Mind-Boggling: New Space Image Reflects the Glory of God in the Universe


Mike Pence reveals Trump regularly asks to open White House meetings in prayer


Trump claims he misspoke about Russian meddling in Putin press conference


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This Was Billy Graham's Final Prayer for the World on His 99th Birthday

- Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America


Bible Studies in the White House: an Active Spiritual Awakening

The Election of Donald Trump - 2016 in Headlines


US News



Trump uses ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ for foes

- Trump Course Corrects on Russian Press Conference

- Trump-Putin Summit: 'World Wants to See Us Get Along'


As Optimistic Trump Opens Door to Putin, These Words May Land Trump in Hot Water




The Real Reason the British Left is Protesting Trump


Evangelist Alveda King: Tide Turns in Crosshairs of Kavanaugh, Media and "Roe V Wade" Movie


Black Christian Leaders Call on Paul Ryan to Censure Maxine Waters' 'Call to Extremism'


U.S. Congressman introduces bill targeting leftists who wear masks while rioting


Rush Limbaugh: Elections are the ‘only thing standing’ in the left’s way


Court Order Permanently Protects Christian School from Obamacare Abortion Mandate


Sarah Palin blasts Sacha Baron Cohen for mocking, impersonating vets in interview


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Resigning after 'Unrelenting Attacks'


'I Am Dedicated to Protecting the Lives of Every American Including the Unborn': President Trump's Remarkable Letter to the Right to Life Convention


Trump: ‘I’m Putting Conservative People’ on the Supreme Court


Democrat Strategist Said He Received Pushback for Urging Party to Welcome Biblical Values


Political Hostility Escalates: 'Is America Headed Toward a Civil War?'


There May Be No More Pro-Abortion House Republicans by Next Year


Who's On the President's List of Potential Supreme Court Nominees to Replace Justice Kennedy?

- Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring: President Trump Gets a Second SCOTUS Pick

- Liberals freak out over Kennedy retirement: ‘abortion access, same-sex marriage…on the line now’

- SCOTUS Decision Means Labor Unions Can't Force Non-Members to Contribute


Supreme Court Rules in Favor of President Trump's Travel Ban


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes Public: "The Calls for Harassment against Any Trump Supporter to Avoid the Public is Unacceptable"

- Mike Huckabee: Restaurant kicking out my daughter ‘nothing like’ Christian baker


Trump: Media N. Korea Coverage 'Almost Treasonous'


Trump Admin. May Use DNA Tests to Prove Parents, Not Traffickers, Are Crossing Border With Children


President Trump Signs Executive Order Preventing Separation of Immigrant Families: Critics Still Not Happy


US Quits the UN Human Rights Council: "Chronic Bias Against Israel"


56 lawmakers demand Planned Parenthood be investigated for covering-up child sex-abuse


"We Can Fix This": Ted Cruz Proposal to Ensure that Illegal Immigrant Families Stay Together

- Ted Cruz Introduces Emergency Legislation to End Trump's Family Separation Policy for Immigrants


Senate May Block Turkey's Purchase of Military Planes Until Imprisoned American Pastor Is Released


Proposal to Split California into Three States Hits Ballots in November


Mike Pence SBC Meeting Speech Slammed for Focusing on Trump, Politics


President Trump: Otto Warmbier Did Not Die in Vain


For the First Time, Iran Admits Its Connection to 9/11


"Anyone Can Make War, Only the Most Courageous Can Make Peace"--Here's the Agreement Made with North Korea Regarding Christians, Troops on the Ground


The Announcement of Mike Pence's Speech at SBC Meeting Creates Controversy


"I Felt Foolish, and I Hated It; But We Had No Choice": President Trump on His Previous Rhetoric with Kim Jong Un


Globalist George Soros laments Trump’s victory: ‘everything…has gone wrong’


Trump, Kim Jong Un sign 'comprehensive' document


Rodman blasts Obama, says Kim was willing to talk 5 years ago


Congressional Leaders Demand HHS Investigate Planned Parenthood's Cover Up of Sex Crimes


Pence Vows Trump Admin Is Aiding Middle East Christians, Fighting Bureaucratic Delays


Ted Cruz Shares 7 Biggest Christian Conservative Victories Since Trump Took Office


'At Night, We Heard Pregnant Mothers Screaming': Defectors Recount Horrors of North Korea


56 lawmakers demand Planned Parenthood be investigated for covering-up child sex-abuse


Former Inmate, Alice Marie Johnson—Pardoned by President Trump and Now Released from Prison—Speaks Out


Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Calls Bluff of Feminists Who Support Stormy Daniels


President Trump Clears Rumors, Blasts Mainstream Media after Constant Attacks on Melania


Supreme Court sides with Trump: won’t declare ‘right’ to abortion for illegal immigrants


It's Good to Remember These Amazing Words of Faith Spoken by our President Trump, Last Month


President Trump Signs 'Right To Try Act,' Allowing Patients to Seek Alternative Treatment


5 Facts About Immigration Policy Separating Children From Parents, 1,475 Missing Children


State Department Unveils Plan to Wipe Out Religious Persecution Around the World


RNC, Trump campaign warn Facebook and Twitter not to censor conservatives


US Still Preparing for Trump-Kim Summit Should it Take Place


Pro-life Trump judicial nominee Wendy Vitter clears Senate committee vote


North Korea Changes Its Tune: 'Willing to Sit Down Face-to-Face'


New Surgeon General is Enlisting the Help of Churches to Help Solve the Opioid Crisis in U.S.




President Trump's Funding Ban Forces International Abortion Giants to Cut African Operations


Democratic Senators Fuse Faith and Politics in Appeal to Mainline Preachers


House Passes Trump-Backed Prison Reform Bill, Now It's in the Senate's Hands


Trump Quotes Jeremiah 1:5 at Pro-Life Gala, Says 'Every Life Has Meaning'

- Life is the ‘true source of America’s greatness,’ President Trump tells pro-life gala


Trump Suggests Summit With NKorea's Kim Could be Delayed


Trump to Cut Millions in Funding for Planned Parenthood, Abortion Providers


Birth Rates in US Have Fallen to Record Low, According to New Report


North Korea 'Playing Hardball' with Trump, Trying to Extort More Concessions Ahead of Summit


Nikki Haley Doubles Down at UN on Hamas' Responsibility for Gaza Deaths


Judge Jeanine Pirro: Trump Fulfills a 'Biblical Prophecy' by Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem


Trump Admin. to Strengthen Religious Freedom Protections for Christian Colleges


Pastor Unseats Sitting US Congressman: Could This Be a New Trend?


'We Can Look Away, But We Can't Say We Didn't Know': Cries of the Persecuted Church Find the Ear of Capitol Hill


CIA Nominee on Waterboarding: 'My Moral Compass is Strong'


Trump: Summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un Set for Next Month in Singapore


Trump Admin Being Filled With Christians Who Are ‘on Fire for Christ’ — Pence Might Be the Reason


Secretary of State Pompeo is Returning from North Korea with 3 American Christian Detainees


Israel Destroys 50 Iranian Targets in Syria after Iran Launches Missiles at Golan Heights


Israeli Air Strike Thwarts Iranian Attack that coincided with President Trump's announcement

- Trump Withdraws from ‘One-sided’ Iran Deal to Prevent ‘Brink of a Nuclear Breakout’


Kansas, Oklahoma pass bills letting religious adoption agencies reject same-sex parents


New Executive Order Aims to Protect Religious Liberty from Government Overreach


Trump Issues Statement on National Day of Prayer: 'Let Us Come Together to Thank God'


South Carolina Senate Approves Bill Banning 97 Percent of Abortions


Pres. Trump Declares "Jewish American Heritage Month": Community is "A Light Unto the Nations"


12 National Day of Prayer Quotes by American Presidents


Trump admin investigating Hawaii for forcing pregnancy centers to advertise abortion


Trump may deny Planned Parenthood $50M+ per year in Title X funding: report


Trump Tells Buhari: ‘We Cannot Allow Christians to Be Murdered’


‘Nones’ Get Their First Congressional Caucus


AP Admits President Trump Might be Right About Judge's Political Leanings Influencing Their Rulings


'The United States Is with Israel in This Fight': Pompeo Joins Netanyahu Against Iran


Trump to Meet Nigerian President; Will He Discuss Killing of Christians?


South Korea's Moon: Trump Should Win the Nobel Peace Prize


Foul, Vulgar White House Correspondent's Dinner Has Decent Americans Absolutely Disgusted: "Throw the Bums Out!"


Senate Confirms Christian Mike Pompeo as New Secretary of State


Paul Ryan boots pro-gay Jesuit as U.S. House chaplain


White House Doctor Ronny Jackson Withdraws as VA Secretary Nominee


A-List Rapper Defends Kanye West’s Trump Love


The REAL Donald Trump: Top Aide for 26 Years Says There's a Public, Tough Side to Trump and a Different Private Side


Trump to Halt HHS Rule Forcing Christian Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Sex Change Surgeries


40 dignitaries to attend dedication of US embassy in Jerusalem on May 14


5 Faith Facts about Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State Nominee


US State Department Report Drops "Occupied" From References to Judea and Samaria


I Was at the Wheaton Meeting; It Wasn't 'Crazy Trump Bashing'


Black pro-Trump bloggers censored by Facebook to testify before Congress


Evangelical Leaders' Wheaton College Meeting Was Not Anti-Trump, Organizer Clarifies


Pompeo’s Kansas Church Asks God to ‘Give Him Strength’ in Senate Confirmation Process


"The U.S. Has No Better Friends Anywhere" Than Israel: President Trump Congratulates Israel on Historic Independence Day


LGBT lobby group targets VP Pence: He’s ‘one of the greatest threats’ to our agenda


Former First Lady Barbara Bush Passes Away at 92


Brainwashing of a Generation?: New "Blatantly Biased" American History Textbook Describes Trump Voters as "Sexist, Backwards People Supporting a Mentally-Ill Candidate"


Twitter suspends right-wing commentator Mark Dice for saying transsexualism is a mental illness


Trump Declaration, Second Chance Month for Ex-Cons, Based on Biblical Values


California Bill Threatens Religious Freedom of Those Who Oppose Homosexuality


U.S., Britain and France launch air strikes in Syria




As Facebook Reels, Silicon Valley Dabbles in Ethics

- How the Response to the Facebook Data Breach Demonstrates Human Folly


Pres. Trump Signs Exec. Order Pushing Work Requirement for Welfare: Promotes Marriage, Family


House Speaker Ryan: Leaving Office So Kids Won't Know Only a 'Weekend Father'


Trump signs bill cracking down on websites that help sex traffickers


Lawmakers confront Zuckerberg on cases of anti-life, anti-religious discrimination

- Ted Cruz Questions Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook's 'Pervasive Pattern of Bias' against Conservatives

- Facebook shouldn’t ban pro-life views, Zuckerberg tells Congress

- House Republicans grill Facebook’s Zuckerberg on ‘bias against conservative news’

- Facebook declares black, pro-Trump social media stars ‘unsafe for community’

- Zuckerberg: Censoring black pro-Trump bloggers Diamond and Silk was an ‘error’


Conservatives blame Republican Senate leader for Democrat obstruction of Trump nominees


Israel Strikes Syria While Pres. Trump Threatens "Animal" Assad for Horrific Chemical Attack


Wisconsin Governor Signs Law Barring Abortion Coverage for Government Workers


Justice Clarence Thomas Assures Parkland Survivor that the 2nd Amendment Stands


WHY did Jerry Falwell Jr. Say Trump Shouldn't Apologize if Stormy Daniels Affair True??


