religious Freedom Goes on


Hungary’s “Ordinary Heroes” See Mission Opportunity in Migrant Crisis


Softening Christ’s teaching on marriage is ‘heresy,’ African cardinal tells World Meeting of Families


Global Online Christian Evangelism Initiative to Launch on Sept. 30


100-Year-Old Woman Sews Over 1,000 Dresses for African Girls


Faith Groups Stand with Refugees and Provide Aid


Samaritan’s Purse Deploys Two Disaster Relief Units to Help Victims of California Wildfires


Pastor Says Church Needs to Step up and Help Refugees


Christian Aid Mission: Refugee Crisis is Opportunity to Share Christ’s Love


Religious Organizations Call on U.S. to Take in 100,000 Syrian Refugees


Germany: Hundreds of Muslim Refugees Converting to Christianity


Christians Provide Aid to Displaced Syrian Refugees Facing Persecution


How do you know the Bible is true?


Christian Rapper and Former Lesbian Speaks about Her Conversion


Gang Members Being Converted Through California Schools’ Bible Classes


David's Tent 424-day Worship Session to Take Place in DC


Hillsong Pastor Launches Initiative to Pray for ISIS Rape Victims


Wycliffe Associates has joined up with First nations to provide technical assistance in the translation of Native American languages


Jimmy Carter’s Church Flooded with Those Who Want to Attend Former President’s Bible Classes


Christian Ministry Global Aid Network Says You Don’t Need to Go Overseas to Serve


Jewish-Christian Organization Launches Campaign to Stop Iran Nuclear Deal


ISIS Releases 22 Christian Hostages Due to Tireless Work of Assyrian Church


Kenyan Clergy Joins Battle Against Deadly Homemade Brews


U.S. Charity Building Homes for Families of Martyred Coptic Christians


For Some Churches, Food Trucks are a Vehicle for Serving the Poor


Falsely Accused Ethiopian Believers Bringing Fellow Inmates to Christ




Wycliffe Associates Installing Print On Demand Systems for Quick, Easy Access to Printed Scriptures in Dangerous Areas




World Mission brings Burma unique way to hear Christ


Ravi Zacharias: Christian apologist proclaims a reasonable faith


Alopen and the Opening of China: Christians Who Changed Their World


Innovative blend of technology will bring Bible to least reached




Pastor Nick Vujicic and a Choir of Toddlers Sing a Beautiful Song to Jesus – Very Powerful!

- Nick Vujicic - The Butterfly Circus Short Film Full HD


Southern Baptist volunteers fire up stoves to serve 5,000 meals a day to Houston flood victims


The #Orangejumpsuit Campaign to Hold Prayer Vigil and Public Witness Before Pastor Saeed's Wife Testifies in Front of Congressional Committee this Tuesday Morning


CEF Shares Gospel with 19,914,335 Kids in 2014




Astonishing Testimonies from Niger: What the Enemy Intended for Evil, God is Using for Good


Poland Opens up Safe Haven for Christian Refugees from Syria as EU Makes Quotas for Asylum Seekers


Israel Initiates Christian Mission


From Ireland to Vietnam, One Woman's Noble Journey to End Sex Trafficking


Luis Palau Presents The "Good News In The City" Message To Over 30 UN Ambassadors At The United Nations Headquarters


How to Share Christianity in an Age of No Faith


900-Plus Unchurched Students Commit to Christ After Hearing From Sadie Robertson, Lecrae at RUSH Event


Birthing centers help mothers in former Cambodia killing fields


Kingdom Victory! 2014 a Record-Breaking Year for Bible Translations Despite Great Challenges


For Mother’s Day, a Place to Mourn Babies Who Never Came Home




Arab Youth Turn to Social Media to Bless Israel


Modern-Day Mordecai Rescues Abused Women Worldwide


Women Who've Been "Hurt, Broken, Raped, Abused" —This Dallas Safe House Helps Them and Saves Babies' Lives


Miracles Rise Out of the Rubble of the Nepal Earthquake


Luis Palau Moves to NYC Ahead of Massive Central Park Crusade; Evangelistic Giant Follows in Footsteps of Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham


Persecuted Christians in the Middle East Send Powerful Letter of Salvation to ISIS


U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon Continues for 90 Hours this Week




GRAND OPENING of the Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines: Bringing Healing and the Love of Jesus to the Needy


California Church Mobilizes 10,000 Volunteers for 'Weekend of Service' Worth $2 Million


Samaritan's Purse on ground, plans to stay for long time, in Nepal

- "The Needs are Staggering" Says US Missionary in Nepal–Please Pray!


Earthquakes of Faith


Billy Graham celebrates 6 million online professions of faith


5 Practical Ways to Help Persecuted Christians


Watch 5,000 Years of Religious History in 90 Seconds to See the Amazing Impact of Christian Missions


Digital Bible Society - Spreading the Word of God in Every Language...with the Speed of Digital


Messianic Jewish, Gentile believers unite in Last Days 'Israel Summit'


Hashtag Tips for Inter net Evangelism and Networking


Ministry Is Shaped by the Condition of the Heart: Awe Puts Us in Our Place


Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook


Humility Key to Effective Leadership

- 8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

- The most appreciated pastors preach and teach Word of God


Feature: is God calling you to become a 'techie missionary'?

- Social Media: Latest Evangelism Tool

- Internet Evangelism Site Making Disciples

- Burgeoning internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China

- Become an Online Missionary!

- Internet Evangelism Is Effective

- Apps and Spirituality? Blend Can be Mixed Blessing, Baylor Author Says

- Microsoft VP: God Can Use Whatever You Have to Spread the Gospel


Has God Told You NOT to do Ministry?



Christian Persecution



- UK Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record in 2014

- Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

- Key findings about growing religious hostilities around the world


- Report: 9 out of 10 Top Christian Persecution Countries Due to Islamic Extremism

- Survey: Reported Christian "martyr" deaths doubled in 2013

- New Web Site encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

- China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

- Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

- World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

- Christian Persecution: The world was not worthy of them

- A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East

- Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

- 400% Increase in Persecution of Christians Prompts Urgent Prayer Call

- Persecution Podcast #123: Vietnam, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan

- Persecution Podcast #124: Kyrgyzstan, India, China, and Laos

- Stunning historical attack on Christians

- Christians 'Most Persecuted' Religion in World

- Report focus: Religious persecution and 'diplomatic leverage'

- Crackdown targets SK missionaries helping defectors in China

- Is Religious Intolerance on the Rise Globally

- New commissioners appointed to monitor intern'l religious freedom

- Muslim Persecution: January 2013

- What Happens to the Children?

- Chair of US Commission on Inter'l Religious Freedom on Persecution

- Open Doors to Release Religious Freedom Abuser World Watch List

' - Religious persecutors' list incomplete

- Church, Americans Quiet on Persecution

- Afghan Christian Sayed Musa tells how he survived imprisonment, abuse

- "Have Christians in US heard about me?"

- 4 steps to fight religious persecution

- What We Don’t Know re Persecuted Church

- Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

- Shocking Figures Reveal 105,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

- "They electrified, strangled him, broke his teeth...Hany died a Christian"



- Convert Back To Islam or Die

- Letter from man in prison for faith


- Muslim persecutors target believers


- Church Leaders Beaten

- Christian beaten for Defending Girls


- Christians Attacked During Christmas

- Christian Converts Lose Jobs & Homes

- Christian Civilians Targeted


- Christian Pastors Arrested in Buddhist Bhutan


- Chinese Authorities Destroy Christian Statues Depicting Passion of Christ in Wenzhou

- How Should Global Christians Respond to the Destruction of China’s Sanjiang Church?

- China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

- China to become 'world's most Christian nation'...