Evangelical Leaders Not Planning Meeting With Trump Over Stormy Daniels Controversy: Johnnie Moore


Trump includes preborn in ‘Child Abuse Prevention Month’ declaration


Websites shutting down across the internet after Congress passes sex-trafficking law


Female Attacker Dead After Shooting at Least Three at YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California


Maximum Pressure on Congress: ACLJ's Petition to Senate for Confirmation Voting of Nominated Secretary of State and Others


Trump Kills DACA on Easter Morning


Wisconsin governor signs bill banning abortion insurance coverage for state employees


In Case You Missed It: Pres. Trump's Easter and Passover Message: "God's Love Redeems the World"



- Undercover Videos Alleging Sale of Aborted Baby Parts Can’t Be Released: SCOTUS


Numbers Reveal Only 10 Percent of Anti-Gun 'March For Our Lives' in DC Was Made Up of Teen Students


Washington Backlash Brews as Google, Facebook Bully Conservatives on Social Media: Vice-President Pence Concerned about Their Control and Influence


Trump-Friendly "Roseanne" Revival's Huge Debut Stuns Hollywood: Prompts "Soul-Searching"


After Poisoning of Spy, Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russian Intelligence Officers


Trump signs $1.3 trillion budget bill that still funds Planned Parenthood

- Johnson Amendment Remains Intact in Latest Omnibus Spending Bill


Juanita Broaddrick Slams David Hogg, Bill Clinton During Anti-Gun March

- CNN Rebukes David Hogg After His Recent Anti-NRA Rant


Trump unveils final details of transgender troop ban


Planned Parenthood boos Trump’s new security adviser John Bolton


Trump's Nominee for Sec. of State Mike Pompeo: 5 Quotes on Jesus, the Rapture, War on Radical Islam


It Doesn’t Matter, Stormy. We Want Donald Trump.


President Trump Appoints Strongly Pro-life Secretary of State to Replace Rex Tillerson


Kentucky House Passes Bill That Bans Dismemberment Abortions




Rex Tillerson Fired! Mike Pompeo to Become New Secretary of State


'No Evidence of Collusion': House Panel Ends Russia Investigation


I Agree With Chuck Todd on Donald Trump's Vulgarity


Religious liberty bill, unthinkable during Obama term, reborn in the age of Trump


Putin on Alleged US Election Interference: 'I Don’t Care'


A Defiant Netanyahu Opens UN Exhibit on Jerusalem: Thanks Nikki Haley for Being a "Tsunami of Fresh Air"


U.S. Hiring Surge: Employers Add 313K Jobs in February as Tax Cut Confidence Booms, Minority Unemployment at Historic Lows


Swedish Prime Minister Admits Trump was Right on Immigration & Gang Violence


U.S. taxpayers gave abortion groups $1.6 billion in three years: gov’t report


VP Pence, Netanyahu Headline AIPAC: Things to Look for at the Conference


Mississippi Senate Votes to Ban Abortions after 15 Weeks!


Enraged Atheists Condemn Congress for Honoring Billy Graham


Iowa Senate Passes Bill Banning Abortions on Babies with Beating Hearts


President Trump Backs George P. Bush, Jeb's Son, in Texas Race


Mike Pence: This Generation Can Be the One to End Legal Abortion


13 Presidents Who Were Influenced by Billy Graham


Planned Parenthood will pour $20 million into midterm elections to fight Trump


Full House Intelligence Committee GOP rebuttal to Democrat 'FISA Memo' rebuttal (5 pages, PDF)


U.S. Embassy Will Open in Jerusalem This May to Celebrate Israel's 70th Anniv


Florida House Passes Bill Requiring "In God We Trust" to be Posted in All Public Schools


Fate of Trump’s transgender military ban still unclear


President Trump Supports Proposal to Arm Teachers


'God's Ambassador': How Billy Graham Touched the Life and Faith of President Trump


Presidents Pay Tribute to Rev. Billy Graham


5 Things to Know About the Russia Investigation, Mueller Indictments, Trump Collusion


Planned Parenthood Sues Trump Admin for Cutting Funding to Radical Sex Ed Programs


Mueller: NO AMERICANS, but 13 Russians Interfered in Election - To No Affect


'In These Moments of Darkness, We Hold onto God's Word' Trump re: FL Shooting


Warnings from the Founding Fathers on Our Reckless National Spending and Debt


President Trump Donates His 4th-Quarter Salary to Rebuilding the Country's Infrastructure


Keeping Promises, President Trump Unveils a Pro-Life Budget; Here's What's in It


Trump’s budget proposes defunding some abortion providers


Gov’t report finds overwhelming acceptance of U.S. abortion funding restrictions


Trump’s Education Department will no longer accept LGBT student bathroom complaints: report


Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, Evangelical Leaders Discuss 2018 With Ivanka


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Argues with CNN's Jake Tapper about Moving Embassy to Jerusalem


Trump's Envoy to Israel Tells Abbas, Palestinians, "Stop Denying Jewish History"


Trump at Prayer Breakfast Says US ‘Strengthened by the Power of Prayer’


Trump's New Religious Freedom Amb. Praises Islamic Scholars in First Public Speech


Pro-Israel Group Targeted by IRS During Obama Administration is Finally Vindicated


READ THE MEMO – House Intelligence Committee Report On FISA Abuses


5 Trump Cabinet Members and Their Christian Faith


Trump Administration Relentless in Fighting Mideast Terror: Designates Hamas Leader as "Global Terrorist"


CBS: Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve of President Trump's SOTU Speech


President Trump's Border Wall Prototypes Pass 'Rigorous Testing'; said to be 'Virtually Impassable'


Trump 'Scorched' NFL Flag Protests in His Address Last Night


Top 10 Highlights From Trump's First State of the Union Speech




U.S. Senate rejects banning late-term abortions of babies who feel pain


Is the 'Deep State' Real? Robert Gates Responds



Pence: Trump Prays for Persecuted Christians, Says ISIS Will Be Destroyed


A Political Glossary Part IV - Addressing laws such as ICWA


Rare Footage of Pres. Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

- Reagan's 'Sign Of The Cross Speech'


Should Christians be in politics?

 - Our Citizenship: Social Activism

- The Mount Vernon Statement

- SIGN the Manhattan Declaration



Links to Issues




Creation vs Evolution

Chaos in the U.S.











Christian Persecution


(Below Ministry & Missions - click here)


Ministry & Missions


Franklin Graham Banned, Asking for Prayers


'Government Shouldn't Murder Its Citizens': 'Chains Not Change' Rally Calls Out China Human Rights Abuses


On 10-Year Anniversary, YouVersion Bible App Has Been Downloaded 330 Million Times


PRAY: American Christian Missionaries Trapped By Armed Civilians in Haiti




Urgent Prayer Directive from Lou Engle: A Crucial Turning Point for America


President Buhari, Please Stop the Muslim Slaughter of Nigerian Christians




Faith-based Agencies Open Doors to Kids Separated at the Border


Prayer Alert: Desperate Situation as About 200 Christians Murdered in Horrific Killing Spree by These Two Muslim Terror Groups


Samaritan's Purse to Help Rebuild 55 Churches in Hurricane-damaged Puerto Rico


PRAY: China’s ‘Underground’ Churches Ordered to Apply for Permits, Seek Guidance From State-Approved Organizations


5 Women Working for Christian Missionary Group Gang-Raped at Gunpoint in India


Women's Ministry Speaker Says It's Not Cruel to Teach Kids They're Sinners


How 750 People Came to Christ at a Mega Secular Music Fest


Franklin Graham Rallies Christians to Pray Against This "Wicked" School Decision


URGENT PRAYER Alert from Heidi Baker of IRIS Ministries: Terrorists Brutally Attack Area Near Them in Mozambique, Pray for Peace!


Thousands Come to Christ at Harvest America 2018

- Greg Laurie's Harvest America Aims to Bring Hope, Healing and Revival


Hundreds of Thousands March for Jesus in Brazil: One of the "Largest Gatherings of Its Kind"


Police Donate House, Food to Homeless Family Living in Car


Largest Evangelistic Event in US History Coming to Dallas Cowboys' AT&T Stadium


Pray for Guatemala: '1300 Degree Fahrenheit Pyroclastic Flows' from Volcano Engulf Guatemalans as They Flee; Leaves Victims Frozen in Ash Like Pompeii


Christian Band Member Shares Inspiring Faith Transformation: 'Only God Could Have Done Any of It'


Sex Abuse in Humanitarian Groups, Christian Ministries: Who Is Left to Trust?


Pastor Who Had Porn Addiction for 17 Years Finds Healing, Starts Ministry With Wife


Inspired by God, this Young Texas Man's Act of Kindness has Gone Viral 'I pray that God allows me to be used every day'


Woman Whose Google Anti-Abortion Talk Went Viral Says Christians Must Pray Before Confronting Culture


Inmate Gets Out of Prison and Calls Rush Limbaugh With Epic Story of Redemption


'More Than One-Third of Humanity Will Never Hear About Jesus': Day to Reach the Unreached Set for May 20


Trump Will Be Keynote Speaker at Major Pro-life Group's Event


Christian "March of Nations" Fills Jerusalem with Love and Prayer as the "Real Victory Over Nazism"


Prayer Alert: Ebola is Back, 2 Confirmed Cases in Congo


U.S. Missionary Lost At Sea: 'We Are Standing in Faith That He Will Be Rescued'




Trump Religious Freedom Order Helps Charities Serve Over 13.7 Million in Need, Analysis Finds


New center in honor of St. Gianna Molla to be established in U.S.


Wycliffe - 2000 Languages in the world are unwritten – Press Release


Beth Moore Writes Open Letter to 'Brothers in Christ' on What It's Like to Be a Woman in Ministry


Conservative Non-Profit Kicked Out of Amazon Smile Program


Christian ministry forced to cancel LA conference due to bill banning Biblical views on sexuality


Tim Keller, John Piper, Andy Stanley Ranked Among Top 12 'Most Effective' Preachers in America


PRAY: Italian Air Ambulance Waiting Outside Hospital as Emergency Court Hearing Determines Fate of Alfie Evans


As Harvest America 2018 Approaches, Pastor Greg Laurie Reflects on Evangelistic Work of Billy Graham




Here's What Patricia Heaton Did Right After "The Middle" Finale: Her Prayer Request Goes Viral


Pray for Vice President Pence as LGBT Group Targets Him With Hateful Attacks


Christian Film Festival Creates Launching Pad for Faith-Based Filmmakers


Church Partners with Facebook to Further Community Outreach


Prayer Alert! Trial Begins for Oregon Judge Targeted for Christian Beliefs


Alabama Football Team Prayed over President Trump during White House Visit


Open Doors Calls on Christians to Pray for Syria After US-Coalition Airstrikes


Over 350 student groups walk out of class Tuesday to protest abortion

- Media Silent as Students Across America Participate in Pro-Life Walkout


Wycliffe Associates Seeking to Make the Bible Accessible in 69 DRC Language Groups Using Rapid Translation Method


How to Be a Justice Seeker in a World Filled with Injustice


Prayers Flood Canada after Fatal Bus Crash Kills 10 Young Hockey Players and 5 Others: Country in Deep Mourning


Must See! The Holy Spirit Moves Through Crowd of 2000 Soldiers Praising the "Reckless Love of God"


Prayer Alert: 'Millions of Martyrs': Hamas Vows Cash for Injuries and Deaths in New Gaza Border Clashes


Every Parent Needs to Read This Gut-Wrenching Obituary of 12-year-old Suicide Victim


Franklin Graham's Quest to 'Pierce America's Blue Wall for Christ'


Grassroots church focuses on making abortion unthinkable, unavailable in black community


We Must Overcome the Fear of Reaching Loner Teenagers


How to Stream Uplifting and Encouraging Christian Movies Online for Free 10 Free Pure Flix Films to Grow Your Faith and Family Values in X-Rated World 10 Free Pure Flix Films to Grow Your Faith and Family


Persecuted Iraqi, Syrian Christians Receive Over $1 Million From US Charity for Easter


Thousands Coming to Christ through Billy Graham's Legacy, Even after His Death


6 Special Features of the MLK50 Christian Racial Unity Event


Victory: Alabama sidewalk counselors vindicated in court


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Partnering with SiriusXM to Stream Graham's Easter Messages


Turkey Calls Evangelism An Act of 'Terrorism,' Charges American Pastor


Interest in Bible Translation Has 'Gone Viral' Says Leader of Wycliffe Associates


Because of Billy Graham, the World Will Never Be the Same


Incredible Facility for Pregnant Women in Crisis Opens, "All Completely Free of Charge"


Wycliffe Associates Looks to Begin Translation Projects


Red Carpet Premiere: Story of Jesus Told Like Never Before Now at Sight & Sound Theatres


Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Weekend Raised More Than $2.2 Million for Children Around the World


What Does Battling Witchcraft in Some of the Most Remote Areas of the World Look Like? (Interview)


Pray for Rwanda: Government Shuts Down 700 Churches for 'Being too Noisy'


‘Please ask everyone you know to pray for me…’ Teen Asks for Prayers as she Enters Hospice Care


Greg Laurie to Unite with Hundreds of Churches, Thousands of Simulcasts for Harvest America


'First of its Kind' Bible Project Connects Imprisoned, Homeless and Hurting Women With the Gospel


Somalia: Impoverished Secret Church Reaches Out to Persecuted Orphans


LIFE Runners halfway to their goal to cross the nation in defense of the unborn


Ohio Clergy Members Band Together and Stand for Israel; Ten Days Later They Begin Receiving Huge Blessings in Return


How to Pray for Your Child Who Is Away From God


PRAY: 'Sweet Cakes by Melissa' Owners Reach Oregon Supreme Court with Religious Liberty Appeal


Will a Big--"Very Big"--Spiritual Awakening Begin in Portland, Oregon, Soon? This Bethel Leader Believes it Will


Interest in Bible Translation Has 'Gone Viral' Says Leader of Wycliffe Associates


New Testament dedication ceremony in Southern Sudan. [video]


At the Olympics, Thousands of Missionaries Compete for Souls


Is Billy Graham’s Death Opening Up an Opportunity to Share the Gospel?


Offstage and On, Billy Graham’s Ministry Was a Team Effort

- Billy Graham's Lasting Legacy: Preacher, Evangelist, Servant of God


Sadie Robertson Helps People Overcome Anxiety With New YouVersion Devotional


The Powerful Bible Verse Billy Graham Posted in BIG Letters All Over His Home Perfectly Exemplified His Life and Ministry


These monks are saving babies from abortion with a cup of coffee


Christian Ministry Open Doors is Helping Restore Nearly 700 Homes Destroyed by ISIS


Christian Leaders Call America to Prayer after School Shooting in Florida


Son of Imprisoned North Korean Man Asks for Help, Prayer for Father


Austrian Evangelical Community 'Adopts' 100 Christian IDF Soldiers


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Deployed to Westerville, Ohio, and Richardson, Texas, after Law Enforcement Officers Shot and Killed


International Mission Board President David Platt Announces Resignation


Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' Touches 90,000 Guests with God's Love

- Tim Tebow Says Special Needs Prom Night to Shine is 'The Best Night of My Life'


Evangelicals Join Interfaith Leaders in Washington to Promote Religious Tolerance


Understanding Jesus Through the Eyes of an Arab Christian, Jerusalem Native (Interview)


UK Activists Try to Prevent Franklin Graham from Preaching, But He Says "I'm Not Coming to Preach Hate, I'm Here to Preach About a Savior"


Second Lady Karen Pence: How Music, Art Therapy is Healing Military Members


Did You Know You Can Send a Letter of Encouragement to a Persecuted Believer?


Despite Critics, Worship Leader Says IHOP's 24/7 Prayer Movement is Centered on Christ


Victims of Trafficking Share How God's Love Gave Them Hope




'Prayer is Changing Our City,' Says Pastor of Largest Church on Capitol Hill


Hate Hollywood But Want to Love and Pray for the Lost There? Insider Explains How Christianity is Growing in "One of the Loneliest Cities Ever"


Hashtag Tips for Inter net Evangelism and Networking


Ministry Is Shaped by the Condition of the Heart: Awe Puts Us in Our Place


Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook


Humility Key to Effective Leadership

- 8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

- The most appreciated pastors preach and teach Word of God


Feature: is God calling you to become a 'techie missionary'?

- Social Media: Latest Evangelism Tool

- Internet Evangelism Site Making Disciples

- Burgeoning internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China

- Become an Online Missionary!

- Internet Evangelism Is Effective

- Apps and Spirituality? Blend Can be Mixed Blessing, Baylor Author Says

- Microsoft VP: God Can Use Whatever You Have to Spread the Gospel


Has God Told You NOT to do Ministry?


Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America

- Billy Graham: Does Bible Teach That Some Races Are Superior?

- Billy Graham: ‘Don’t Let Shame, or Fear…Keep You from Christ’

- Billy Graham "Prays in His Preaching Voice and is Still Kicking": Here's Why

- Billy Graham: Now is time for 'fresh awakening'

- Billy Graham Makes Case for Existence of Christ for Those Who Doubt



Christian Persecution


Indonesian Pastor Facing Prison Sentence for Sharing His Faith


2018 - North Korea is Worst Place for Christian Persecution, Group Says


India: 2017 Saw 20 Percent Increase in Atrocities against Christians, Says Lawyer


Christians in North Korea Executed and Tortured for Praying and Reading Bible


10 Nations Where People Suffer Extreme Religious Persecution Exposed


2017 - Here are the 10 Worst Countries for Christian Persecution According to a UK Report


Evangelicals, Pentecostals Are More Likely Than Other Christians to Be Persecuted, Here's Why...


Top 7 Nations With Worst Record of Christian Persecution: Report


Hindu Extremists Torture 29 Christians for Their Faith



- UK Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record in 2014

- Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

- Key findings about growing religious hostilities around the world


- Report: 9 out of 10 Top Christian Persecution Countries Due to Islamic Extremism

- Survey: Reported Christian "martyr" deaths doubled in 2013

- New Web Site encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

- China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

- Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

- World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

- Christian Persecution: The world was not worthy of them

- A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East

- Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

- 400% Increase in Persecution of Christians Prompts Urgent Prayer Call

- Persecution Podcast #123: Vietnam, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan

- Persecution Podcast #124: Kyrgyzstan, India, China, and Laos

- Stunning historical attack on Christians

- Christians 'Most Persecuted' Religion in World

- Report focus: Religious persecution and 'diplomatic leverage'

- Crackdown targets SK missionaries helping defectors in China

- Is Religious Intolerance on the Rise Globally

- New commissioners appointed to monitor intern'l religious freedom

- Muslim Persecution: January 2013

- What Happens to the Children?

- Chair of US Commission on Inter'l Religious Freedom on Persecution

- Open Doors to Release Religious Freedom Abuser World Watch List

' - Religious persecutors' list incomplete

- Church, Americans Quiet on Persecution

- Afghan Christian Sayed Musa tells how he survived imprisonment, abuse

- "Have Christians in US heard about me?"

- 4 steps to fight religious persecution

- What We Don’t Know re Persecuted Church

- Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

- Shocking Figures Reveal 105,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

- "They electrified, strangled him, broke his teeth...Hany died a Christian"



- Convert Back To Islam or Die

- Letter from man in prison for faith


- Muslim persecutors target believers


- Church Leaders Beaten

- Christian beaten for Defending Girls


- Christians Attacked During Christmas

- Christian Converts Lose Jobs & Homes

- Christian Civilians Targeted


- Christian Pastors Arrested in Buddhist Bhutan


- Chinese Authorities Destroy Christian Statues Depicting Passion of Christ in Wenzhou

- How Should Global Christians Respond to the Destruction of China’s Sanjiang Church?

- China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

- China to become 'world's most Christian nation'...

- China clamps down on families who rescue abandoned babies

- New Campaign to Rid House Churches

- Christian Woman kidnapped, tortured

- Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Gov't

- Farmer in Jiangsu attacked by 20+ family planning officials who beat him to near death

- Torture? See China's victims

- Editorial by Gao Zhisheng


- Official Admits Persecution


- Pastor Executed for Conversions


- Egyptian Christian Murdered by Islamic Extremists

- Egypt: Jizya-vigilantes target Christian minorities

- Egypt’s Young Coptic Christians Energized to Fight for Civil Rights


- The cost of Christianity in Egypt

- Coptic teacher tried for 'insulting religion'

- Christian paper Accused of Insulting Islam

- Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

- New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral

- Coptic Christians Need Help Now

- Attacks on Copts Significantly Increasing

- Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

- The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

- The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Egypt

- Raymond Ibrahim: Blasphemy Charges Soar Against Christians in Egypt

- Coptic Billionaire Tried for "Insulting Islam"

- Egypt Arresting Copts for Massacre

- Massacre in Cairo (warning: graphic)


- Gov't Beats & Detains 125 Christians

- Arrests continue

- Christians Finding No Escape


- Released Christian finds kids missing

- Christian Churches / Homes torched


- Eunuchs coming to Christ in India

- India's Christians Shrug

- India: unrelenting persecution

- Karnataka Most Dangerous for Christians

- Christians targeted for trafficking


- Indonesian police demolish church

- Bombing at packed church injures 22

- Indonesia Frees Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”



- Iran’s Oppressed Christians


- “I am in a fight with myself every day”

- Iran court convicts Pastor to death

- Pressure on Pastor to Convert or die


- Kids lead 2 lives to avoid beatings

- Silent killings of 'Christian Dogs'


- Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians" - Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"


- Arab Christians No Longer Grouped as Muslims in Israel

- Group targets Messianics


- Kazakh court orders Bibles to be destroyed


- Worship Service Targeted in Grenae Attacks

- YWAM Missionary Murderedd


- Women, kids, elderly slaughtered


- Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

- Officials Confiscate Church Buildings

- Christians Forced to Recant for Burial

- Officials: Give Up Faith or Face Eviction


- Seven Christians Executed in Libya


- Islam’s Persecution of Christians


- Crime wave targets Christians

- Persecuted Christians of Mexico


- 21 House Church leaders detained


- Christians in Nepal Sentenced to Prison for Praying for Ill Woman are Released

- “Those words were pricking my heart”

- Churches under threat, Discrimination


- World powers join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

- Amid Sorrow Losing Pastor & husbands at Hands of Boko Haram, Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy of Jesus Christ

- Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses

- Churches Bombed in Kano, Killing 45 People

- Christians Targeted in Univ Killings

- Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor's Home

- Dozens Killed in Attacks on Christian Villages

- 'Christians must convert,' says Islamist group

- Boko Haram Explains Why It Kills Christians, Desire for an Islamic Nigeria

- President Jonathan Urges the Church to Intensify Prayers for the Country

- Hundreds of Christians slaughtered

- Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands?

- Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

- ‘Religion Not Driving Violence’ in Nigeria, Says Obama Official After Church Bombings

- Protecting Christians near impossible

- Boko Haram Declares War on Christians

- Army helped slaughter Christians

-  Read this Updating Blog

North Korea

- North Korea: Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution

- Christian Activists allegedly murdered

- 3 House Church Leaders Executed


- Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over text message...