- China clamps down on families who rescue abandoned babies

- New Campaign to Rid House Churches

- Christian Woman kidnapped, tortured

- Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Gov't

- Farmer in Jiangsu attacked by 20+ family planning officials who beat him to near death

- Torture? See China's victims

- Editorial by Gao Zhisheng


- Official Admits Persecution


- Pastor Executed for Conversions


- Egypt: Jizya-vigilantes target Christian minorities

- Egypt’s Young Coptic Christians Energized to Fight for Civil Rights


- The cost of Christianity in Egypt

- Coptic teacher tried for 'insulting religion'

- Christian paper Accused of Insulting Islam

- Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

- New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral

- Coptic Christians Need Help Now

- Attacks on Copts Significantly Increasing

- Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

- The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

- The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Egypt

- Raymond Ibrahim: Blasphemy Charges Soar Against Christians in Egypt

- Coptic Billionaire Tried for "Insulting Islam"

- Egypt Arresting Copts for Massacre

- Massacre in Cairo (warning: graphic)


- Gov't Beats & Detains 125 Christians

- Arrests continue

- Christians Finding No Escape


- Released Christian finds kids missing

- Christian Churches / Homes torched


- Eunuchs coming to Christ in India

- India's Christians Shrug

- India: unrelenting persecution

- Karnataka Most Dangerous for Christians

- Christians targeted for trafficking


- Indonesian police demolish church

- Bombing at packed church injures 22

- Indonesia Frees Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”



- Iran’s Oppressed Christians


- “I am in a fight with myself every day”

- Iran court convicts Pastor to death

- Pressure on Pastor to Convert or die


- Kids lead 2 lives to avoid beatings

- Silent killings of 'Christian Dogs'


- Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians" - Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"


- Arab Christians No Longer Grouped as Muslims in Israel

- Group targets Messianics


- Kazakh court orders Bibles to be destroyed


- Worship Service Targeted in Grenae Attacks

- YWAM Missionary Murderedd


- Women, kids, elderly slaughtered


- Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

- Officials Confiscate Church Buildings

- Christians Forced to Recant for Burial

- Officials: Give Up Faith or Face Eviction


- Seven Christians Executed in Libya


- Islam’s Persecution of Christians


- Crime wave targets Christians

- Persecuted Christians of Mexico


- 21 House Church leaders detained


- “Those words were pricking my heart”

- Churches under threat, Discrimination


- World powers join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

- Amid Sorrow Losing Pastor & husbands at Hands of Boko Haram, Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy of Jesus Christ

- Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses

- Churches Bombed in Kano, Killing 45 People

- Christians Targeted in Univ Killings

- Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor's Home

- Dozens Killed in Attacks on Christian Villages

- 'Christians must convert,' says Islamist group

- Boko Haram Explains Why It Kills Christians, Desire for an Islamic Nigeria

- President Jonathan Urges the Church to Intensify Prayers for the Country

- Hundreds of Christians slaughtered

- Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands?

- Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

- ‘Religion Not Driving Violence’ in Nigeria, Says Obama Official After Church Bombings

- Protecting Christians near impossible

- Boko Haram Declares War on Christians

- Army helped slaughter Christians

-  Read this Updating Blog

North Korea

- North Korea: Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution

- Christian Activists allegedly murdered

- 3 House Church Leaders Executed


- Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over text message...

- Forced Conversions hike Fears

- Another Christian Martyred

- Pakistan tops worst list for religious freedom

- Christian sex-slaves


- Missionary Shot Dead In Pasig

- Christian Philippinos beheaded


- Pastor Beaten to Death

Saudi Arabia:

- Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

- Families come to faith in Saudi Arabia

- Dozens jailed during prayer meeting

- Church members jailed w/o trial


- Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead Two Christians

- Convert to Christ beheaded

- Christian Widow Killed Four Months After Husband Slain

- Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sri Lanka:

- Pastor Dragged, Beaten in Sri Lanka

- Increasing violence from extremists


- Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved 19 years, liberated for $50

- Muslims Burn Down Church in Sudan

- Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

- Silent Scream: Ethnically Cleanse Christians


- Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures

- Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village

- Christians Consider Fleeing Syria

- Christians in Syria City nearly wiped out


- Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians


- 10 religious prisoners in one camp


- Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christ

- Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Cross


- USSR's genocide against Christians ignored

- Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


- Crackdown Worsens


- Recent Convert Tortured, Imprisoned

- Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

- Officials Destroy 2 New Church Buildings

- Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ

- Hmong Christians “Beheaded”


- God transforms lives in Yemen



Compass Direct News

Christian Life News


Three relatives of San Bernardino shooter arrested


Dutch dreamer hopes to bring Noah's Ark replica to Americas


Curt Schilling, fired by ESPN for his conservative beliefs, says ESPN has some of the most racist sports commentators


Colorado’s high court rejects appeal of Christian ordered to bake gay ‘wedding’ cake


Americorps members illegally used tax funds to act as abortion ‘doulas’: federal report


Virginia suspends troubled abortion facility’s license for 26 health violations


Over 750,000 pledge to boycott Target for giving men access to women’s bathrooms


Pope Francis seems out of touch with the reality of modern Catholicism

- Catholic commencement scandals dishonor class of 2016


Georgia governor approves grant to fund pregnancy centers


David Daleiden: Raid on my apartment was like ‘1984’

- Thousands gather nationwide for 220-plus #ProtestPP rallies


Bishop Schneider decries confusion in Pope Francis’ exhortation Amoris Laetitia



- 392,000 Signers Pledge to Boycott Retailer Target Over Transgender Bathroom


ISIS Horror: 9-Y-O 'Raped by So Many Men She Died,' Teen Reveals


Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Liberty University Debate Boycott Due to 'Islamophobia'


Harriet Tubman's Methodist Faith


How Should Christians Respond to Those Who Mock Faith?


Bishop Schneider: God needs the ‘simple faithful’ to protect the faith in this time of crisis


Group of teenagers get opportunity to confess sins to Pope Francis


With moral confusion as new norm, here’s what could be coming next


Mexico's Christians face beatings, forced conversions at hands of hybrid faiths


Mom’s viral response to transgender debate garners Facebook backlash, support


Denzel Washington and Magic Johnson's Megachurch Embroiled in Scandal


Michael Voris reveals he was freed from homosexual lifestyle by Jesus Christ


Former Atheist Artist Shares Story of Conversion and How Faith Impacts His Art


Thousands Gather to Protest Norway's Removal of Children from Christian Family


Martyr killed by bulldozer becomes symbol of growing persecution in China


Whole Foods sues gay pastor who claimed they put slur on his ‘Love Wins’ cake


Woman who blames parents for health woes looks to shut down faith healers


Parent uprising forces Alberta NDP to back off sabotage of parental rights motion


Muslim Man Intent on Killing Christian Family is Miraculously Converted


Dying Christopher Hitchens Considered Christianity, New Book Claims


Sons of Christian Woman Who Was Murdered Because She Wouldn't Renounce Christ Have Accepted Jesus


Christian Woman Killed by Bulldozer while Protesting Demolition of Church


Fired For Preaching! Georgia Dumps Doctor Over Church Sermons


You’re out: ESPN fires Curt Schilling for opposing trangender bathroom agenda

- Curt Schilling, ESPN and your God-given plumbing


Snoop Dogg Says 'I'd Rather Have Jesus than Silver and Gold'


Obama admin’s HHS mandate case is ‘condescending’ to women: Little Sisters’ attorney


RU serious? FDA changes make abortion pill ten times more dangerous for women


Norwegian Children are Taken from Their Christian Family and Placed in Foster Care


Fired for preaching: Georgia dumps doctor over church sermons


Catholic university’s basketball coach doesn’t want faithful Catholics on the team?