- Forced Conversions hike Fears

- Another Christian Martyred

- Pakistan tops worst list for religious freedom

- Christian sex-slaves


- Missionary Shot Dead In Pasig

- Christian Philippinos beheaded


- Pastor Beaten to Death

Saudi Arabia:

- Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

- Families come to faith in Saudi Arabia

- Dozens jailed during prayer meeting

- Church members jailed w/o trial


- Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead Two Christians

- Convert to Christ beheaded

- Christian Widow Killed Four Months After Husband Slain

- Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sri Lanka:

- Pastor Dragged, Beaten in Sri Lanka

- Increasing violence from extremists


- Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved 19 years, liberated for $50

- Muslims Burn Down Church in Sudan

- Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

- Silent Scream: Ethnically Cleanse Christians


- Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures

- Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village

- Christians Consider Fleeing Syria

- Christians in Syria City nearly wiped out


- Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians


- 10 religious prisoners in one camp


- Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christ

- Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Cross


- USSR's genocide against Christians ignored

- Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


- Crackdown Worsens


- Recent Convert Tortured, Imprisoned

- Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

- Officials Destroy 2 New Church Buildings

- Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ

- Hmong Christians “Beheaded”


- God transforms lives in Yemen



Compass Direct News

Christian /Life News



British baby’s rare tumor confounds NHS, cured in USA


Abortion a ‘Moral Tragedy,’ Says Trump-Nominated Judge in Ruling


Concerned Chick-Fil-A Staff Checks on Elderly Regulars after They Go Missing


Surprise: Bible Readers Prefer Physical Over Digital Copy


Judge rejects Planned Parenthood suit against Trump prioritizing abstinence education


Police Chief’s ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Video Draws 50 Million Views


Episcopal Church Votes to Expand Gay Marriage to All Dioceses Where Bishops Object










Christian Life News


American pastor in Turkish jail could be freed Wednesday


Bombshell New York Times piece reveals sordid details of Cardinal McCarrick’s sex abuse


Teen Miraculously Survives Being Lost at Sea: "I Was Talking to God the Entire Night"


University of Minnesota mulls expelling students for not using transgender pronouns

- Kent State prof: To promote ‘social justice,’ gym teachers should stop separating kids by gender


Planet Fitness bans woman for objecting to sharing locker room with ‘transgender’ man


Facebook admits it shadow-bans posts, pages it deems ‘false’


Same-sex ‘marriage’ doesn’t improve LGBT health: Study


Top 7 Findings in Barna's 2018 State of the Bible


Jewish Lesbian, Radical Feminists, Conservative Christians Unite to Fight Transgender Bathroom Laws


How Many States Will Ban Abortion If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned? Pro-Lifers Respond


'Rise Up': Stories of Remarkable Faith and Relentless Courage


"Great Bursts of Spontaneous Joy, Praises and Dancing to the Lord" after a Rare Reversal: Sudan Returns Church Building Closed Four Years Ago


In their own words – What transgender activists have in store for your children


This Muslim group is raping, killing, and torturing Nigerian Christians. And it’s getting worse

- 'Pure Genocide' in Nigeria: Christians Under Attack


Families Warn of 'Devastating' Consequences If Adoption Agencies Are Shut Down Over Gay Marriage


Calligraphers face jail time for not promoting same-sex ‘weddings’


The Russian Atheist Jew Who Fights for Evangelicals


"Unparalleled" Mosaics Discovered in Israel: Gives New Clues on Life in Ancient Galilean Village




This Is What Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Was Caught Doing Only Hours after the President Announced Him


Filipino President Says He Will Resign if Someone Proves the Existence of God


Ontario's Big Win for Students: Radical Sex Ed Program to be REPEALED by September


Franklin Graham responds to anti-Trump vitriol with t-shirt urging prayer


California bill banning books, therapy to help unwanted gay attraction stalls amid lawsuit fears


'God Made Humans Male or Female' – UK Doctor Dismissed For Saying Gender is Biological


Franklin Graham: Jimmy Carter ‘absolutely wrong’ about Jesus backing abortion, gay ‘marriage’


'Pure Genocide' in Nigeria: Christians Under Attack


Sheriff's Deputy Who Found Missing, Abandoned Child Credits God with Helping Him


The LGBTQ Movement and Christianity (Its Threat and Our Response): Part 2


The LGBTQ Movement and Christianity, Part 3: The Enemy's Game Plan


Where Does Brett Kavanaugh Stand on Religious Liberty?


Male ‘feminist’ clothing CEO fires female employees after they learn he’d admitted to abusing women


Thai Soccer Coach Kept Boys Alive: 'He Loved Them More Than Himself'

- Thailand: All 12 Boys and Their Coach Have Been Rescued from Caves


Former Vatican Bank chief: Authors of New World Order demographic collapse influencing the Vatican


Women’s March botches attack on Trump’s Supreme Court pick


New study finds life-threatening risk in transgender hormone therapy


America Is Helping: Iraqi Christians Thank US for Helping Them Rebuild After ISIS Destruction


Christian Florist Says Her Life Has Been 'Turned Upside Down' for Defending Beliefs on Gay Marriage


Study: 5,500 Women Go to ER Every Year from Abortion Procedures


Multiracial Churches Increase as blacks, Whites Learn to Worship Together


Death Toll in Jos, Nigeria Attacks at 218, including Pastor, Wife and Son


Hallelujah! Israel Invents New Home-Use Breast Cancer Detection Device


Truth Reveal: Benjamin Franklin Wanted to Partner with Evangelist George Whitefield in America's Great Awakening


Horrific: Parents punch their 30-week unborn baby to death, charges unlikely


Pediatricians: Gender ideology is the latest assault on our children


How One of President Trump's Prized Possessions Ended Up at the Museum of the Bible


Eric Trump, the President's Son, 'Rushes into NYC Traffic' to Help a Woman Who Fell Ill


Netflix under fire for streaming graphic sex scene involving children


New Church Parking Tax, Filing Requirements Trigger Fresh Debate on Financial Transparency


'The Death Knell for the Nigerian Church': New Massacre Sparks Fear for Christians


Creative Worship Services Drawing the Young, but Some Worry It's Going Too Far


Archaeology and Biblical History: A Glass Head at Abel Beth Maacah


The Reason This Christian Archaeologist in Israel Is Using the Bible as a Guide for Digging


Canadian Man Faces 2 Years in Prison for Passing Out Jesus Saves Pamphlets at Gay Pride Parade


"They Pointed a Gun at My Two Little Sisters": Sex Trafficking Survivor's Shocking Life as a Slave before She Found Freedom in Christ


Christian Schools Not Free to Require Christian Beliefs, Canada Supreme Court Rules


Jim Bakker: God Told Me 1st Horse of the Apocalypse Is Now Released, Trump Is Respite Before the End




Jerusalem Mayor to Prince William: Since You Refuse to Meet With Me in Jerusalem, I Won't Meet With You at All

- Despite Jerusalem Controversy, Prince William "Prays for World Peace" at Western Wall


A First: 3 Polyamorous Adults Recognized as Child’s Parents in Court Ruling


7 Questions with Mister Rogers' Close Friend and Personal Minister; as the Fred Rogers Documentary Hits Theaters


Dutch Lawmakers Vote to Ban Islamic Veils as Video Shows Dutch Muslims Chanting 'Allahu Akbar' in the Streets


Indian State’s ‘Anti-Conversion Law’ to Be Repealed


Report: Sexual Harassment and Abuse Growing in Hong Kong Churches


New Science Proves DNA is NOT Our Destiny


U.S. bishop encourages married couples to be open to life, reject contraception

- US archbishop hosts conference put on by pro-homosexual priests who want to remake Church


Movie About Horror Abortion Doctor Gosnell Will Finally be Shown in Theaters after Judge Blocked Its Release


Marvel Studios chief promises LGBT superheroes in future movies


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Extends Olive Branch to Church After Calling God 'Stupid'


Crisis Pregnancy Centers Win at Supreme Court; California Loses


To Be Redeemed, You Must First Own Your Sinfullness


A Blind Iraqi Refugee Memorizes 87 Chapters of the Bible—That's Chapters!


Is the Upcoming July Blood Moon a Sign of the End Times?

- End Times? Thousands are Having Microchips Implanted in Their Hands


'I Stand in Awe': The Fascinating Theology of Charles Krauthammer


Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Name Removed from Children’s Literature Award Due to Wilder’s Alleged Racism


‘Appalled and Alarmed’: LGBT Activists Shocked After Pope Affirms Traditional Marriage


Brexit Bill becomes Law, Allowing UK to Leave the European Union


Saudi Women Behind the Wheel for the First Time This Week, as 120,000 Apply for Driver's Licenses


Hostility to Religion Rising Globally, Christians Targeted in 144 Nations: Pew Study


Chris Pratt Delivers Stunning Message About God at MTV Awards, Fans Go Crazy


Best-Seller 'Jesus Calling' Is Built on Falsehood, Says Christian Author Randy Alcorn


North and South Koreas Agree to August Reunions of War-split Families

- North Korea Has 'Already' Returned Remains of 200 Americans Killed in Korean War, Says Trump


'Jesus Would've Baked the Cake' and Other Religious Freedom Myths


Quoting the Bible, Jeff Sessions, and a Warning About What's Coming Next


Oregon High Court Rejects Appeal From Christian Couple Fined $135,000 for Not Making Gay Wedding Cake


Anne Graham Lotz Just Found a Letter Her Father, Billy Graham, Wrote to Her 40 Years Ago: "The Most Beautiful Thing"


Father Says Little Honduran Girl on Cover of Time Magazine Was NOT Taken from Mother: A Fake News Story Aiming to Demonize President Trump


Jordan Peterson: Canadian Christians must ‘stand up’ for religious rights after top court ruling


60 groups consider suing Southern Poverty Law Center after it pays $3.4 M in defamation settlement


Massachusetts Voters May Repeal Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’




'God Loves You': Actor Chris Pratt Delivers Faith-Filled Speech At MTV Movie Awards


A Patriotic Moment: Video Goes Viral of Good Samaritans Caring for Desecrated US Flag


9 Abortionists Accused of Breaking Law, Failing to Report Possible Child Sex Crimes


Prayer, Piety & The Glory of the Lord: The Lord's Prayer in the 21st Century


Irish Government Will Now Force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions


Matt Walsh: Here’s Satan’s simple plan to destroy Christianity in America


"Huge Miracle": Israeli Teen Recovering after Being Stabbed Multiple Times


Unique Nationwide Protest against Abortion to Hit 50 Cities via Bridges This Friday, Is Yours Among Them?


Texas Governor Promises to Honor Pro-Life Teen's Dying Wish and "Outlaw Abortion"


Philadelphia Bans Catholic Agency from Placing Foster Kids with Christian Families


Elite D.C. school board adopts ‘disturbing’ LGBT sex-ed, overrides parents


Christian dad sues school for Islamic indoctrination of teen daughter


"Reporters and Others" Are "Misleading" the Public about Children Being Separated from Their Parents at the Border; Here are the Facts DHS Wants Americans to Know


"We Will Never Accept Alfie's Death. The Truth Will Be Out Soon": Tom Evans Breaks Silence On His Son's Treatment


'God is Real. God Loves You': See Chris Pratt's Bold Faith Message (Plus Humor) in His Epic MTV Awards Speech


Norway Took Baby From This American Mom; She Is Still Fighting for Her Son 5 Years Later


Juneteenth: the Holiday Most Americans Have Never Heard of, but Should Know


Possible solution to crisis of children at the border


Reminder: The Devil is at war with you


Faith and Sleep Quality Proven to be Connected


Churches across the Country Will Host Special Father's Day Events This Weekend


Video exposes how Planned Parenthood covers up child-sex abuse and gets away with it in court


VA Hospital Takes Down Military Flags, Flies Gay Pride Flag Instead


5 Things to Know About the 2018 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast: Christian Politicians Divided


Former Lesbian Rallies against Bill That Would Ban 'Conversion Therapy'


A ‘Dire Time for Human Rights in Russia’ as World Cup Begins


Justices Deny Bid from Dissident South Carolina Churches to Keep Buildings


Surprise: Most High Schoolers Are NOT Having Sex, Survey Finds


Presbyterians Aim to Revive Mainline Denomination at Annual Meeting


VP Mike Pence's SBC Annual Meeting Speech Transcript: 'New Beginning of Greatness in America'


Majority of Americans want abortion ‘more restricted,’ Gallup finds


Pentagon brass influenced by Trump admin refuse to honor LGBT ‘pride month’


Ex-gays and ex-trans rally against California’s LGBT therapy ban


"Die Hard" Actor Rips Robert De Niro for Trump Rant: "It Was Disgusting!"


Hero Pit Bull Emerges from Woods with Missing Toddler While Her Family Was Praying for Her Safe Return


The Trump-Kim Summit: 2 Biblical Imperatives


Federal Judge Rejects Satanist Lawsuit against Phrase 'In God We Trust'


Archaeology: 3,000-Year-Old Sculpture Depicts a Biblical King, but Which One?


Prayer: A Yellow Alert Has Just Been Issued for 2 Major Volcanoes in North America


Pray for Olympian Bode Miller and His Wife, They're 'Beyond Devastated' after This Tragic Discovery


Netflix to launch LGBT cartoon about drag queen superheroes who ‘save the world’ from ‘evil’


‘Christianity in Syria is under Threat from Forces the West is Supporting’


"Overcomer" Israel Is Saving the Sea of Galilee from Extreme Drought


Cardinal Dolan rebukes liberal Jesuit: We must end abortion, and not with contraception


Court cites Masterpiece ruling to force Christians to make gay ‘wedding’ invitations


Jockey Mike Smith Thanks ‘My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’ after Winning Triple Crown


‘God is Great,’ Golden State’s Steph Curry Says after Another NBA Title


'Palau the Movie' to Showcase Importance of Mentors in Life of Evangelist Luis Palau


A Survivor's Plea to Women to Join the Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation in the US


Ex-Victoria Secret Model Who Dropped Career to Follow Jesus Says No Girl Should Go Into Modeling


Christians Really Are Victims of Discrimination, Supreme Court Agrees


So. Baptist Resolution Calls on Convention to Reject Gay Therapy Bans, Belief God Makes People Gay


Austria Closes 7 Turkish Mosques, Expels 60 Imams After Kids Taught to Be Martyrs


Christians Targeted 'Like a Scene from a Horror Movie': Shocking Reports Emerge from Myanmar


5-Year-Old Bullied by School for Saying Grace Before Lunch


'My Fight Is Over': Charles Krauthammer Reveals He's Dying with Only Weeks Left to Live


Pedophile Who Wants to Legalize Incest, Have Sex With Daughter, Running for Congress in Virginia


Scripture Affirmed: 90 Percent Of Animals Formed Recently Alongside Humans, New Study Shows


Fending Off the Rising Right, Bavarian Leader Puts Crosses in State Offices


Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Appear to Show Employees Ignoring Rape and Abuse


Boys are Winning Girls’ Track Events in Connecticut, and Parents Aren’t Happy


CrossFit Fires Executive over Pride Month Tweets


Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon partner with anti-Christian law center


17-year-old transgender star to cut off male genitals on anniversary of gay ‘marriage’ ruling


U.S. gov’t gives pro-LGBT researcher $1 million to study, encourage transgenderism in kids


Christians Unite in Prayer and Fasting before North Korea Summit


Legal battle ‘brewing’ over adoption agencies being forced to give kids to gay couples

- A Birth Mom Appeals to Colorado Legislators: Protect Faith-Based Adoption Agencies


UMC Minnesota Conference Edited 'Father' Out of the Apostles’ Creed


Christian Teacher Says School Forced Him to Resign for Not Following Transgender Policy




Public library invites children to watch drag queens ‘strut their stuff’ this summer


Deputy Says He Saved Little Girl from Burning Building 'By the Grace of God'


A 3rd Gender on Birth Certificates? NYC May Allow It


Amazon adds special LGBT facts to virtual assistant Alexa for ‘Pride’ month


Disrespecting Veterans? Gay Pride Flag Raised In Veterans Park


U.S. Supreme Court may soon take case of Christian florist sued for rejecting gay ‘wedding’


Planned Parenthood targets teen girls with ‘sex is hot’ ads on Facebook

- The Planned Parenthood billionaire mega-donor you’ve never heard of


Court: Christian colleges can’t be forced to fund abortion, contraception pills


God's Protection: Terror Cell Planning to Assassinate PM Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Arrested


On Tiananmen Anniversary, China Detains Dozens of Christians in Sichuan


Gallup: Record Support for Gay Relations and Polygamy; Plurality Still Oppose Abortion


Arrested for Praying, Released Detainee Now Prays about Next Steps


The Spiritual Battle on D-Day: 'This Great and Valiant Struggle'


Church Suspends Sacraments as Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreads


Fox Showed Eagles Players Kneeling In Prayer while Discussing National Anthem Protests


Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala Kills 70; Hawaii Residents Avoid Lava


SCOTUS Same-Sex Wedding Cake Ruling: What About Other Christian DissentS to Gay Marriage?

- Kids learn about ‘sexual diversity’ in twisted video promoting LGBT ‘pride’


United Methodist Annual Conferences Meet with Position on Homosexuality Uncertain


New York Hosts Huge Party for Israel's 70th Birthday


Univ. of MN Students Start Petition to Keep Medical Fellowship with Planned Parenthood


Pakistan: Christians Told They Can’t Have a Church in Muslim-majority Village


Judge shoots down assisted suicide in California


'Terror Kites' Causing Massive Fires in Southern Israel


This City's Crime Rate Plunges after Police Ask Pastors to "Tag Team" With Them


Coins Dating to Time of Ezra Unearthed in Jerusalem


Child expert: Those who insist boys should play with dolls are ‘mistaken’


Soccer Star Withdrew from National Team Matches because of LGBT Pride Jerseys


New Undercover Videos Expose Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Sex Abuse




Palestinian Terrorists Fire over 100 Rockets into Israel, Injuring Israeli Soldiers


Franklin Graham Called Sanctuary Cities 'a Little Picture of Hell'0


Recent School Shootings Have Led to Increase In Homeschooling


Woman Delivers Healthy Baby At Abortion Clinic


Baptist Church Decides to Remove Jesus Statue That’s ‘Too Catholic’


Turkey Returns Confiscated Syriac Church Property Deeds


'The Trump Prophecy' Film Will Tell the Story of One Man's Vision of Trump's Presidency


Southwestern Seminary Fires Paige Patterson


Tony Perkins, Nat'l Day of Prayer Pres. Subpoenaed by LGBT Activists: "Legal System used to Bully"


New Undercover Videos Expose Planned Parenthood Covering Up Child Sex Abuse


Little Boy with Muscular Dystrophy Steals Hearts at President Trump's Signing of Law to Let Terminal Patients Try Experimental Treatments


How Activists and Media Used Lies and Leftist Talking Points to Dupe Abortion Voters in Ireland

- After Ireland Legalizes Abortion, Irish Pro-Lifers Vow to Keep Fighting: "With God's Help..."


Pastor's Wife Hides Husband from Hindu Extremists Seeking to Kill Him in Northern India


Moving Photo Shows Atlanta Braves Fan Shielding JROTC Member from Rain


‘Oldest Manuscript’ of Gospel of Mark Discovered


United Methodist Top Court to Hold Special Session on LGBT Support


Popular 'Roseanne' Reboot Pulled after Roseanne Barr's Tweet Fiasco and Apology--But What About Conservatives Like Sarah Sanders Who are Regularly Trashed by Liberal Comedians?


'God Helped Me': Viral Video Shows Mali 'Spiderman' Scaling Building to Save Dangling Child


Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Dream Center Open Women Veterans Home


Scientists Create Half Chicken, Half Human Embryos


Irish Voters Say 'Yes' to Legalizing Abortion: Pro-Life Groups Grieve


Reflections on Memorial Day: The Chasm in the Middle of the Forum


American Jailed in Venezuela for 2 Years Arrives in US


Across the land of St. Patrick, night has fallen


Mike Pence: Ministers of the Gospel, Prayer Warriors Have Biggest Impact 'in the Life of a Nation'


Liberty University Cinema Dept. Producing Feature Film 'The Trump Prophecy'


Amazing and Prophetic First for Israel: a Jewish-Christian Party Will Participate in Israel's Election


St. Louis Jury Acquits Pro-Life Advocate in the Planned Parenthood So-Called 'Terrorist Threat' Case


Why These Pastors Were Circling the U.S. Capitol Building This Week


One Coptic Mother’s Agony at Trauma of Son Who Saw Islamists Kill His Father


Christian Family Says LGBT Bullying Continues Even After They Closed Bridal Shop Over Harassment


Harvard forces historic men’s, women’s choirs to accept opposite sexes


This Santa Fe High School Student Was Shot in the Head but Says He Survived By the 'Grace of God'


Indiana School Shooting: Teacher Shot While Taking Down Gunman, 13-year-old Student Shot as Well; Both in Critical Condition


Man Learns His Incredible True Story and is Reunited with the Complete Stranger that Pulled Him from a Grave after Birth


Texas Lt. Gov: Abortion is part of ‘devaluing life’ that leads to school shootings


New Iraqi Leader Vows to 'Support Christians'


Judge rules Christian baker does not have to make gay ‘wedding’ cake


Secularists Hope to Wipe Clean Christian Traditions When the Throne Passes from Queen Elizabeth to Her Son, Charles

- What Prince Harry and Meghan Did with Their Beautiful Wedding Flowers was Royally Kind


‘13 Reasons Why’ Labeled a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ for ‘Teens and Children’


Rabbi talks About the Trump-King David Connection and It's Connection to Abraham's Covenant


Cardinal Müller: Accusation of ‘homophobia’ is an instrument of ‘totalitarian dominance’


U.S. hospital refuses to help premature twins born alive, leaves them to die


Italian March for Life Pays Beautiful Tribute to Alfie Evans


'Religious War' to Erupt If 15-Y-O Girl Is Killed by Boko Haram: Christian Groups Warn


Evangelist Alveda King: We're Not 'Color Blind'; Dismantling the Generational Lies Behind Racism


Migrant 'Loverboys' Lure 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Into Sex Slavery in Netherlands Every Year


Will Christianity be Ditched When Prince Charles Becomes King?


'I Just Had To Know the Lord': 'The Middle' Actor Atticus Shaffer Discusses His Faith Journey


Fox Cancels 'Lucifer' Program After 3 Seasons; One Million Moms Celebrates Show's End


FBI Investigates Texas Abortionist Accused of Killing Babies Born Alive




'He Values America's Unborn' -Black Women Applaud Trump Administration for Getting Government Out of the Abortion Business


Billy Graham's Will and Testament Released to Public: Asks Family to Defend Gospel at Any Cost


Judge Clears Way for Landmark Trial over Monsanto's Roundup to Determine if the Chemical Giant Hid Cancer Danger for Decades




Former Gays, Lesbians Blast Calif. for Regarding Them as 'Frauds' With Pending Therapy Ban


‘We Will Pursue Justice for Our Beautiful Boy’: Family of Alfie Evans Say the Fight is Far From Over

- Alfie Evans not alone: Hundreds of patients starved to death in UK every year


Jimmy Carter Condemns Sex-Selective Abortion, Killing at Birth of 160 Million Girls, in Liberty U Address


Parents Outraged Over Middle School Assignment to Profess Submission to Allah


Pro-life Progress: 27 US Cities Identified as 'Abortion Deserts'


Israeli Defense Minister Calls Anti-Israel Press "A Festival of Hypocrisy": Claims Bias is All About the Money


U.S. foster mom sues city for shutting down Catholic foster care service


Are Mormons Christians? 10 Things to Know about the Church of Latter Day Saints


'Historic' Cross That Stood on Michigan State Land for Decades is Removed


Sex Abuse in Humanitarian Groups, Christian Ministries: Who Is Left to Trust?


Atheist Parents Sue Church, Say Baptism Traumatized Child


Radical Islam's Existential Threat to Christianity Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Twitter Admits Shadowban Plan: Conservatives on Twitter Brace for MORE Censorship


Priest explains why adultery is always ‘mortal sin,’ even when done in ‘good conscience’


"Astonishing" Stats: American Muslims Are Losing Their Faith Faster Than Christians


Pope Francis signals again he may ‘step down’ from being pope


Jerusalem Embassy Move Put America 'at the Right Side of God'


"Remember This Moment. This is History!" Jubilant Netanyahu Celebrates Historic Day in Jerusalem

- Senator Lindsey Graham to Naysayers on US Embassy Move: "Take it Up With God. He Did This."