Bathroom bills put women at risk and defy common sense


Syrian Refugees Sheltered by Pope Francis Describe ‘Miracle’ Journey


New Report Weighs Impact of Christian Exodus on Middle East


WATCH: College students’ answers on gender and ‘age’ identity show just how lost we are


Franklin Graham Defends Phil Robertson's Controversial Prayer at NASCAR Event


Sex-selection, forced abortion are happening here in the United States


Notre Dame students held ‘prayerful protest’ this weekend over Biden award


Islamic Terrorist Hunted This Pastor, But Jesus Foiled Plot With an Incredible Vision


The push to harvest organs of botched abortion victims thwarts justice


Madagascar’s trafficking secret: Women sold on the auction block & the all-night orgies that ensue


Parents fighting hospital to keep 2-year-old son on life support


ISIS Releases Video of Civilians Begging for Their Lives before Executed


DESTRUCTION IN ECUADOR At least 77 killed, hundreds injured after powerful earthquake strikes

- PRAYER: 7.0 Earthquake Strikes South Japan Near Thursday's Quake


Missouri House committee passes amendment saying unborn have ‘right to life’


Baby Nika, born missing parts of her brain, starts new life with adoptive mother


Major Sports Associations Speaking out in Favor of LGBT Rights, against Religious Liberty


Supreme Court to Hear Case of Christian-Owned Pharmacy's Refusal to Sell Abortion-Inducing Drugs


Head of US Bishops’ news agency resigns, blames ‘far right blogosphere’


David Daleiden’ attorneys file motions to dismiss all charges


Victory: Tenn. School Board stands up to LGBT pressure—protects students from high school “gay” club!

- How to confront ‘Day of Silence’ and other LGBT propaganda in schools


Tennessee's Christian Gov. Vetoes Bill to Make Bible Official State Book


Canadian gov't introduces bill to legalize assisted suicide, euthanasia


Jordan's King to Help Pay for Facelift at Jesus' Tomb


Billy Graham: Treat the Bible as a Blessing, Not a Burden


Plans to Erect Temple of Baal Arch in NYC and London Cancelled <


Alabama abortion center hospitalized patient, failed to record possible viability of 16 aborted babies: gvmt report


Iraqi Christian Fighters Give Biblical Justification for Fighting ISIS


Number of Catholic writers expressing concern about Pope’s exhortation rapidly growing


Miscarried at 14 weeks, my baby Phoenix was perfect. I miss him every day.

- Banning dismemberment abortions would be ‘a huge step backward’: Pennsylvania governor


7 Simple Prayers That Changed My Life


Head of U.S. Bishops’ news service: religious freedom laws are ‘pro-discrimination’ and ‘stupid’

- John Kasich pans religious liberty laws: ‘What the Hell are we doing?’


Federal court overturns ruling upholding natural marriage in Puerto Rico, orders judge off case


Christians in Pakistan, Where Faith Can be Fatal


Brave Pakistani Christian Girl, Kidnapped by ISIS, Shares Her Story of Abuse and Escape: "I Knew Jesus Would Get Me Out of Hell"


Christians Plan Massive Rally in Washington in July


IDF to Civilians: Act, Buy Emergency Gear, Be Prepared for War


Pope Francis opens door to Communion for ‘remarried’ Catholics in landmark exhortation

- Catholics cannot accept elements of Pope’s exhortation that threaten faith and family


University Poster Campaign Identifies Being Christian as a Privilege, Draws Backlash


5 Ways to Detect a False Leader in the Church


Franklin Graham: 'PayPal Gets Hypocrite of the Year Award' for Boycotting North Carolina over Transgender Bathroom Bill


ACLU, Planned Parenthood Sue Indiana over New Law Restricting Abortion


Nepal Removes Christmas as a National Holiday, Christians Protest


‘I invited him’: Vatican official defends giving speaking slot to pro-abortion Bernie Sanders


Student Expelled for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality Loses Reinstatement Appeal


Bangladeshi Law Student Attacked with Machetes and Shot for Speaking out against Islam


Hillary: "The Unborn Person Does Not Have Constitutional Rights"


Norwegian Christian Family Regains Custody of Youngest Son


Mother Angelica’s chilling message to the ‘liberals’ in the Catholic Church


His Crucifixion Just Rumors; Indian Priest Still Alive, and Being Held Hostage in This Terror Hotbed


Pakistani Christian Teenager Reveals She was Kidnapped, Beaten, Raped, and Forced to Convert to Islam

- Christian Town Freed from the Grips of ISIS in Syria


Kevin Costner: "I Don't Need Permission From Anti-Israel Groups to Visit The Holy Land"


Beautiful, Sacred Tool Used in Jewish Temple Found in Galilee


Muslim Family Converts to Christianity after Mother is Miraculously Healed


WATCH: African woman schools UN delegate on why pushing abortion is ‘neo-colonialism’


Two Million Colombians Sign Petition to Ban Same-Sex Adoption


LGBTQ activists tell Hollywood: ‘Our strategy is you: The entertainment industry’

- Temple of Baal Arches to Rise in New York City and London


This man supports bestiality, infanticide and experimenting on the disabled: and he’s the most-celebrated moral philosopher of our time


‘Deviation’ only word to describe gender theory and homosexual ‘marriage’: Cardinal Robert Sarah


Calif agents raid Daleiden’s home, seize undercover Planned Parenthood footage


Late-term abortionist Carhart puts 6th patient in ambulance in 5 months

- Planned Parenthood form denies breaking law on altering abortion procedure to harvest organs, but…


Canada Scraps Religious Freedom Office


Catholic priest's fate unclear after reports ISIS would crucify him


‘God’s not Dead 2’ and ‘Miracles from Heaven’ Blessed with Ticket Sales


Student Kicked Out of Preschool after Parents Refuse Same-Sex Education Course


Supreme Court Sends Hopeful Signal In Little Sisters Religious Liberty Case


Americans See Increasing Anti-Christian Intolerance But Think Christians Complain Too Much, Study Finds


Iranian Christian Converts' Right to Seek Asylum Can't Be Denied, EU Human Rights Court Rules


Atheist Richard Dawkins Mocks Idea That Terrorist Attacks against Christians Have "Nothing to Do With Religion"


Pastor Saeed Abedini Rejects 'Lie' That Islam Is Peaceful Religion, Asks Where the Peace Is

- Saeed Abedini Says American Christians Lack True Revival; Iranians Evangelize, Pray 5 Hours a Day


Christian Wedding-Venue Owners Fined 81K by Illinois Vow to Never Host Gay Weddings


About that rape at the Stonewall Inn… isn’t the LGBT bathroom agenda supposed to make us all safer?


Judge Rules Man Cannot Take His Son to Church after Muslim Ex-Wife Complains


A surprise ‘positive’ twist in nuns’ Supreme Court case against Obama admin


After 33 Years, Court Rules That Malaysian Man Can Renounce Islam, Embrace Christianity


ISIS Reportedly Crucified Priest on Good Friday


Infamous Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Reading Rick Warren's 'The Purpose Driven Life' while in Prison


Why does this water tower anger atheists?



- Franklin Graham Responds to Pakistan Attack: ‘Islam Has Reared Its Ugly Head Again’


The Great Cover-up: Evidence for Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection


Easter reminds us we must speak Truth in Love – for Pope and Catholic Church


Bangladesh Considers Abandoning Official State Religion of Islam after Violence Escalates


Christian 'Fixer Upper' Stars Reflect God in Their Work


Tullian Tchividjian on His Firing: ‘Sin is Deep’


ISIS Kills Christian Man in Bangladesh, Says it is 'Lesson to Others'


Dominican Catholic school bars US ambassador who brings his ‘husband’ on school visits


No more comfortable Christianity


ISIS Claims Responsibility for Brussels Terror Attacks That Killed at Least 34


Nigerian Lawmakers Reject Bill Criminalizing Violence against Women


Georgia Religious Exemption Bill May Prevent Atlanta from Being Super Bowl Host City


Campus Pride Calls on NCAA to Cut Ties with Christian Colleges


Study Finds Americans are Praying Less, Becoming Less Religious


Surviving Nun Recalls Yemen Massacre


New Study Reveals Commitment to Faith Corresponds to Decrease in Prejudice


Jahi McMath photo shows ‘beautiful’ girl alive and well, says mother


Franklin Graham: The No. 1 Thing Most People Won't Turn Down From Christians


What Is Palm Sunday? How Churches Celebrate the Christian Holiday


Satanists Kill Fellow Satanist while Attempting to Turn Him into a Vampire


Help save 9-yr-old Lexi!