‘Slow Genocide’: Outrage as International Community Overlooks 7,000 Displaced Christians


California's Assisted Suicide Law Overturned as Christian Mom Once Offered Lethal Drugs Celebrates


Missouri declares pornography harmful to individuals and society


Roseanne Fights Back Against ABC Bosses After Disappointing News


Report Reveals America's 'Drunkest' and 'Driest' Cities: Guess Which is #1


Study: 64 Percent of Christians Today Believe Evangelizing is Optional


Pastor Set Free from North Korea: 'It's Like a Dream'


WHO Chief Says Ebola Vaccines to be Shipped to Congo


Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Powerful Testimony of Forgiveness Regarding 30-Year-Old Feud with Howard Stern


First Lady Melania Encourages at Celebration of Military Mothers and Spouses: "You are a Special Part of This Country and Deserve Recognition"


Pro-abortion Activists Attempt to Block Canada's March for Life, But the Thousands of Pro-Lifers Marched On


A Private Funeral for Alfie Evans Will be Held on Monday; He Would Have Turned Two This Week


Amid Active Lava Flows, the Question Rises: Will Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Explode?


A Christian Escapee from North Korea Has His Doubts about Kim’s Peace Overtures


From Franklin Graham to Greg Laurie, Christian Leaders Praise North Korea's Hostage Release

- Immediately Following Release of U.S. Prisoners From North Korea, Family Thanks God and Trump


Update on Luis Palau's Health: Doctors 'Amazed,' Tumor Growth Not Just Slowed, but Actually 'Reversed'


Survey: Christians Say Bible is Better Than Coffee to Kick-start the Day


Schools Having Separate Bathrooms for Boys, Girls Not Discrimination, DOE Clarifies; Left Media Freaks Out


John Piper: ‘People Don’t Realize How Many Supernatural Miracles Are Happening Today’


Olympic Athlete Takes Bold Stand on ‘DWTS’ Over Risque Song: ‘I Want to Glorify God’


Culture Shift? Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing' is Returning to TV after Success of 'Roseanne'


Mormon church cuts ties to Boy Scouts after program drops ‘boy’ from the name


University students play sexually-explicit games to raise money for Planned Parenthood


Boy Makes 'Miracle' Recovery After Parents Signed Away His Organs: 'No Explanation but God'


Israel Passes First Reading of "Nationality Law" That Asserts Israel is a Jewish State


Iran is Reportedly Preparing a Missile Strike on Israel


Assisted suicide of old married couples romanticized by mainstream media


6 Months after Massacre, Sutherland Springs Pastor Says Nation Should Put God First


INTERVIEW: Daughter of famed sci-fi author explains mother’s gay pedophile worldview


VIDEO: Students’ pro-life chalk messages destroyed at Fresno State

- Study: Planned Parenthood propping up flagging US abortion numbers


Facebook to oversee investigation of itself for anti-conservative bias: report


Is North Korea Opening up to Christianity? After Recent Peace Summit, Believers are Hopeful

- North Korea: US Citizens Set for Release ahead of Trump-Kim Talks


Iowa Legislature Passes Anti-Abortion 'Heartbeat' Bill That Could Help Overturn Roe v. Wade


America Has a Loneliness Problem, Especially among Young People


Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts, Forcing Evacuations of 1,700 People


Tim Allen Sitcom 'Last Man Standing' to Get Reboot after Controversial Cancellation


Hundreds of Dead Newborn Girls Dumped in Garbage Piles in Pakistan as Boys Are Preferred


Knesset Passes Law Allowing Prime Minister and Defense Minister to Declare War: Preparing for Iran?


No Wonder so Many at ‘The Wheaton Meeting’ Were Angry –


Religious freedom watchdog slams Florida school for ‘bullying’ students with LGBT propaganda


Facebook to promote or suppress news organizations based on trustworthiness: Zuckerberg


California bill demanding homeschool families submit to involuntary home inspections defeated


Hillary Clinton praises Cecile Richards for fighting to ensure ‘women’s rights are human rights’


Dad outraged after high school assignment talks about teen ‘revenge sex’


Block vulgar parts of TV shows, movies with this awesome app


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is 'Blazenly Lying' about Nuclear Weapons Program


Manufacture of child sex robots moves BBC investigative journalist to tears


Boy Scouts to drop ‘boy’ from program name, launches new ‘inclusiveness’ campaign

- Boy Scouts to Drop "Boy" From Their Name


Some Info to Help You Plan Your National Day of Prayer Event on May 3, 2018


"It's Just the Hand of God": Leaders Say President Trump's Embassy Move is Prophetic


Liberty University is No Longer the Largest Christian University


FORMER Gay and Trans Individuals to Participate in DC Freedom March


Christian Soldier in Egypt Shot in another Mysterious Military Death


Alabama Teacher Sent Home for Wearing 'Just Pray' Shirt Supporting Sick Girl


Katy Perry Meets Pope Francis Amid Legal Battle Against Nuns Over $15M Convent


Liverpool Residents Fill the Sky With Balloons, Honoring the Late Alfie Evans With Beautiful Send-Off


New Find in Israel Confirms Sophisticated Kingdom of David


Alfie Evans has died

- Pro-life leader on Alfie Evans: ‘If we do not react now, infanticide will become the norm’


World Rejoices: Answered Prayer as North, South Korea Announce Possible End to 70 Years of War


German doctor on Alfie Evans: UK could learn from Nazis how disabled should NOT be treated

- Alfie Evans’ chaplain recalled from Alder Hey


Did Alder Hey force Alfie Evans’ dad to read a ‘hostage’ letter to save his son?

- PHOTOS: Americans protest at British embassy in support of Alfie Evans


Charlie Gard’s parents call for law to protect babies like Alfie Evans


PragerU files appeal in censorship case against YouTube


Alfie Evans is not ‘dying’ or ‘brain-dead,’ he’s been misdiagnosed: Polish doctor

- Alfie Evans’ parents to ‘form a relationship’ with hospital, ask supporters to return home: BREAKING

- Alfie’s Parents Refuse to Quit, Launch New Fight to Get Their Son Home as Dad Insists Doctors ‘Misdiagnosed’ His Son

- LITTLE FIGHTER: Alfie Evans Continues to Defy Doctors 60 Hours After They Removed Life Support


Keep Your Kids Home on Friday to Protest LGBT "Day of Silence" Suggests American Family Association


UK Judge Rules: Alfie Evans Cannot go to Rome; Is the Hospital Now Starving Him to Death?


Netanyahu Hires a Messianic Jew to His Staff Who "Unabashedly" Believes in Jesus


Irish Priest's 'Britain's Got Talent' Performance Goes Viral; Simon Cowell Is Moved With Emotion


"Activist Mommy" Says Sex-Ed School Walk-Out Was "Just the Beginning": Parents are Going to Sue


US Navy Rejects Atheist Group's Demand to Remove Bible From POW/MIA Display


Christian Publisher: Google Blocked Our Ads Over Jesus, Bible References


Christians Blast GQ Magazine for Calling the Bible ‘Foolish,’ ‘Repetitive’ and ‘Ill-Intentioned’


Benny Hinn’s Nephew Rips Prosperity Gospel and Explains Why He Left Lavish Lifestyle Behind


‘Flush It’: New Undercover Video Exposes Brutal Reality of Late-Term Abortion


Oklahoma Gov. Makes 'I Can Only Imagine' Official State Inspirational Song


‘Vegetative’ patient described the excruciating pain of being dehydrated, starved


Mother Who Chose Not to Abort Baby Now Fighting for Pro-life Free Speech Rights


Benham Brothers: ‘If People Don’t Speak Up Now, Our Kids Will Suffer’


'Execution Temporarily Stopped': UK Dad Reports Last Second Breakthrough for Baby Alfie, but Asks for Urgent Prayers

- New video of Alfie Evans on ‘execution’ day shows lively and alert toddler

- Flashback - Charlie Gard opened his eyes, looked at his parents right before dying


Boy free of cancer three years after parents jailed for ‘abducting’ him from British hospital


LGBT activists protest pediatrician for saying transgendering kids is child abuse


Pediatrician blasts study claiming that affirming kids’ gender confusion reduces suicide

- Transgender hormone blockers are ‘institutionalized child abuse’: pediatrician American College Of Pediatricians

- Pediatric expert calls kindergarten transgender lesson ‘psychological abuse’

- Pediatrician destroys transgender ideology: ‘Puberty is not a disease,’ shouldn’t be prevented


ICYMI - Pediatricians group counters attacks for rejecting transgender ideology


Olympic Committee Clamps Down on Transgender Athletes: New Policies to be Enforced before 2020 Olympics in Japan


"I Want Them to Know I Lived for God": NBA's Jeremy Lin Shares What He Hopes His Legacy Is


Franklin Graham Responds to Wheaton Meeting on Evangelicalism: 'We Shouldn't Get Sidetracked'


‘Pray Hard’: Vatican Hospital ‘Ready to Take Alfie Immediately,’ According to Dad Tom Evans


Asia Bibi Betrayed by EU, Christian Mother's 'Death Warrant May Have Been Signed': Watchdog


‘God Saved My Life’: The Astonishing Story of a Satanist Who Became a Vicar


"Israel's Light" Will Beat the Enemies' "Darkness": Netanyahu Amidst Israel's 70-Year Celebrations


California set to vote on banning books about treating unwanted homosexual attraction

- California school district says parents can’t pull kids from new LGBT sex ed


Third Priest Shot Dead in DR Congo; Bishop Cries Out 'We Are in Total Chaos, Abandoned by All'


'Hero' Southwest Airlines Pilot Tammie Jo Shults a 'Strong Christian' Whose Faith Guided Safe Landing


Actor Stephen Baldwin Proclaims 'God Doesn't Need a Revival'


Tim Tebow Recieves Renewed Interest From Pro-Football Scouts


Court Rules Israelis on Temple Mount May Call Out, "The People of Israel Live!"


97 Missing Chibok Girls Feared Dead


States Take Action to Defund Planned Parenthood


Cardinal Burke discusses possibility of excommunication by Pope Francis




Christian Leaders Will Meet to Discuss Future of Evangelicalism in Today's Political Climate


UPDATE: Alfie Evans’ Father Posts Picture of Son With His Eyes Open Following Court Ruling to End His Life


Mother of Severely Disabled 26-Year-Old: Alfie Evans Deserves More Than ‘Death With Dignity’


After Alfie Evans' Parents Share Fear of 'Execution,' Judge Sets Last Day for Baby's Life Support

- Baby Alfie's Mom Forced to Leave Hospital, Dad Begs Pope to Save Son's Life

- Pope Francis and Vatican Academy for Life President speak out on Alfie Evans case

- Parents Fight Hospital to Save Baby Alfie Evans in Case Reminiscent of Charlie Gard

- Hospital Issues Another Statement Refusing to Release Him as Parents Mount New Legal Challenge


An endocrinologist studies the transgender movement’s most popular kid’s book


YouTube Collects Kids' Personal Data Without Parental Consent, 23 Groups Allege to FTC


At Auschwitz, Thousands Join the March of the Living to Honor the Dead


Israeli Flag Flies on the Temple Mount for the First Time in 50 Years, Thanks to Chinese Christians


'Lynchburg Revival' Felt Like 'Partisan Rally,' Dishonored Military, Says Evangelical Author


Amish-Mennonite Pastor Freed After Spending Two Years in Jail for Helping Girl Escape a Court-Imposed Lesbian "Mom": Church Stands "United in Spiritual Warfare"


"It was About Jesus, Not Politics": Alabama Punter Shares Amazing Way He Was Led to Pray for President Trump


Another Charlie Gard Case? Parents Fight for Life of Disabled Child Sentenced to Death


Arizona legislature passes bill to prevent forced abortions Abortion , Arizona , Forced Abortion


Christian Group Asks Netflix to Pull ’13 Reasons Why’ after Teen Suicides


Thousands of Canadians to march against Trudeau’s abortion extremism


How God Used Hostages to Change the Hearts of Four Radical Islamic Terrorists


28-Y-O Humanist Who Doesn't Believe in God Is Picked to Lead Christian Chaplains Helping Patients


God's Blessing: Christian Company, Chick-fil-A Predicted to become 3rd-Largest Fast Food Restaurant in U.S.