American Who Joined ISIS Leaves Terrorist Organization: 'I Don't See Them as Good Muslims'


1,000-Year-Old Cross Discovered in Denmark, Proving Early Presence of Christianity

- Secret Notes Discovered in Reformation-era Bible


Israel Continues Shift Towards Africa; Hosts Prominent African Figures


Leading Physician: Babies Can Feel Pain of Abortion at 20 Weeks


Christian Groups Fight against Scottish Proposal to Assign Government Guardian to Every Child


The gender revolution’s latest move: ‘all-gender cabins’ on school trips


Focus on the Family Warns That L.A.'s New Transgender Council May Threaten Religious Freedom

- WATCH: Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits program is about gay activism, not bullying

- Michigan Catholic dioceses modify employee benefits to include same-sex partners


Tim Tebow Says Loving and Serving Others is 'Bigger Than Football'


'Miracles from Heaven' Authentic and Inspirational


Creator of Fake Website Selling Prayers is Forced to Pay Back over $7 Million to Customers


Coptic Bishop Seeks Support from Evangelicals


Gay Rights Groups Urge NCAA to Punish Christian Schools Who Discriminate against LGBT Students


Bishop rebukes Notre Dame for ‘scandal’ of honoring pro-abortion VP Joe Biden


Ohio's Highest Court Removes 'Husband,' 'Wife' in Cases in Favor of 'Gender Neutral' Terms


Washington Florist Readies for Hearing at State Supreme Court


Naghmeh Abedini: Pastor Saeed Refusing Marriage Counseling for Abuse


Extreme Human Rights Abuses Confirmed in South Sudan: Rape, Torture, and Forced Cannibalism


Oklahoma Senate blocks bill that would define abortion as murder

- Expecting us to have a license before doing abortions is ‘absurd’ and ‘authoritarian’: Planned Parenthood


Teachers unions back bill allowing adult males to shower with young girls in Massachusetts


Billy Graham: Christians Can't Take a 'Casual' Approach to Church

- Billy Graham: People Hate Jesus Because Evil Exists in the World


Walking in the Spirit vs. Walking in the Flesh


John Piper Challenges Oprah on Her Interpretation of Bible's Psalm 37:4


Miracles among Syrians struggling to survive war zone


Catholic diocese cancels gala fundraiser rather than host entertainer in a gay ‘marriage’

- Gay activists seek to ban new movie ‘Pink’ depicting kids suffering from gay adoption


Gay ‘marriage’ leaders: ‘LGBT rights and abortion rights are inseparable’


California’s assisted suicide law to go into effect this summer


Newsboys Response to Black Lives Matter Is 'Love Riot' (Interview)


Archbishop leads 1,800 in Eucharistic procession around Planned Parenthood

- There’s more to the story on Pope’s praise for Italy’s leading abortion pusher


Records Show Billy Graham's 'Word' to Donald Trump in Signed Bible Is Not as 'Prophetic' as Paula White Claims


‘Filthy’ abortion facility to take a ‘timeout’ from performing abortions, thanks to governor’s lawsuit


Texas family: We’re getting death threats for not baking a cake for same-sex ‘marriage’


Should Christian Moviegoers See 'The Young Messiah'?


Billy Graham Says Parents Should Teach Their Children about Jesus at a Young Age


Court Rules Church Has Right to Hire, Fire Employees Based on Religious Beliefs


NYC Mayor Signs Order Allowing Transgender Individuals to Use Restroom of Choice


Abortion Survivor Speaks about the Value of Life and the Media's Response to Her Story


Christianity Today Apologizes for Running Megachurch Elder’s Ad to Get Husband for His Daughter


TBN Partnering with Hillsong to Launch New Christian TV Network


Video of Anne Graham Lotz Speaking about the End Times and Jesus' Return Goes Viral


God Has Coffee With Donald Trump


Josh Duggar Done with Rehab, Returns Home to Family


Judge upholds true marriage in Puerto Rico, says SCOTUS decision doesn’t apply


Porn is murdering the moral character of millions of men and women


Chinese woman dies from ninth sex-selective abortion


Social conservative leaders wonder: Can homosexual activism and religious liberty ‘coexist’?


Christian Leaders Remember Nancy Reagan


Keep calm and carry on: Christians in a darkening culture


2 Virginia firefighters suspended for transporting girl to hospital in fire engine


Joey Feek Dies After Cancer Battle; 'She's in Heaven, Singing for Her Savior,' Husband Rory Says


UN sexual abuse: more allegations, more bureaucratic process in Ban's latest report


Andy Stanley Apologizes for Saying People Who Go to Small Churches 'Are So Stinkin' Selfish'


Hundreds killed in Nigeria attacks


Selena Gomez Performs at Hillsong Church Concert; Says Relationship With God Is Greater Than Anything


Scientific Paper Attributing Design of Human Hand to a 'Creator' is Criticized and Eventually Retracted


'October Baby': 'You Can't Survive 18 Hours of Being Burned Alive in Mother's Womb Without Jesus'

- Spain’s ‘Abortion King’ Carlos Morín goes to trial again for illegally killing dozens of late-term unborn children


Canadian judge condemns ALS patient to death

- Switzerland assisted suicides jump 34% in 2015


Watch 2,000 Years of Religious History in 90 Seconds


Self-serving, "Know-it-all" abortionist/murderer says Jesus would hold women’s hands to support them during abortion


A record 162 abortion facilities have closed or halted abortions since 2011

- Dreams no longer shattered: Why we celebrate the closing of Louisiana’s oldest abortion center


Georgetown defends hosting Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards


WATCH: U.S. bishop warns push for gay ‘equality’ will ‘destroy everything Christian’


Sunday Should Remain Special Day of Rest and Time with Family, Says MP


Chick-fil-A Offers Free Ice-Cream to Those Who Put Their Phone Away While Eating


Survey Finds Tim Tebow Still One of America’s Favorite Quarterbacks


Christians Being Warned That EU Debate Could Distract from Issues of Religious Restrictions


Franklin Graham Wants Your Heart, Not Your Vote


Alaska Senate Passes Bill Banning Planned Parenthood from Schools

- I aborted 1200 babies. Let me tell you what abortion really looks like.


‘Son of Saul’ Actor on God, Faith and Auschwitz


ISIS Vows to Continue Killing Spree after 70 are Killed in Baghdad


Abortion Case Returns to Supreme Court after Scalia’s Death

- Texas Abortion Case Goes before Short-Handed Supreme Court

- 5 Things to Watch When the Supreme Court Hears Its Biggest Abortion Case in 25 Years


Christian Student Expelled from University for Quoting Bible on Homosexuality


Montana's 'Big Mountain Jesus' saved from atheist group's lawsuit


Pro-life or Pro-Choice: Fewer People are Neutral on Abortion

- More Couples Choosing the Gender of Their Children through In Vitro Fertilization


Home-schoolers ask Gov. McAullife to ‘Let us play’


'Vikings' TV series shows shift from paganism to Christianity


China Sentences Pastor and Wife to Jail for Protesting Cross Removal


Christian Baker Facing Threats in Texas for Turning Down Wedding Cake Order for Gay Couple


Selena Gomez Performs at Hillsong Concert

- Former Hillsong Pastor Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Wife


Doctors at Gronigen U. in the Netherlands kill BORN babies…and it’s perfectly legal


Comedian Bob Newhart cancels show for Catholic group after gay activist pressure


Abortion Clinics Closing in Record Numbers across U.S.