Anchorage, AK Votes in Favor of Allowing Trans Individuals to Use Bathroom of Their Choice


University with ‘Catholic tradition’ to host Planned Parenthood CEO


More priestly vocations coming from Catholic homeschoolers: study


Indiana Adopts Law That Counts Unborn Children as Persons


Everything you need to know: A history of Planned Parenthood, Part I


Liberty U’s Falwell ‘Censors’ Student Newspaper Coverage of Event Organized By Critics


10 Things to Remember When Your Adult Child Leaves the Church


Study: Majority of Pastors Do Not Discipline Church Members


Pro-life students at 200 high schools stage walk-out protesting abortion


Navy Hospital Under Fire for Bible on POW/MIA Table


Bill Hybels Resigns as Pastor of Willow Creek Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations


HBO comedian attacks pro-life pregnancy centers as ‘predators’

- New York Times columnist: Abortion ‘extremists’ are ‘deceived’ by ‘cruel ideology’


FDA announces new restrictions on birth control implant after reports of dangerous side effects


How history proved the Church was right in condemning contraception 50 years ago


Transgender Individuals Can Compete as Their Preferred Gender in Boston Marathon




Pro-life leader: Pope Francis’ new exhortation ‘causes confusion’ on gravity of abortion




John Oliver Goes after Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Ignoring Consequences of Abortion

- 'I Was a Disney Princess and Had an Abortion': Former Disney Employee Refutes Planned Parenthood


Kenyan Conservative Faith Leaders Worry Kenya Will Repeal Ban on Gay Sex


Francis contradicts previous Popes: immigration issue just as important as abortion


Lab accidentally destroys thousands of human embryos, faces wrongful death suits


Experts reveal Google, Facebook, Twitter, censor, spy on, manipulate users


Nigeria: Fulani Militants Slaughter 225 People in March, Surpassing Boko Haram


Snoop Dogg Releases a Gospel Album, Says He's a Born-again Christian


Dr. William Allen & others Rebuke Claim That Trump Is 'Driver' of Racial Division


Shane Claiborne Says Liberty University Threatened to Arrest Him for Organizing Prayer Meeting


Conservative Writer is Fired from 'The Atlantic' for Controversial Pro-life Views


Revival Fire! 5 Recent and Happening Now Moves of God in America in this Season


10 Things Christians Should Know about Pentecostalism


Iraqi Christian Woman is Reunited with Father after 3 Years in ISIS' Captivity


Cardinal Burke: Pope Francis is ‘increasing the confusion’ (FULL INTERVIEW)


Bishop calls for ‘#metoo movement’ for unborn children targeted for abortion


Texas Church Pays Off over $10 Million Medical Debt in Easter Gift to Local Families


Air Force reinstates colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman’s ‘spouse’


Planned Parenthood fined $116K for failing to report payments to Hillary Clinton, senate candidate


New York City Boycott of Chick-fil-A Bombs


NPR Reporter Incorrectly Describes the Meaning of Easter, Showing Cultural Disconnect from Christianity


Ireland: Aborted Babies Pointedly Ignored in Pro-choice Empty Shoes Campaign


Air Force Reverses Suspension of Colonel Who Refused to Support Same-sex Marriage


Saudi Crown Prince Makes Surprising Statement That Jews Have a Right to Israel


Pediatrician blasts study claiming that affirming kids’ gender confusion reduces suicide


Stephen Colbert Shares the Bible Verse That Changed His Life and Brought Him Back to Faith


Argentinian Sister: Pope Francis told me artificial contraception is permissible in some cases


Alfie Evans’ parents accuse hospital of ‘blackmailing’ them to end their son’s life


Four Christians Killed, Girl Wounded in Easter Monday Attack in Pakistan


George Washington University to Host Workshop on 'Christian Privilege'


‘Abortion is clearly wrong’: Jordan Peterson


U.S. Catholics plan ‘coast to coast’ rosary: ‘We are at war’


Left-wing groups fuel advertiser boycott against Laura Ingraham; conservatives fire back


Doctor Slams Trans Study That Claims Using Preferred Names Reduces Depression, Suicide


Jim Caviezel: I act in films that can ‘bring the most souls back’ to God


Justin Bieber Posts Easter Message: 'Easter is Not about a Bunny'


Video of Billy Graham Preaching on Easter Goes Viral; Gets 1.4 Million Views in 3 Days


Researchers Create Life-Sized Replica of Jesus Based on Shroud of Turin


Here are the Latest Stunning Box Office Results for Christian Film 'I Can Only Imagine'


This Orthodox Jew Dreamed of Jesus and was Miraculously Healed and Forgiven


Victory: ACLJ Protects Christian Student's Right to Include Religious Viewpoint in Assignments


Victory in Defeat: Watch This Presidential Candidate Give Praise to Jesus after Election


3 Things Parents Do That Will ‘Guarantee Your Child Goes to Jail’


Vatican Denies Pope Francis Said Hell Doesn't Exist


Prepare for Easter: Devotions to Help You Focus on Jesus, from Billy Graham


10 Things Christians Should Know about the Museum of the Bible


German Bishops’ Website Bashes Pope Benedict: ‘Return of the Panzer Cardinal’


Rocker Alice Cooper, Who Plays 'Herod' in This Weekend's Live 'Jesus Christ Superstar', Shares What Brought Him to the Lord Years Ago


Christian Reviewers Praise Easter Movie 'Paul, Apostle of Christ'


Washington gov. makes it illegal for therapists to help kids with unwanted gay attractions


Judge tosses PragerU’s suit against YouTube for censoring conservative, pro-life videos


'God is Good Even through Hard Times,' Says Wisconsin Woman Who Lost Husband and Son in Farming Accident


Pro-lifers to storm 100 abortion facilities with prayer on Good Friday


Oklahoma City Hosts Nearly 100-Year-Old Passion Play


Facebook Ending Ad Targeting Using Outside Data


Civil Rights Group Calls for Removal of Cross That Has Been on Display for 70 Years


Franklin Graham Hosts Special Easter Program 'Return to the Holy Land'


It’s ‘demonic’: Catholic watchdog group backs boycott of ‘Sweet Jesus’ ice cream chain


The Recent March Christians May Not Have Heard about but Should Have


Prayer Alert: Girl—Kidnapped by Boko Haram—Still Held because She Will Not Recant Her Christian Faith; Church Calls on Nigeria's President Buhari to Win Her Release

- “God is in Control:” A Nigerian Captive Defies Terrorists and Keeps her Christian Faith

- Kidnapped Girl's Church Calls on Buhari to Win Her Release from Boko Haram in Nigeria


US pastor Andrew Brunson Accused of Using Christianity as Part of a Terrorist Plot


When Adoption Agencies Can Turn Away Gay Prospective Parents, What Happens to the Kids?


Teacher is Fired for Sharing Biblical View on Homosexuality with Student

- LA Catholic ed conference speakers: Let two boys go to prom together

- Providence College president finally condemns gay rape threats against pro-family student


Pope cancels audience with Papal Foundation donors after objections to $25 million grant


Hundreds to Take Part in Prayer Vigils at Abortion Clinics This Good Friday

- Teen organizes nationwide school ‘walkout’ to protest abortion

- California High School Students Plan Pro-life Walkout


Pakistan Christian Escapes Death for ‘Clearly Fabricated’ Blasphemy


Archbishop of Canterbury: Church Has Failed to Protect Children from Abuse


Church of England in Decline: What's Being Done to Combat Shrinking Congregations?


Jordan Peterson: Gender ideology is ‘completely insane’


What Was the 'Crime' of Jesus That Got Him Crucified?


'I Have Decided to Follow Jesus': Actor Mario Lopez Gets Baptized in the Same River as Jesus Christ


The Top Reason Young People Convert to Christianity Will Definitely Surprise You


Supreme Court Critical of California Law That Requires Pregnancy Clinics to Advertise Abortion


"I Don't Know What Happened Along the Way. This Wasn't Him." Conflicting Details on Texas Bomber's Life Emerge


She thought she’d murdered her unborn baby. She was glad to be wrong.


Chilling: UK Police Investigate Stay-at-home Mom for Tweets against Transgenderism


'I Murdered More People Than Ted Bundy': Former Abortionist Reflects on Painful Past


LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology


Pro-lifers rally at U.S. Supreme Court against law forcing pregnancy centers to promote abortion

- Can gov’t force pro-lifers to promote abortion? Key case at U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday


Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Her Current Biggest Battle on "I Am Second"


University President: Foolish of Higher Ed to Deny Facts - There are Only Two Genders


Saeed Abedini Arrested for Violating 'No-Contact Order,' Court Appearance Scheduled




Anne Graham Lotz: The Surprising Gift God Gave Me After My Father's Death


Christian seminary head fired for once helping people overcome unwanted gay attraction


'I Can Only Imagine': Bart Millard Reveals Mom's Reaction to His Portrayal of Heart-Breaking Childhood

- MercyMe: 'I Can Only Imagine' Movie Stirs Emotions 'I Spent Most of My Life Trying to Bury'

- 'I Can Only Imagine' Top Seller on Movie Ticketing Services, Surpasses 'Black Panther'


Vatican Doctored Photo of Benedict’s Praise for Pope Francis

- Laura Ingraham on Benedict’s doctored letter: Two Popes. Da Vinci Code stuff?


College student booted from class, ordered to apologize for asserting there are only two genders


#HimToo: Katy Perry forces a kiss on American Idol contestant


Advertising Company Refuses to Rent Billboard with Bible Verse Condemning Homosexuality


Abortionist: Babies Can't Scream While I Abort Them Because I Cut the Cord First


Joy Behar Apologizes on 'The View' for Attacking Mike Pence's Christian Faith


"Humans are Not Just Animals": What's Really Behind the Pro-Life and Anti-Euthanasia Battle


"King David Made a Big, Bold and Bright Return to Jerusalem": Futuristic High-Tech brings Biblical David "Back to Life"


Ben Carson is Unapologetic about His Christian Faith


Belief Jesus Is Only Way to Heaven Is 'Insanity,' Megachurch Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. Says


Why Ruth Graham's Tribute to Billy Graham Resonated With So Many


Christian Couple Lost Their Foster Children After Refusing to Lie About the Easter Bunny: Their Vindication Brings Justice to Other Families


‘My Gift is From God’: Actor Jim Caviezel Has a Message About Mel Gibson’s ‘Resurrection of the Christ’


You Can Ban All the Symbols but Without God There Wouldn't Be a Classroom


Adopted Children Fight to Keep Religious Agencies Open as LGBT Lawsuit Seeks to Shut Them Down


Nun Battling Katy Perry Over $15M Convent Dies After Telling Pop Star to Stop 'Hurting People'


Disney's 'A Wrinkle in Time' Writer Defends Removing Bible Verses, Christian Themes in Movie


Christian Colleges Must 'Remain Anchored in Spiritual Heritage' to Survive


C&MA Church Dismisses Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias re Misconduct


Tony Perkins: Religious Freedom Restoration Under Trump Will End If Evangelicals Don't Vote Republican


Livestream of Cardinal Sarah speaking in Toronto Monday at 7 p.m. EST


Mom of First Nations kids protests school board posters scapegoating whites


Leader of St. Gallen ‘mafia’, “Ante-Pope” Martini prepared the way for Francis


Is This Child Abuse?: Gay Activists Use 10-Year-Old Boy in 'Drag' to Promote New York City Pride Event


'Black Panther' Star on Finding Jesus: "My Soul Was Dying and He Saved It"


Hostage Situation Ends in Deaths Along with Gunman at Veterans Home in California


Pray: Parkland Shooting Survivor, Injured Shielding Classmates, Back in Intensive Care after 'Emergency Operation'


Tucker Carlson Launches Thought-Provoking "Men in America" Series: Men are Being Taught There's Something Wrong with Masculinity


Disney CEO: Joy Behar Personally Apologized to Mike Pence; Why Critics Say It's 'Not Nearly Enough'


Letters Came in the 'Hundreds': Prayer Notes the President Reads 'Every Day'


Late-term abortionist under investigation after 23-year-old abortion patient dies


Take your kids out of class: Tucker Carlson and Jordan Peterson discuss the decline of masculinity


'Darkness Is Descending on Our Region': Netanyahu's Warning to the World


'They're Rewiring the DNA of Our Democracy': How This Tech Giant Cabal Is Silencing the Christian Voice


Actor Dennis Quaid Talks about New Film 'I Can Only Imagine': 'It Hit Me So Profoundly'


Meghan Markle is Baptized into Church of England before Marriage to Prince Harry


Fearless Kansas GOP Affirms "God's Design for Gender"


What is the Significance of The 8 Days of Easter?