Christian College Student Fired from College Newspaper for Giving Street Preachers Food and Drink


Babies left in toilets: Not as uncommon as you think


Atheist Group Complains about Bible Clubs at Ohio Schools


Human Rights Group Calls for the Release of Detained Sudanese Pastors


Christians Shouldn't Watch 'Deadpool' and That's Not Legalism


Religious Broadcasters Take a Peek at Museum of the Bible Collection


Surrogate Mother Battles for Custody of Babies She was Told to Abort


Archaeologists Dig up Fabrics Dating Back to Kings David and Solomon


University of New Mexico admits harvesting aborted babies for research, waffles on semantics


Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)


Nigeria Churches Unite for First Time to Address Violence in North


Catholic bishop rebukes Vatican over conference trying to make children ‘agents of change’ on climate


Franklin Graham Calls Charlotte Transgender Bathroom Ordinance 'Shameful'


Wheaton again under Scrutiny, This Time for Allegedly Pressuring Gay Employee to Resign


Man Who Performed 1,200 Abortions Reveals Why Abortion Is Harmful for Women in 4 New Videos


Norway Targeted Family for Christian Faith Before Seizing 5 Children


Saeed Abedini: I Had No Voice in Prison, Was Tortured, but God Taught Me to Turn to Him


Controversy Erupts at Univ. of Nebraska at Kearney Over Chick-fil-A, Gay Marriage


Pro-life and Catholic leaders voice grave concern over Pope’s contraception remarks

- Pope Francis Urges Countries to End Death Penalty: 'Even a Criminal Has the Inviolable Right to Life'

- Pope Francis appears to contradict, word-for-word, doctrine of Paul VI & JPII on contraception


ISIS Releases 43 Christian Hostages in Syria After Receiving Millions in Ransom Payments


Two women theologians take on Pope Francis’ in-flight contraception remarks


Billy Graham: Bible Tells Us the Truth About Ourselves and God That Will Never Change


Tim Tebow Tells Florida Church: When We Bring Our Talents to God, Miracles Happen


Queen Elizabeth Calls Jesus Christ 'the King She Serves' in 90th Birthday Book


Manny Pacquiao Defiant After Nike Firing: 'I'm Happier That People Hear the Truth' About Gay People


Christians Mark Anniversary of 21 Beheaded Copts in ISIS' 'Message to Nation of the Cross'


Attack at Israeli Restaurant in Ohio Suspected to be Act of Terrorism


Franklin Graham Says World Turmoil is Sign of Jesus’ Coming


Pakistani Christian Couple Tortured into Admitting They Sent Blasphemous Texts

- Multinational Task Force Seizes Town from Boko Haram


5 Major Issues Facing Genuine Evangelical Believers


Man behind Twitter 'God' Account Decides to Delete It


More Women Sue Home-Schooling Guru for Sexual Harassment


'Risen' a Powerful Hollywood Twist on the Resurrection Story (Movie Review)

- 'Risen' Actor 'Loves' Telling Jesus' Resurrection Through Doubter's Eyes (Interview)

- ‘Risen’ Movie Raises Old Hollywood Trope — Unbeliever Meets Jesus

- 'Risen' Video Movie Review


Should Christians Watch the extremely vulgar movie, 'Deadpool'? 7 Questions to Ask

- Beneath the massive vulgarity...3 Christian Values in 'Deadpool' You Probably Missed


Netherlands study shows the danger of allowing euthanasia for ‘psychiatric’ reasons


5 Christian Children Seized by Norway Reunited With Parents for First Time in 3 Months


Man strips in front of girls in locker room, says transgender law allows it


Jerry Falwell Jr. Justifies Supporting Donald Trump: 'Jesus Never Intended to Give Instructions' to Politicians

- Falwell Jr., Graham, Criticize Pope for Suggesting Trump Not Christian


Pope compares Zika abortion-pushers to Mafia: abortion is ‘a crime, an absolute evil’


South Dakota Senate Passes Bill to Prohibit Transgender Students from Using Bathroom Based on Gender Identity

- Man strips in front of girls in locker room, says transgender law allows it


Mennonite pastor who helped child flee lesbian ‘mother’ to go to prison


ISIS Jihadis Behead Teen for Listening to Western Music

- John's Story: the Constant Trial of Living as a Christian under Islamic State Rule


In First Social Media Post in 4 Years, Saeed Abedini Asks for Prayer for His Marriage


Archaeologists Uncover 7,000-Year-Old Settlement in North Jerusalem


Touching Sonogram Photo Shows Twin Sister Holding Dying Brother's Hand in Womb


New Study: Science Proves Our Brains Recognize Existence of God


New Horror Confirmed: ISIS Using Banned Chemical Weapons Against Troops


Indian doctor fights gendercide by delivering baby girls for free


‘Catholic doesn’t sell’: Mount St. Mary’s president refuses to resign as controversy grows


Teen Suicide Bomber Halts Plan After Finding Out Father May Be Killed


Police Threaten to Arrest Christian Family If Daughter Isn't Returned to Muslim Abductor in Pakistan


Church of England: Our Prayers for Richard Dawkins Are Sincere, Not 'Trolling'


Pastor Issued Police Citation for Speech Offending Texas University Students


Billy Graham: As Long as You're In The World, Make It Better!


Pope Francis appointed a traditionalist as nuncio to Switzerland and now the knives are out


ISIS Sex Slave Survivor: 'What They Are Doing to Women Is More Difficult Than Death'


Franklin Graham Aids FBI in Resolving Standoff at Oregon Wildlife Refuge


In historic meeting Pope, Russian Patriarch decry abortion, defend traditional marriage


After Atheist Richard Dawkins Suffers Stroke, Twitter Users Debate over Praying for Him


Franklin Graham faces ire after rallying Georgians to fight gender ideology and gay ‘marriage’


Teenage Girl Refuses to Carry out Boko Haram Suicide Bombing


Why we’re calling all believers to pray right now for the Supreme Court


Illegal Trade in Body Parts Threatens Africans with Albinism


'Son of God' Actor Diogo Morgado on 'Love Finds You in Valentine,' Spirituality


Texas Church to Host over 300 Baptisms on Easter Sunday


Father of 5 Christian Children Seized by Norway Visits With Sons for First Time in Months


ISIS Crucifies Civilian 'Spies' on Advertising Billboards in Libya


Progressive Christians Want Jesus but Not the Bible


Margaret Sanger’s eugenics heyday in the federal government


Max Lucado on 'Glory Days,' Being a Grandparent and His Favorite Book of the Bible (Interview)


Franklin Graham Warns Christians Will 'Lose This Country' If They Don't Vote


Israeli man stabbed on street in Jerusalem ‘rose from the dead,’ says he’s unwilling to give up the land


Christians Protest Targeted Kidnappings and Killings in Egypt as 18-Y-O Girl Is Latest Victim


Ben Carson Aside, Many Christians & Muslims Believe We’re Living In The End Times


Pope Francis on Ash Wednesday: Let's share, be more sensitive


Wheaton 'Same God' Prof. Says Jesus Is Her Rock on Difficult Journey From Advent to Lent


Ohio TV station misses the point: dead babies in the trash


Doritos: Humanizing… humans?

- Pro-abort group slams Doritos Super Bowl ad for using ‘anti-choice tactic.’ It’s called ‘science.’

- The best response yet to the pro-abort freak-out over that Doritos Superbowl ad


EU Parliament Recognizes ISIS' Genocide of Christians, Calls on Nations to Take Action


NARAL president: I had to abort my baby so I could achieve my ‘dreams’


Megachurches Have Less Involved Members Than Smaller Congregations, Study Finds


Woman behind Roe v. Wade: Helping legalize abortion was ‘the biggest mistake of my life’


Super Bowl QB Cam Newton counts a Godly heritage, exhibits uneven path to glory

- Eagles QB Sam Bradford on Football: The Lord Is Out There With Me

- How Do Super Bowl 50 Advertisers Rank by Christian Consumers?