Senior U.K. Catholic priest derides pro-lifers opposing abortion bill as ‘lunatic fringe’


Utah House passes bill outlawing Down syndrome abortions

- Michigan pro-lifers now saving babies from within a former Planned Parenthood

- West Virginia voters will decide if abortion is a constitutional ‘right’


‘Absolutely surreal’: Student mob smashes window in protest against Jordan Peterson


Conspiracy Theorists Arrested for Harassing FBC Sutherland Springs’ Pastor


Muslim Leader Encourages Fellow Muslims to Visit Museum of the Bible


Tucker Carlson rips activist for promoting LGBT indoctrination in schools


Maryland Church Gives Away 5 Cars: We Want to Be 'Outrageously Generous,' Says Pastor


Planned Parenthood is racist, must be defunded: black former PP director


Man Receives a Vision at B. Graham Tribute: His Mantle Isn't for Just One Person

- Over 60,000 Sign Petition to Create National Holiday Honoring Billy Graham


She was raped at 13 and told to kill her son. She didn’t.


‘Married’ lesbians sue U.S. Catholic bishops over rejection as foster ‘parents’


Liberal columnists mock parents opposing a lesbian Elsa in ‘Frozen 2’


California attorney general defends forcing pro-life centers to advertise for abortion


Courageous Palestinians are B reaking their Silence on the Ruthless Torture by the P.A. for Preventing Terror and Saving Israelis


Pro-life groups ready for Supreme Court fight against laws forcing them to promote abortion


Oregon passes bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death


Number of Jews Who Love Jesus in America is Much Larger Than Previously Believed: The Challenge Before Us


On EWTN Orthodox Catholic author warns Pope Francis has deliberately created confusion


Billy Graham's Last Crusade: 'The Greatest Tribute ... Is to Do What Billy Did'

- These are the 6 Beautiful Songs Billy Graham Chose for His Funeral Service

- Billy Graham Set a Record on Gallup’s ‘Most Admired Man’ List

- Billy Graham Honored in US Capitol as Our Nation Remembers 'America’s Pastor'


Bible Burning in Southern India Shows Depth of Hostility toward Christians


Christian Actor Jim Caviezel Speaks to Liberty University Students: 'You're Here for a Reason'


Alabama Government May Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses Altogether


‘Hate wins’: Mike Huckabee forced off Country Music board for opposing gay ‘marriage’


Washington State Considers Legalizing Commercial Surrogacy


Here's What 5 Christian Leaders Had to Say about Gun Control


CBS Hopes Viewers Will Want to Watch, if Not Live, ‘Biblically’


Judge cites Pope Francis to justify ending baby’s life against parents’ wishes


Christians in Malaysia to Fight for Rights after Court Ruling on Conversion


When Billy Graham Preached in North Korea...


Homeschooler back at home after Norway ‘child protection’ officials took him from family


Christians and Jews Brought Together for First Time in Israel's Knesset Bible Study

- Israel's New Temple Coin to Feature King Cyrus and President Trump


Pakistani Christian Survives Jump From 4th Floor to Escape Interrogation Beating in 'Blasphemy' Case


ISIS’ Destruction of Biblical Tomb of Jonah Inadvertently Leads Researchers to ‘Fantastic’ Discovery


Abortionist tells judge that pro-life counselors are like Taliban

- UN says Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws are ‘violence against women’


Rev. Billy Graham Will Lie in US Capitol Rotunda: Public Invited to Pay Respects

- 10 Qualities That Made Billy Graham Great

- Billy Graham Will Be First Religious Leader to Lie in Honor at US Capitol Rotunda

- Billy Graham preached Gospel truth on life, marriage, and family, in season and out


Mom breaks down describing effects of kindergarten transgender lesson on her 5-year-old


Billy Graham Funeral Plans, Public Viewing Dates Released; Evangelist to Be Buried Next to His Wife


Former President Jimmy Carter Will be Liberty University's Commencement Speaker


‘You’ll have to arrest 90 of us’: Pro-lifers stand up to police intimidation at Women’s March


Billy Graham Remembered by Close Family: 7 Reactions Reveal Surprises, Passion, Question for World

- ‘Just As I Am’ Was Billy Graham’s Signature Hymn


Minnesota Company's School Shooting Solution? [VIDEO]


World famous preacher Billy Graham dies at 99

- Billy Graham's 1986 Message to Anyone Who's Not Sure They're Going to Heaven


Persecuted Iraqi Christians Offer Forgiveness to ISIS


10 Beautiful Tributes from Christian Leaders on the Death of Billy Graham


ABC receives 25,000 complaints after calling Mike Pence’s Christian faith ‘mental illness’


Trump district court nominee calls same-sex ‘marriage’ and contraception an ‘assault on nature’


YouTube 'Restricts' PragerU's Video on Planned Parenthood Hours After Release


"My whole family came to faith in Jesus" through Billy Graham-Kathie Lee Gifford Reveals How Graham's Life Impacted Hers



Nikolas Cruz Chose Evil; US Pulled God From Schools, Filled Void With Drugs, Sex: Benham Brothers


Hungarian Prime Minister: 'Christianity is Europe's Last Hope'


John Piper Explains Why Genuine Believers in Christ Can't Lose Their Salvation


Planned Parenthood fights for ‘absolute right’ to abortion based on race, Down syndrome


Kansas Republicans vote to ‘oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity’


Pregnant immigrant forced to request pro-abortion lawyers despite wanting to save her baby


Another Attack on Our National Motto, This Time from a Satanist: ACLJ Files Brief to Challenge


US Skier David Wise: Olympics Are 'Temporary,' Faith and Family Are Forever


Army Awards Heroism Medals to JROTC Cadets Killed in Florida School Shooting

- Three ordinary men who became extraordinary heroes in Florida school shooting


U.S. bishops want federal money, and lots of it


Facebook suspended me for sharing my religious beliefs about homosexuality


‘Red Rose Rescuers’ appear in court, plead ‘not guilty’ to charges of entering abortion center


Former Official: UN Staff Committed 60,000 Rapes, Sexual Assaults Last 10 Yrs


Boys play with trucks, girls play with dolls: new study finds gender is biological


Planned Parenthood sues Trump admin for cutting funding to sex ed programs


University in Oklahoma Reinstates Ken Ham Lecture School President Restores Creationist's Talk


Twitter reverses: allows Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


Brain-dead woman kept alive on life support delivers healthy baby


Married Olympic Figure Skaters Demonstrate How Faith Helped Them through Adversity

- First Black Female Speedskater Maame Biney Smiles because ‘God Has Blessed Me’

- Veteran Team USA Hockey Player Gigi Marvin Wants Gold and God

- Skeleton Racer Katie Uhlaender Won’t Quit — on God or the Olympics


Catholic school fires teacher for ‘marrying’ lesbian partner, breaking moral contract


Governor Cuomo orders New York government to stop doing business with companies that ‘discriminate’


"Christianity Is NOT a Mental Illness!" VP Pence Blasts ABC for Mocking Faith

- Dr. Alveda King Cites the Ways Trump is Helping the African American Community, and Answers Joy Behar on Pence Hearing from Jesus


Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male


California High School Bans National Anthem for Being 'Racist' and 'Outdated'


College students release powerful ‘Way of the Cross’ video with music that will make you cry


Pro-lifers ask for meeting with FBI director over agents’ texts trashing March for Life


Twitter reverses: allows Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


This Valentine's Day, Take Time To Strengthen Your Marriage

- This wedding homily is so awesome, it could save your marriage


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Facing Charges of Bribery and Corruption


'Glorify God': Christian Olympians Overcome Potentially Deadly Disease to Compete in This Year's Games

- Olympic Figure Skating Legend Scott Hamilton Shares Powerful Testimony: 'God Was There Every Single Time'


This Will Happen to Rome's Colosseum Later This Month, to Remember Persecuted Christians around the World


High School Teacher is Suspended without Pay for Calling Homosexuality a Sin


Federal judge: pro-life witness at abortion centers is protected speech


Is Israel about to Go to War With Iran?


Report: Christian Persecution is Worse Today Than Ever Before


Church Compensates Server after She is Fired for Complaining about Them on Social Media


Hateful content’? Twitter bans Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark Finds Purpose in Christ

- The New Winter Olympics: praising gays and glamorizing murderous regimes while bashing America

- Don't Be Fooled by Korean Unity at Winter Olympics, Open Doors Warns

- Why We Should be Concerned about the Media's Praise of Kim Jong-un's Sister

- 5 Devout Christians Competing for Team USA in Winter Olympics


Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum


Christian Judge Forced Out for Not Doing Gay Marriages Awarded $300K


A 'Chance Encounter' in Hyde Park Changed the Life of This Muslim Woman Forever


‘I truly hate these people’: Disgraced FBI agents trashed pro-lifers, wanted to stop March for Life


Salon Pulls Article Bashing the Bible


Eagles Christian QB Wentz Will Give Keynote Address at Nat'l Prayer Breakfast


In-Depth Look at How God Intervened in Attempted Terrorist Attack on 'The 15:17 to Paris'


Jesus Has Redeemed Us From the Flu, Gloria Copeland and Judging Others


U.S. judge rules it would be ‘tyranny’ to force Christian to bake cake for lesbian ‘marriage’


Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home


‘It was incredible’: adult stem cells help paralyzed woman walk again


1,800-Year-Old Roman Mosaic is Discovered in Israel


Pro-Life, Pro-Science: How Advances Lift the Curtain on Roe


Here are 8 Ways to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying


Priest: Gay Olympian: Mike Pence is a 'Bad Fit' to Represent U.S. in South Korea


Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Sign 'Washington Declaration' for Tolerance


Georgetown accused of giving pro-family group’s donations to LGBT organization


More Teens are Identifying as Transgender: Here are the Real Reasons Why


New pro-life film shows how abortion destroys the special bond a mother has with her baby


African-American teacher faces three-year suspension for calling homosexuality a sin


Landmark Decision for Religious Freedom: Judge Rules State Cannot Target Magistrates for Beliefs on Marriage


Major Victory for Christian Cake Baker Who Refused to Make Gay Wedding Cake: Religious Discrimination is the "Stuff of Tyranny"


Oklahoma Central University Bans Creation Museum's Ken Ham from Speaking


Planned Parenthood refused to stop committing abortions to get U.S. aid money: gov’t report


People Want Pastor's Family Dead, Church Burned Down for Inviting Teen Girls to Discuss Gay Thoughts


Priest: Super Bowl champs: Football is ‘just a platform…to draw people to Jesus’


This Teacher Was Fired and Reported to Counter-TERRORISM Agency for Simply Telling a Lesbian Student "God Loves You"


Eagles QB Nick Foles Talks Quitting the NFL, becoming a Pastor, & How Prayer Kept Him on Track


What's Next?! Episcopal Church Votes In No Masculine Pronouns for God


First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Valentines to Child Victims of Opioid Crisis


Priest: Excommunicate the 14 Catholic senators who voted against abortion ban


New Film Debunks U.N. Denial of Israel's Jewish Roots




Russell Moore Condemns Clergy Members for Blessing Abortion Clinic


'All the Glory Belongs to God': Faith of Super Bowl-Winning Philadelphia Eagles


Evangelical Leader on Trump: Our Support Is Not Unconditional but He Has Kept His Promises





My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can't be Changed




- GoFundMe Changes Policy to Ban Fundraising for Those Accused of ‘Discriminatory Acts’





Sage's Story - Running from ICWA (Video)


Watchman Nee - Chinese Martyr


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