Pro-life investigator hits back with new footage after judge blocks release of abortion sting videos


To Fight ISIS, West Point Cadets Secretly Build Facebook Page


Matt Barber: Johnny Cash - The Unsung Disciple


Which Christianity Is in Decline?


Franklin Graham Denounces Obama's Visit to Mosque: 'Islam Cannot Save Anyone'


Christian woman who drank from a ‘Muslim well’ continues to languish in prison


Wheaton College, 'Same God' Professor Agree to Part Ways After 9 Years


Pakistani Christian Father Tortured to Convert to Islam, Considers Suicide, but Refuses


White House Details Why Obama Won't Call ISIS' Slaughtering of Christians 'Genocide'


Christians Who Oppose Spanking Say Norway Not in Violation of Parents' Rights


Indian Christian Man Publicly Shamed by Hindu Extremists for Allegedly Converting Locals


U.K. Unitarian Church Votes to Include Transgender People in Baptisms

- Olympic's Transgender Rules Unfair to Women Athletes


Francis Chan: You Can't Get Rid of Sin Without Embracing Suffering


Texas Church Begins $1M Project to Build Largest Cross in the US


Mark Burnett, Roma Downey: 'Friends Said We Were Idiots, Nobody's Gonna Watch 'The Bible'


What Hillary Misses When She Studies the Bible


Billy Graham's Grandson Tullian Tchividjian: God Has Met My Guilt With His Grace


Planned Parenthood investigator Daleiden refuses plea deal: ‘What we really want is an apology’


Following Jesus Is About Much More Than Killing Sin


Abortion activists attempt to use Zika virus outbreak to legalize abortion


On Political Correctness, Truth Telling, and Christians, Muslims Worshiping the Same God


The ‘traditional’ same-sex wedding


Phoenix City Council Replaces Prayer with Moment of Silence to Accommodate Satanists


Planned Parenthood at the nexus of evil and ignorance


Christian festival wins fight to sing name of ‘Jesus’ in Toronto square


A Modest Proposal to resolve euthanasia’s inconvenient problem


Panthers or Broncos? God Does Not Care


Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin? Eye-Opening Discussion from Jefferson Bethke


Emanuel AME Church Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Christian ‘Untouchables’ Planning Nationwide Rally in India (VIDEO)


Princeton’s Robert George: Are you ready to pay the price? The days of socially acceptable Christianity are over


David Daleiden’s partner Sandra Merritt gets bail in Houston


More Black Babies Aborted Than Born in NYC


Franklin Graham Cheers Iowa Results on Social Media, Declares #ChristianVotesMatter


Secret Video Claims Planned Parenthood Used 'Accounting Gimmicks' to Hide Illegal Profits

- VIDEO: Planned Parenthood official boasts of organ sales padding ‘the bottom line’


The culture war is a real war, with real bodies. I know because I held one.


This biotech company may be on the verge of a boom – but they only want pro-life investors


State senator wants Utah to declare pornography a ‘public health crisis’


Texas Megachurch to Pay PC(USA) $1.525 Million to Leave Denomination


Archaeologists Find Pool of Siloam, Confirm Gospel of John Accurate


Student: Gay-straight alliances are NOT a safe place for me


Abedini Rejects Wife's Explanation About Marriage Problems; Calls Her His Hero


Embattled pro-life investigator David Daleiden to discuss case on webinar Tuesday night

- Petition backing David Daleiden against Planned Parenthood passes 100,000 signatures


‘Quit the pro-life bulls—’: Vandals attack pro-life leader Jill Stanek’s house


'The Finest Hours' Movie Highlights Hope, Faith, and Fate of Epic Sea Rescue


‘Cowardly rabbits’: Bishop Schneider’s candid remarks on ‘semi-heretical’ Church leaders


Maryland Couple Sues Public School Claiming It Promoted Islamic Indoctrination


20-year-old Norwegian: ‘I was born the wrong species.’ I’m a cat.


Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the Populist Uprising of 2016: What Should Christians Do?


Washington State may abolish rule forcing businesses to let men into women’s bathrooms


120,000 People Starving in Syrian City Besieged by ISIS


Texas High Court Says Cheerleaders' Right to Put Bible Verses on Banners Must Be Protected


New documents prove Planned Parenthood profited from selling aborted body parts: pro-life group

- Aborted baby’s heart was beating as we harvested his brains: worker in new Planned Parenthood video (from 5 months ago)


The abortion of JFK’s children was evil – but it’s also a tragic loss


Bishop Warns: Lord’s Resistance Army Re-emerging in Central African Republic


UN report: ‘There is no definition of the family’


Evangelical Christian College President Refuses to Invite Trump to Speak


Charleston AME Church Names Woman as New Pastor for First Time After Church Shooting


Ohio Senate approves defunding Planned Parenthood

- Planned Parenthood defunding making progress in Wisconsin


Franklin Graham Helping Saeed and Naghmeh Abedini with Marital Struggles


Ken Ham Wins Million-Dollar Religious Freedom Case for Ark Encounter Theme Park


An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr. on His Trump Endorsement


Saeed Abedini Reunites With Children, Wife Naghmeh Files Domestic Relations Case


PETITION: Drop all charges against David Daleiden, investigate Planned Parenthood

- Activists behind Planned Parenthood videos accused of using fake licenses

- Tens of Thousands Call for Criminal Charges to Be Dropped Against David Daleiden

- Pro-life investigators respond to grand jury indictment: Planned Parenthood is guilty, not us

- Pro-lifers see a conflict of interest in prosecutor who sits on Texas Planned Parenthood board


Franklin Graham: 'I'm Surprised and Disappointed' Wheaton Faculty Supports Hijab-Wearing Professor


Winter Storm Jonas: The ‘act of God’ that finally made the March for Life go viral

- Pro-lifers stranded in D.C. after March for Life make it an ‘unexpected retreat’

- Stranded March for Life student: ‘Our little sufferings were nothing compared to’ abortion

- Blizzard didn’t dampen spirits at DC March for Life’s youth rally and Mass

- Ten of thousands walk for life in San Francisco


Parents share astonishing video of life-saving ‘in utero’ surgery on 18-week twins


Billy Graham: It's Easier to Face Adversity With God's Help Than Without It

- Franklin Graham Says God is America's 'Only Hope'


Franklin Graham Greets Saeed Abedini as He Returns to U.S.


Solid evidence reveals large March for Life turnout vs. NY Times’ “hundreds” and Post’s “thousands”

- 2016 March for Life heats up blizzard-stricken Washington (PHOTOS)

- Stranded Catholic March for Life participants celebrate mass on snow altar (photos)


Women Are Dying From Abortion but You Never Hear About It, Says OB-GYN


Star Wars and the Gospel of Jesus Christ


A Christian in Spite of Everything


NFL star who refused to meet Obama over abortion gives powerful talk at March for Life

- March for Life in D.C. Proceeds Despite Severe Winter Weather


Lutherans receive Communion at Vatican after meeting with Pope: report


Muslim Man Dies from Injuries Incurred While Protecting Christians


Christian college's faculty opposes effort to fire professor for comparing Christianity to Islam


Late-Term Abortionists Grieve Over the Babies They Kill, Planned Parenthood Undercover Investigator Says


HGTV 'Fixer Upper' Star's AMAZING Testimony Of Faith


American Bible Society Announces Top Ten Most Bible-Minded Cities in the Country


Church miracle? Attacker falls to ground, priest hails 'power in the name of Jesus'


Islamic State Destroys Oldest Christian Monastery in Iraq


Pope Francis raises the stakes for Catholics unwilling to accept ‘change’

- Pope changes church law that kept Holy Thursday foot-washing to Christian men

- Pope Francis Asks Renowned Atheist Not to Convert to Catholicism?


Black Lives Matter activists at Notre Dame: We don’t need ‘Christian, cis-heteronormative man’ like MLK to lead


Planned Parenthood Sues over Undercover Videos

- Supreme Court rejects heartbeat bill appeal


Israeli Woman Killed by Terrorist While Protecting Children

- Israel: Jewish Extremists Desecrate Christian Church


Irish Pastor Acquitted of Anti-Muslim Hate Speech


Wheaton Alumni Threaten Financial Support if 'Same God' Professor is Not Reinstated


Cardinal Sarah and our silent apostasy


John Piper on Whether God Calls Us to Career We Don't Enjoy


Boy and Girl Locker Rooms Going Extinct in States on U.S. Coasts

- LGBT Activists Target Christian Colleges over Title IX Exemptions


All-female Christian militia fights ISIS on front lines


Dentist Sued by Former Employees for Playing Christian Music in Clinic


5 Threats Homeschool Families Face, According to Activist and Cruz Supporter


Saeed Abedini Freed From Iranian Prison After Three Years


'13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' Movie Review


LEAVING A 'LEGACY': American missionary dies in Africa terror attack


New book-length interview shows Pope is awesomely merciful and sorely misled


Can You Live Without Revival?


Naghmeh Abedini: Christians Pursuing Fame Like the World Despite 'Enemies of God' Warning'


Cardinal Wuerl: Abortion is ‘the fundamental basic issue’ for 2016 election

- Personhood Alliance will now lobby full-time on Capitol Hill


Legal analyst: Emails show HHS mandate targeted Catholics, religious groups


Richard Dawkins Reveals Best Argument for God He's Ever Heard


Franklin Graham: 'State of the Union Can't Be Fixed Unless We Repent of Our Sins'


2015 Deadliest Year for Christians Worldwide, Open Doors' World Watch List Finds


USC asks students to disclose their sexual history before letting them register for classes


TODD STARNES EXCLUSIVE: Duck Commander Phil Robertson endorses Ted Cruz


PC(USA) Montreat Conf. Organizer Claims John 3:16 'Used for Hate, Intimidation and Fear'


Plot to Assassinate Benjamin Netanyahu Fails


Wheaton Takes First Steps to Fire Prof over Muslim, Christian Theology Dispute

- Let Wheaton and other Christian colleges be Christian


Imprisoned Asia Bibi Forgives Persecutors


David Bowie, Icon Who Experimented With Christianity, Dies After Battle With Cancer


New Jersey School Stops Saying 'God Bless America' to Avoid Costly ACLU Lawsuit


Five More Women Accuse IBLP Founder Bill Gothard of Sexual Abuse


Mexico: Persecution Forces 30 Christians to Flee Their Homes

- Christian Persecution Increases in Philippines


Parents fighting for ill newborn daughter’s life: ‘Why wouldn’t we try?’


'Rapefugees Not Welcome:' Mass Protests Flare in Germany Over Gang Sex Assaults


Evangelicals Urged to Join Upcoming March for Life in D.C.

- Ohio AG backs off investigating Planned Parenthood over dumping aborted babies in landfills


Islamic State Executes Christian Convert, Watchdog Group Says


John Piper on 60th Anniversary of Jim Elliot's Death: 'No One Can Frustrate the Designs of God'


New Scientific Study Explaining Where Water Came from Confirms Biblical Account


Franklin Graham: Refugee Mass Sex Attacks on Women Could Happen in America


Naghmeh Abedini Says She Continues to Follow Christ 'Despite the Cost'


John Piper Offers 7 Reasons Not to Play the Lottery

- Powerball Preys on the Poor


Fired Christian Fire Chief Pursues Lawsuit


Franklin Graham Addresses Open Letter to Obama on Gun Control


Thousands Protest Norwegian Embassies for Return of 5 Christian Children Seized by CPS


Israeli Woman Who Joined Fight against ISIS Gives Life to Christ


No Gay Marriage in Alabama, Chief Justice Roy Moore Says


College student: Swallowing the abortion pill was ‘torment’


Washington State pharmacists defy radical pro-abortion governor with legal appeal


NDQuits offers free services to help tobacco users quit


Being Found Guilty of 'Transphobia' Could Cost You $250,000


Washington State bathroom bill obliterates men’s and women’s rooms


Girl at center of ‘brain death’ controversy dies before Nevada hearing


Russell Moore, Jim Daly Call on Evangelicals to Join Catholics at March for Life


Five children seized by Norwegian gov’t to be adopted out, as protests grow


Cardinal Burke calls final synod doc ‘deceptive in a serious way’


Wheaton College Recommends Termination Proceedings for Hijab-Wearing Professor


Catholic education in 150-year battle for religious freedom


America will fall without a moral revival: Franklin Graham launches 50-state tour ahead of 2016 election


Willie and Korie Robertson Announce Adoption of 13-Year-Old Boy


Saudi Arabia says Iran must act 'normal' as allies scale back ties to Tehran


Growing number of Americans turn to faith-based groups for health coverage


Urbana Stopped Students for Life From Exhibiting but Gave #BlackLivesMatter Center Stage


Europe's Only Hope Is Christian Revival


Are New Year's Resolutions Biblical?


Wheaton, Hijab-wearing Prof Reach Impasse in Reconciliation Attempt


Prescription for a Truly Happy New Year From Mayo Clinic and the Apostle Paul


Massachusetts Court: Catholic School Must Hire Gay Employees


About That Father Who Is a Mother Married to a Mother Who Is the Father...


I Totally Missed Jesus This Christmas


Dad who who saved son’s life by armed, three-hour hospital standoff is freed from prison


Queen Elizabeth in Christmas Message: There is Hope even in the Midst of Darkness


Oregon Cake Makers Must Pay $135,000 after Refusing to Make a Cake for Gay Wedding


Imprisoned Christian Asia Bibi Forgives Her Persecutors


How Chuck Colson Appeals to Young Evangelicals


Religion News in 2015: Terror, Fear and Forgiveness


Pastor Shane Idleman Shares Why He Believes Churches are Dying


Franklin Graham Applauds Obama's Acknowledgment of Christian Persecution

- Palestinians Carry out Attacks against Town of Bethlehem on Christmas


England: Department of Education Says Britain is a Christian Country


Boko Haram Kills 16, Including Children, in Christmas Day Raid

- At Least 9 Killed in Philippines in Christmas Day Attack by Islamic Rebels


Interview: Former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi on 'Is Islam a Religion of Peace?' (Part 2)


Elle Is ‘flabbergasted’ that fetus on newsweek cover looks ‘like baby’ instead of ‘actual pregnancy’


Christmas Tornadoes and Flooding Leave Southern States in Turmoil


Muslims Risk Their Lives to Save Christians in Kenyan Bus Attack


Spanish Church Displays Nativity Scene Featuring Drowned Syrian Boy as Baby Jesus


1,000 Gather at Prayer Vigil for Canadian Pastor Sentenced to Life in North Korean Prison


Christian Female Militia Fights ISIS in Syria in Kurdish Dominant Region


Christian Family Whose 5 Children Seized by Gov't Launches 'Christmas Card' Campaign to Get Kids Back


Poor Pakistani Christian Families Face Slum Evictions Across Islamabad


ISIS Killing Down Syndrome and Disabled Babies, News Report Claims


In Reaching Out to Jews, The Vatican Forgets Who Jesus Is


Brunei Bans Christmas, Threatens 5 Years in Jail for Public Celebrations


Interview: Former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi on 'Do Muslims & Christians Worship the Same God?' (Part 1)


Kim Davis' Christian View of Marriage Will Now Be Accommodated in Kentucky


UK government mulls ‘crackdown’ on homeschoolers


Was Jesus Born on December 25th?


How an atheist taught me to trust in God’s providence: A bizarre Christmas story


Franklin Graham: The Planned Parenthood funding bill is a good example of why I’ve quit the GOP


UK Mother Wins Custody of Kids After Failed Attempt to Take Them to Syria to Join ISIS


Muslim Women Say Wearing 'Solidarity Hijabs' Only Helps Radical Clerics


John Piper Speaks Out Against Jerry Falwell's Call for Liberty Students to Carry Guns


John-Henry Westen: Love alone is credible in the fight for life, family, and cultural renewal


NYC will fine employers up to $250,000 for referring to ‘transsexuals’ by their natural gender


CP's Top 10 News Stories of 2015 (Part 1)


City says police were wrong to stop pro-life carolers outside abortion clinic


Benjamin Netanyahu: 'Christians ... are Suffering a lot because of Radical Islam'


Discovery of Ancient Marble Slab Proves Existence of Jewish Settlement


Charlie Brown’s Christmas – but this audience wasn’t standing for it

- Franklin Graham Praises Audience for Reciting Banned Bible Verse at 'Charlie Brown Christmas' Play


1,000 Gather at Prayer Vigil for Canadian Pastor Sentenced to Life in N. Korean Prison


Russell Moore on Why Wheaton College Suspended Prof. for Saying Muslims Worship Same God


School censors Gospel from

Youtube banned this powerful pro-life music video. Then the artist sued.

- ACLU Sues Christian Hospitals for Their Refusal to Perform Abortions


John Piper: Christians Should Obey Gov't for God's Sake


Christian Family from Syria Being Held in Detention Camp in U.S.

- Refugees from Syria, Iraq Seek Help to Survive


‘Transaging’?: Father leaves wife, 7 children to live as 6-year-old girl


Chinese Christian Says He and His Church do Not Fear Government Persecution


Parents Outraged after Students Practice Writing in Arabic 'There is No God but Allah'


Little Boy Asks Mall Santa to Pray with Him for Hospitalized Baby


Hundreds of Ministers Enroll in Firearm Expert's Free Gun-training Course

- North Korea Gives Life Sentence to Canadian Pastor


Israeli Website Posts Interviews with Messianic Jews on Front Page


Planned Parenthood Reportedly ‘Steam-cooks’ Aborted Fetuses before Disposing of Them


Christian Singer and College Student Jordan Smith Wins 'The Voice'


Newly-released Memoir Reveals the Horrors of Living in North Korea


Ugandan Policeman Killed after Converting to Christianity from Islam

- Egyptian Brothers Add to Tally of Christians Killed in Libya


Chris Tomlin Co-writer Ed Cash Part of a Prosperity Gospel Cult


Atheist Group: Tennessee City Police Dept. Should Stop Asking People to Pray for Cops

- Nebraska Capitol to Have Atheist Display Instead of Nativity for Christmas


Survey: Same-sex Marriage, Pope Francis Top Religion Stories of Year


Christian Univ. Awarded Right to Refuse Gay Students, Students Who Had Abortions


Dylann Roof, the Black Church and 'The Love That Forgives'


Pastor on Trial for Calling Islam ‘Satanic’


Vatican Is Wrong, Jews Need Jesus for Salvation, Says Messianic Group


Texas Mother Sues Hospital for Deciding to End Life-Sustaining Treatment of Son


Glenn Beck, Johnnie Moore Evacuate 149 Iraqi Christian Refugees to Slovakia (EXCLUSIVE)


‘The Voice’ Finalist Says His Faith Gives Him Strength and Joy


Coming Out as Conservative Evangelical Harder Now Than Being Gay, Ryan Anderson Says


LeBron James: Jesus is the Only Person You Can Rely on


ISIS Releases 25 Assyrian Christian Hostages


China Raids Christian Church Amid Ongoing Crackdown Targeting Believers


Christian Athlete Lolo Jones Praises God Through Hip Surgery Recovery


'Coat of Many Colors' Actor Ricky Schroder: 'I Cursed God' After Wife's Miscarriage


Why Don't Christians Act Like Christ?

- Duggar daughters discuss their brother's sins


Saudi Arabia Stifled True Death Count in Hajj Stampede: 2,411


Christians Affected by Middle East Turmoil Have Been Forgotten, Says Reporter


Americans Fear Terrorism, Mass Shootings — and Often Muslims as Well

- Churches Settling Refugees against Governors’ Wishes


North Carolina Magistrates under Fire for Refusing to Marry Gay Couples


Minnesota town residents respond en mass to nativity removal (Video)


'Stoner Jesus' Group in Colorado Gets Together to Smoke Weed and Study God's Word


‘Sacrilege’: Catholic leaders react to Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show

- Catholics Shouldn’t Try to Convert Jews, Says New Vatican Document


Stephen Colbert Preaches Why Thoughts and Prayers Matter


Rick Warren: 'We Have to Learn to Love the Church'


Huge Gospel Choir in Philippines Breaks World Record


Catholic Churches in India Cancel Christmas Festivities in Order to Help Flooding Victims


Atheist Group Demands Removal of Bibles from Hotel Rooms


Are authorities stonewalling in calling stabbing attack 'domestic terrorism'?

- Minn. man accused of conspiring to help ISIS

- 2 Afghan nationals training at Georgia Air Force base reported missing

- Growing number of law enforcement officials urging licensed owners to carry guns


Catholic Church Blown up by Unidentified Attackers in Yemen


Former Guantanamo detainee appears in latest Al Qaeda in Yemen video

- 5 face charges of plotting terror attack in Australia


Five South Koreans arrested after woman dies in apparent exorcism at German hotel


Iranian woman to be stoned to death as world marks UN 'Human Rights Day'


Man Sues Museum over ‘Racist’ Paintings of Jesus


Evangelicals Name Benjamin Netanyahu as Top World Leader


College President’s Letter to Sniveling Students Strikes a Chord


Government Crackdown Forces Chinese Church to Close


Police in Geneva hunt suspects with 'possible links’ to Paris terror attacks

- Paris Attacks Exacerbate Refugee Crisis

- Dutch court convicts 6 Muslim men of participating in terrorist recruiting network


Christian Orphanage Accused of Illegally Taking in Children and Brainwashing Them


Christians Take Shelter in Ancient Monastery While Fleeing from ISIS

- Erbil Airport Closure Delays Christians Leaving Iraq for Europe


Picture of innocence: Baby orphaned by terrorists at center of custody battle

- MATCH MADE IN HELL: Terrorists likely forged bond in jihadist forums

- Federal authorities set to indict friend who bought guns for San Bernardino terrorist

- Christians among Victims in California Attack

- San Bernardino Victim had Clashed with Shooter over Israel, Holocaust


Accused Colo. Planned Parenthood shooter shouts in court 'I'm guilty'

- Colorado Gunman a Stranger to Local Pro-lifers


Pregnant Chinese Pro-life Activist Safe in U.S.


'Christian Terrorists' don't exist!

- Terrorism is an Islamic Issue, Say Some Muslims


African Troops Free Boko Haram Hostages, Arrest Militant Fighters

- Woman Who Survived 5 Weeks in Boko Haram Camp Speaks for First Time


Liberty University President Being Criticized for Pro-gun, Anti-Muslim Comments

- Hillary Clinton Accuses Liberty University President of ‘Comforting’ ISIS


Muslim Man Who Beat Christian Wife Undergoes Miraculous Conversion


Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with faith-based products (Video)


San Bernardino gunman obsessed with ISIS and Israel, dad says

- Farook’s Coworker: ‘I Think he Married a Terrorist’

- A COUPLE HELL-BENT ON JIHAD massacre 14 in San Bernadino?



- GoFundMe Changes Policy to Ban Fundraising for Those Accused of ‘Discriminatory Acts’



Weinstein gets one-word response from AFA over anti-Christian map



Sage's Story - Running from ICWA (Video)


Watchman Nee - Chinese Martyr


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